LOL! Martin Shkreli May Destroy $2 Million Wu Album


YO! This dude Marty Martin Shkreli is really funny. Ghostface must have really gotten under his skin the other day talking about his nose. Now, it seems like the man known as PHARM BRO now wants to be a real-life super villain. Apparently he now is considering destroying the Wu Tang album he paid $2 million for. OR, he said in an interview with Vice, that he would consider putting it in an extremely remote place so that people would have to travel to like mountains or something just to hear it. The crazy thing is that dude wants to be a real life super villain but may just be in jail like a common criminal. He’s facing some serious charges for taking money from one company to another company. Something of that nature. Anyway…no disrespect to Wu, but they have given us so much music in life….WE GOOD!

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