Martin Shkreli

LOL! Martin Shkreli May Destroy $2 Million Wu Album

YO! This dude Marty Martin Shkreli is really funny. Ghostface must have really gotten under his skin the other day talking about his nose. Now, it seems like the man known as PHARM BRO now wants to be a real-life super villain. Apparently he now is considering destroying the Wu Tang album he paid $2 million for. OR, he said in an interview with Vice, that he would consider putting it in an extremely remote place so that people would have to travel to like mountains or something just to hear it. The crazy thing is that dude wants to be a real life super villain but may just be in jail like a common criminal. He’s facing some serious charges for taking money from one company to another company. Something of that nature. Anyway…no disrespect to Wu, but they have given us so much music in life….WE GOOD!

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  • Zodiak Killa

    I got a new banger with a dope sample and phenomenal wordplay. It’s called Zodiak Killa. ‘I Am A Slave’ on youtube. I’m selling the single for 12 billion dollars a piece.haha Check it out.

  • I f convicted he’d have to sing it to the inmates in jail LOL

  • Nightmare

    Of course he doesn’t think that RZA doesnt have the album on hard drive stashed somewhere. Lol

  • Dope

    And then they release it for free. Let’s be real, we know RZA has all the songs as well.

    • Sinbk Legend


    • Sean Power

      maybe that what he wants, piss rza off so he will release for free, break contract so he can sue him and make back his money

    • Stephen A Smith

      RZA has nothing to do do with this album besides finding a buyer. It’s a Cilvaringz album.

  • Vinsanity

    Didn’t he use the money he stole to buy this record? If so shouldn’t it get confiscated? Shouldn’t his assets be frozen?

    • Sean Power

      they didn’t take it so no,

  • If he doesn’t destroy it the Feds are going to take it away and sell it. This dummy is about to go to prison for 20 years. Last I checked, prison doesn’t allow convicts to bring valuable collectibles to their jail cells.

    • Sean Power

      did ever seen the wolf of wall street, his not going regular jail his a jail with tennis court, they didn’t seizes in there raid so it not on the book in the court

  • Anthony Mason

    This nigga looks like a Chinese jew. Lmao!!!!!

  • The Legendary Troll

    They made their money, so they arent worried about it. But now they owe the fans an album.

  • RayStantz

    Who cares what he does with it. This man’s ego is insane.

  • Papi Peligro

    It will actually be cool if he put it up in the Himalayas with some Monks.

    • hoeyuno

      Cmon G at least give us old smokers a chance to reach that ish!! Put it at the top of those steps rocky ran up in philly hahaha

  • hoeyuno

    Shyheim gonna catch this fool slippin and stick him

    • that dude


    • Guillaume Pilon


      capadonna gonna set him up in a fake cab

  • stephen

    he gon be hidin more than the wu album when he go to jail………


    He didn’t spend a PENNY of his own money, ripped off investors, about to do like a 100 years in Prison, didn’t create ONE note of this music, & THEN….. has the audacity to disrespect LEGENDS that made it This nerd gonna SUFFER every day in Prison over his wreckless mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stephen A Smith

      The same legends who are passing off a Cilvaringz album as a Wu Tang album? Cilvaringz had been trying to sell this album for YEARS to no avail so he got RZA attached to it – though RZA had no creative input in the album whatsoever and Wu members (among many others) emailed verses to ‘RIngz so he could piece together songs – in order to drum up some semblance of interest. This album sucks or it would have already been touring the world for listening sessions as originally planned.

      • that dude

        You may be on to something. And I’m quite sure that isn’t the only copy. Somewhere in the Vault these songs are mos def being stored.

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