Boosie BadAzz Blasts Skeptical People About His Cancer: Here’s My Scar!

(AllHipHop News) Yesterday (Jan. 24), Boosie BadAzz posted a photograph and message and on Instagram to silence his critics. The Louisiana lyricist has grown agitated at the assumption of some that he faked his cancer. In the accompanying caption, the “Set It Off” MC stepped to those people who had anything negative to say about him. Back in December BadAzz underwent surgery to removed half of diseased kidney.

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“I’m tired of these stupid mothaf**kas saying I ain’t have cancer,” he wrote. Boosie proceeded to challenge the unbelievers and offered, “who wants to fake or lie about something like that.” He would then end the interaction with, “wtf u mad cause I asked for prayers n gottem…”

Read the entire post:


Will this picture of his post-surgery scar be enough to quiet the critics?

  • Markus

    Never knew that this was even a thing. Faking something like this just for sales would be lower than low if true.

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  • josh

    It would be low, but he’s still trying to use his cancer fight to promote his album. If he was doing PSA’s about his fight than it would make people feel better

    • acb87

      what album? that promo run is done and gone. he just talking about his life he not promoting shit

      • josh

        In my feelings then another album called out my feelings and he’s going no to do a movie

      • STEPH

        SSSSHHhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaadddduuup Joshua LMAO! Just put duct tape all around your “twingers” LMAO! They’re acting up

      • josh

        No just follow hiphop

      • STEPH

        Culture Vulture

      • josh

        How original

      • STEPH

        Stop coming here taking from our culture white boy LMAO! All you crackers do is steal steal steal damn! Just don’t make any sense LOL!

      • josh

        That’s all you have? The “stealing our culture” or the “race card” your the type of person who calls any other person who isn’t black racist but you talk to people like this then play the victim. You’re pathetic

      • STEPH

        Why are you on a predominately black website rooster neck? LMAO! Stealing! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 just like you crackers have been doing for many moons LOL!

    • STEPH

      Shhhaaadddduuuuupppp you cyber geek LMAO!

  • THISIS50

    why would he fake having cancer

    • meanygreene

      People have.

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