Migos’ Offset Gets Put On Blast By Both Of His Baby Mamas!


Last month rumor hit that Migos’ member Offset, got two women pregnant at the same time. It was said that Offset fathered a secret baby with a woman named Shya L’amour, and that he doesn’t take care of the child. Apparently Shya was fed up and broke her silence when she posted a paternity test on her Instagam with the caption,

“But…… U have a daughter sir. I try not to be petty because Kalea gone be straight regardless, but it irks my nerves to the core to see people put on when I and THEY know the real…. I tried to be civil, but you see THAT ain’t work. N##### ain’t respect my civility.”

Offset’s “main chick”/ other baby mama jumped on Instagram to also expose him. She posted a text message conversation of Offset begging for them to get back together for their child with the caption,

“N*ggas always want to down u to they n*ggas or the next h*e. But they sending u sh*t like this crying and sh*t like a b*tch. Miss me wi that sh*t! since when n*ggas start putting p#### over they fam. slaw a** n*gga @offsetyrn my son call me da da n*gga!”

At least if you are going to do your dirt and mess around, wrap it up! Good luck Offset.