I Can’t Leave Drank Alone: Lil Wayne Reportedly Back On That Sizzurp?

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Following the news of a reconciliation with Baby, Lil Wayne did not halt his lawsuit against Cash Money Records. It must be stressful balancing his professional obligations with his personal responsibilities.  How does this global superstar and entrepreneur handle the stress? Weezy is back to leaning on sizzurp, so says an insider connected to Wayne’s camp, as reported by TMZ.

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In the past, the Louisiana lyricist overdosed on lean and suffered agonizing seizures. That distant memory has not been enough to make Wayne put down the purple stuff and walk away. Tunechi is turned up and is said to be completely unconcerned about his health. The informant believes that he gives “zero f*cks,” to the growing importance of the situation.

Trusted sources alleged that for the past few months Weezy has been reveling in double-cup debauchery. They also claim that the popular Styrofoam cup is always stuck in his hand.

Does Hip-Hop embrace an overindulgent lifestyle?

  • Casor_Greener

    Child molestation leaves permanent scars

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    If he dies, he dies.

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  • Rozay23

    Birdman’s Plan B is in the works. I pray it doesn’t go the way I’m thinking…

  • big brain

    Keep him high and rapping, that’s how Baby likes him, while he takes his money.

  • Anjali Joti

    Good hopefully he’ll crook and we won’t have to see this gremlin ass looking nigga


    Good Weezy Went Harder On the Cup…. 🔥🔥🔥

    • Papi Peligro

      That WEEZY, YEEZY, JEEZY that you remember is gone.

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  • Q.

    I wonder if it’s better for kids to see this fool kill himself, as an example of what not to do, or for him to keep sipping and somehow survive this degenerate lean-sipping lifestyle…But if he dies, please don’t make him out as some kind of hero or visionary. Thank you.

    • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

      RIP Bun B but his death made lean more popular

      • Q.

        You mean Pimp C RIP. But the circumstances around Pimp C’s death were questionable.

      • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

        yeah damnnn ima get roasted for that one idk why i was thinking bun

        on a lighter note the last mixtape bun b dropped im still bumping to this day

      • Anthony Mason

        Bun B is still alive pimpin….it’s pimp c bruh…

        You almost made my heart skip saying that s***. UGK is on the same level as Outkast to me….

    • Anthony Mason

      Yup. When that nigga goes I’m not blinking. I already told these motherf***ers to knock that s*** off. How many people have to die before this is eradicated?

      These fag rappers are on everything including bath salts….

  • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

    AYYYYYY HE BOUTTA DROP SOME HEAT BEFORE HE DIE OUT THIS BITCH….lol seriously though he need to leave that shyt alone

  • Riko7467

    It’s his life who cares.

  • dbfromdc


  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Seems like his music was better when he had those cups

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    he knows his been wack ever since he got off it. and his music suffered since he stopped emmulating Jay and sipping lean. desperate measures to get that album out.

  • bubbylana

    Birdman bringing in pints by the truckload….

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  • Most likely he wants to die, his soul is in pain and he’s looking for a way out. God forbid it tho but I can read between the lines.

  • Anthony Mason

    Birdman is going get his cup laced and we will all most likely wake up one day hearing lil wayne passed away….

    Wayne…run away from all this s***. Birdman wants you dead…..He has a pact with Satan/Lucifer/Your chosen false diety just like you do….so I guess it will do what it do right?…..Or hey “do what thou wilt”. Sounds familiar huh?

    Will anyone miss lil wayne at this point? Maybe some ignorant people will, but dude is evil as f***…..

    Birdman has a red inverted star on his bald head and is a demonic practitioner of witchcraft that uses dark majik to control his “arists”…..

  • fullyautomatic

    Rip he won’t last till da end of dis year if he keeps drinking dat poison

  • TimeWillTellu1


  • stephen

    Person I know of who was an aspiring rapper died from this……if wayne keeps on….im sure same will happen…..its inevitable..someone check him in rehab or something….

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