I Can’t Leave Drank Alone: Lil Wayne Reportedly Back On That Sizzurp?


Photo Credit: Instagram

Following the news of a reconciliation with Baby, Lil Wayne did not halt his lawsuit against Cash Money Records. It must be stressful balancing his professional obligations with his personal responsibilities.  How does this global superstar and entrepreneur handle the stress? Weezy is back to leaning on sizzurp, so says an insider connected to Wayne’s camp, as reported by TMZ.

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In the past, the Louisiana lyricist overdosed on lean and suffered agonizing seizures. That distant memory has not been enough to make Wayne put down the purple stuff and walk away. Tunechi is turned up and is said to be completely unconcerned about his health. The informant believes that he gives “zero f*cks,” to the growing importance of the situation.

Trusted sources alleged that for the past few months Weezy has been reveling in double-cup debauchery. They also claim that the popular Styrofoam cup is always stuck in his hand.

Does Hip-Hop embrace an overindulgent lifestyle?