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Migos’ Offset Gets Put On Blast By Both Of His Baby Mamas!

Last month rumor hit that Migos’ member Offset, got two women pregnant at the same time. It was said that Offset fathered a secret baby with a woman named Shya L’amour, and that he doesn’t take care of the child. Apparently Shya was fed up and broke her silence when she posted a paternity test on her Instagam with the caption,

“But…… U have a daughter sir. I try not to be petty because Kalea gone be straight regardless, but it irks my nerves to the core to see people put on when I and THEY know the real…. I tried to be civil, but you see THAT ain’t work. Niggaz ain’t respect my civility.”

Offset’s “main chick”/ other baby mama jumped on Instagram to also expose him. She posted a text message conversation of Offset begging for them to get back together for their child with the caption,

“N*ggas always want to down u to they n*ggas or the next h*e. But they sending u sh*t like this crying and sh*t like a b*tch. Miss me wi that sh*t! since when n*ggas start putting pussy over they fam. slaw a** n*gga @offsetyrn my son call me da da n*gga!”

At least if you are going to do your dirt and mess around, wrap it up! Good luck Offset.

  • baller187

    all these thots know when they let a brother go bare they are tryin to get paid

  • These chicks not heard of Femidoms?.Are they that stupid they think that bareback legs akimbo is a guaranteed meal ticket for life?

    Mothers and father teach your children.

  • that dude

    I’m still in disbelief that these people, men and women blast their own personal business on social media……….This is crazy…And getting out of hand.

  • Markus

    Females complaining about the dudes they bend over for now that they treat them and their children like dirt could have been avoided if they make better choices and resist being caught up and fascinated by money and fame. Doubt dude was a different guy before she spread eagle.

    • socialismisevil✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


      but the welfare state teaches that men are worthless and fathers are not needed

      so women follow that script when in reality

      they want the men in their lives etc etc

  • chambanaT

    Social media is crazy. Never thought I would see the day when people find it ok to post personal family business for the whole world to see. …lost generation with no morals or codes.

    • Churro

      If your grandparents had been raised on Twitter, I think they would too. Just saying.

      • I’m raised on twitter… you don’t see that ish coming from my side… that is just ghetto

      • Nemo hos

        You are one who post a lot of stuff on social media.

      • Churro

        Actually, I don’t. I go days and weeks without putting things on my profiles. I’m just not that into it. Comment boards, I make a few daily. I just feel that this generation gets put down too much when many people in older generations weren’t that much better and many do the same thing. Shoveling all the disdain onto one generation isn’t fair.

  • a.c.

    These fools look funny looking from a circus act

  • “Alleged” father…. these damn thots lol SMH!

    • Dreday410

      It says “Alleged” because he denied….that THOT got a 99.99% result…

      • She STILL a thot for trappin lol still that .decimal and why she has to “check” who the daddy was? damn taters. (I’m trollin chill Dre lol)

  • youKNOWthatYOUugly

    This is absolutely none of my business…hoes need training. Come get yo b!tch n!664

  • The Legendary Troll

    this what happen when you put bitches on a pedestal.

    • Guillaume Pilon

      nah thats what happen when you got a weak pull out game

  • Golgo 13

    2nd 1 is spanish and older than him

  • Guillaume Pilon


    wich one is offset

  • dbfromdc