Rich Homie Quan Addresses Having Sex With His Cousin

Photo via Rich Homie Quan’s Instagram

Remember when Rich Homie Quan rapped about sleeping with his cousin in his song “Numbers.” Well Rich Homie Quan recently opened up about the encounter in an interview with Complex. RHQ rapped,

“I ain’t know we were related, but I hit my cousin.”

His lyrics left people confused. It’s like if RHQ did in fact have sex with his cousin, why rap about it? Rich Homie Quan has finally explained the situation. He stated,

“In Georgia, you have big families. So, like, when I say it, I didn’t know the person was my cousin.”

He went on to say the woman wasn’t his first cousin,

“Like a cousin’s, cousin’s, cousin,” he said.

RHQ found out they were related after the fact at a family reunion. Do you think RHQ really had no idea, or he just didn’t care? Hey, we guess we could see how one may not know their extended family. Is this a reasonable explanation? What are your thoughts?

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  • Hakeem

    South rapper……
    The east has to reclaim the culture and music……


    most of the south is down with incest. i stay in a small town right near charlotte and somehow all my homeboys are related one way or the other down the line. how the fuack is that even possible lol. thats why you got so many slow and remedial mofos down south. it ain’t just a white person thing trust me. lol

    • chippc

      YOU live in a small town where YOUR homeboys engage in incest…but somehow you managed to equate the whole southern region as slow and/or remedial? Interesting…


        I’m from NY dipstick. It wasn’t a shot to be honest, its just the truth. the south even laughs and talk about this. get out ya feelings homie. facts are facts, you ninjas are way to emotional nowadays.

      • chippc

        The person that resorts to name calling would seem to be the one that’s in their feelings wouldn’t you think? I simply made an observation based on your willingness to share a story of a place that you “stay” and homeboys that you deal with. If sleeping with your kinfolk is something your town is cool with then that’s y’all’s thing. Stop deflecting

  • Zee

    Where’s the integrity? – This just for your corny shock value.

  • Brindle

    WHY IS THIS IN THE PUBLIC??? no diss, but the South is real comfortable embarrassing themselves, hiphop, and the black race… this is due to 2 things: 1. shameless (not knowing they should be embarrassed) and 2. moral cowards (those who do know better not taking a stance)… if you are fromt he west or east coast and live in the south, take control down there…

  • hoeyuno

    When I here rappers make dumb comments like this I start to believe these fools were really put there by the powers that be to bring down the black man..

    • Brindle

      me too

    • Oopster

      I be telling people

    • Q.

      You already know!…Waaaaay too much concurrent buffoonery and heathenism to be COINCIDENCE.

  • stephen

    u put it in a rap tho??? i just cant wit these kids man….

  • THISIS50


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  • RazaBladeKing

    How is this gettin put on the whole South? This represents Scarface/Rap-A-Lot (Texas), J. Cole (Carolina), Clipse (VA), Ball & G (TN), etc.? Even the original Dungeon Fam (ATL) like Outkast and Goodie Mobb? That’s like sayin Lifetime Master C00n Marlon Wayans represents NY, and the entire NYC is a bunch of shuckin-n-jivin slack-jawed clowns. Or Game represents the entire Left coast, and all a yall are tongue-ring havin, butterfly face tat-rockin ex-strippers. Nah. If this Quan buffoon said he banged his cousin, that’s on Quan and Quan alone. Don’t put that evil on all of us, Ricky Bobby. Don’t define us by the worst of us. We don’t even choose these dudes to represent us nationally (check the sales numbers); the machine does.

    • shock

      Tru that bro..don’t speak for the whole south….niggas ain’t doing that shit , he just a lost little nigga who ain’t grow with a father figure! Dumb ass statement like in georgia you know we have big families ….nigga its big families all over the country!

    • takin over the carter

      good response ….

    • Mrs. Davis804

      Lmfaofr@ lifetime master coon.

  • S D

    Why let these slow retarded ass niggaz explain…if they sleepin with they cuzn then they’re obviously too stupid to give a logical explaination…lol…his excuse is “like uggh, in da Souffle we have big families but it’s not like we 1st cousins”…WTF nikka smh makin southern niggaz look bad

  • Damany G

    Most of these new rap N*99az is weirdos……

  • Ghetto to the farthest extent.

    Statements as such used to be career killers. Now, people are relying on them to further generate a buzz. Disgusting yo…

    • Damany G

      Very True!!

  • takin over the carter

    nigga look slow too … got a couple dollars and still can only hit ya cuzz?…. man if u evenly remotely thought that it could be a fam member u supposed to keep it moving all the ass in ga….. no excuse dunn

  • The Legendary Troll

    he and kevin gates making the south look bad bruh

    • Papi Peligro

      He doing it cause Kevin Gates did it. You know anybody related to him look like a roach. So no way he’s smashing now that he got some money. Tupac got tatoo on his stomach you got a tatoo on your stomach. Tupac wear a bandanna you wear a bandanna. Kevin Gates smashes his cousin you go and get your west virginia mountains on with your cousin. Then TELL EVERYBODY.


    Even if you didn’t know she was family, WHY IN THE HELL would you put it in a song for the world to hear?!?!? He’s either very SLOW or called his self bragging about it like it was cool.

    • Wetwork510

      That nigga gets a SSI check on the side

  • Jason Mazur

    And the world thought it was only white people that did this. On behalf of Caucasians everywhere, thank you Kevin and Quan for taking the heat off.

  • Anthony Mason

    This is some wild s***

  • ChrissyCorey

    One summer i went to memphis thats where my moms is from and i ended up talking to this chick she ended up being my 2nd or 3rd cousin…only reason we found out was because . i noticed a old ass picture of my grand dads sister that i remembered in one of her peoples house and asked…so yeah i can say that shit does happen.

    • Brindle

      the part that doesn’t/shouldn’t happen is going public with it on a song

  • Mr logical guy

    This is what the black man has come too. The “culture controllers” dump millions on these c@@ns to condition the black community to act like fools. White supremacist play chest not checkers.

    • RichFromBX

      so now the white man is blame for RHQ? Is the white man also to blame for your not knowing the difference between “chest” and “chess”?

      • Mr logical guy

        Tell me if these c@@ns was rapping about killing gays and Jews or rapping about selling drugs to the white community you think the owners of those record companies and distributors would go for that? Like George Orwell said, all forms of art is propaganda and it’s clear what type of message they’re trying to send to the urban community. Pop culture is a tool for the white establishment to promote their white supremacist ideology that conditions the youth and nothing more. You might be blind but I’m not.

      • RichFromBX

        Dead Prez made a career out of rapping about killing white people, there are 1000s of anti-gay references in rap as well as selling to rich white kids…

        Black people give rappers too much clout. They’re entertainers, characters playing a part. If people aren’t smart enough to figure that out then they deserve everything that they get.

        White people don’t look up to groups like Slip Knot as pillars of the community and as representatives of white people where as black people, for whatever reason, seem to hang on every word a rapper says. You got cats who never finished high school and the first time ever traveled off the block was to do a show talking about politics and trying to give advice and you got people looking at them like they know wtf they’re talking about…these dudes are like 20 years old, no life experience and no education but because they can rhyme a few bars all of a sudden we need to hear them out and follow their example.

        Maybe if more people decided to be responsible parents and actually sit a kid down and tell’em “yeah, that’s a catchy song but don’t go acting a fool now because because that idiot does” there wouldn’t be half the problems there are.

        Someone black achieves greatness and it’s because of how hard they fought but when someone black does something stupid it’s the white mans fault…in both instances choices were made. One made the right ones and one didn’t.

        Tell me how you can have two people grow up on the same block and go to the same schools but one becomes a lawyer and the other dope dealer? Was whitey too busy to keep them both down and one slipped through?

      • Mr logical guy

        “Tell me how you can have two people grow up on the same block and go to the same schools but one becomes a lawyer and the other dope dealer?”

        You got simplistic views to a very complicated and multifaceted problem. It would be impossible to example African American history in one reply. If you want the answers to your own questions you got a lot of reading to do bruh. I’ll make some suggestions on good books to read.

        NLP (neuro linguistic programming)
        Dr. Frances Cress Welsing – The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors
        Carter Godwin Woodson – The Mis-Education of the Negro
        Every book written by Marcus Garvey
        Edward Bernays – Propaganda
        Edward Bernays – Crystallizing Public Opinion
        Noam Chomsky – Propaganda and the Public Mind
        George Orwell – All Art Is Propaganda
        Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf….to understand how whites think.
        Michelle Alexander – The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

      • RichFromBX

        that’s what you choose to focus on…not the part about people being more responsible and active parents. Maybe the difference between the two is simple. One had a better at home support system the other had parents more interested in the club and where the Ciroc is at.

        Call my views simplistic but you’ve spent way to much time complicating yours to the degree that they’re not even one…they’re a regurgitation of someone else’s.

        And really? Mein Kampf? That’s how white people think? Don’t you think if that was the case there wouldn’t have been WW2 and we’d all be speaking German? That’s like saying listen to a Trinidad James album if you want to know how black people think.

        Go ahead bruh, live how you live but blaming the next man for failures is just going to keep you bitter…if that’s doing the trick for you, then have it.

      • Mr logical guy

        Black people were better off during segregation. Open up some books and you’ll understand why.

        …….and Hitler got his Inspiration to write that book after being introduce to the American eugenics program. Nazi ideology is literally based off American eugenics. But hey who need books right when you got twitter and instagram.

        fyi the American eugenics program is still in full effect.

      • Casor_Greener

        Please stop my dude. We know your type.

    • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

      Chess, dummy.

  • edeck7

    Rich Homie Quan please stop with the gimmicks and put out a #DOPE #CLASSIC #ALBUM for ya #admirers that’s all that should really matter not the fact that you slept with a woman you didn’t know was ya cousin #ATLSTANDUP #ATLRISEUP

  • Wetwork510

    Nasty ass south niggas

  • Q.

    OPERATION: DUMMYDOWN Social engineering at work! In one generation they took Hip-Hop from “Fvck the Police,” “Fight the Power,” “Funkin’ Lessons,” “Rock Dis Funky Joint,” “Letter to the President,” and “They Schools” to zombie degenerates like R!ch Horny Coon rapping about committing incest. Wow. Kids in 2016 are emulating homophile weirdos who sip lean, worship the devil, wear tights, skirts, shun knowledge, and proclaim the Earth is flat. Meanwhile dropout and unemployment rates are sky high, and the prison industry is thriving…This is how they justify the police clapping Black kids in the head! Reduce us to heathenism then point the finger and say “See? They deserve it!” And Black adults sit back and let their kids be poisoned with this sh!t…This is why a lot of us have to DIE.

    • Dope

      Just remember that THIS is the generation that was raised on those songs. This guy, Young Thus an everyone else was raised on the ”golden era” of hip hop, and here’s what they are. So much for it’s influence.

      • Q.

        Young Thug is a 90s baby, which means he came of age in the 00s; Hip-Hop had already turned the corner by then. He grew up on Nelly and Lil Jon. That fruitcake ain’t from the Golden Era!


    RHQ found out they were related after the fact at a family reunion. Do you think RHQ really had no idea, or he just didn’t care? Hey, we guess we could see how one may not know their extended family. Is this a reasonable explanation? What are your thoughts?

    journalism at its finest
    didnt you just report that he claim he didnt know the girl was his cousin???
    same stupid novice intern writing the dumn rumors i see

  • dbfromdc


  • Markus

    Only in this era of music would something like this be tolerated and accepted as an honest mistake. What’s sad is the youth of today are so desensitized to practically everything that they question nothing and support everything that fools like dude do.

  • TheBlackItalian

    These niggas in the south really do that. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but now I’m just waitin for the next nigga to come out and say the same thing.

  • ebonyhud

    If he didn’t know… whats the problem? People always want rappers to be real. You can’t get any more real than telling people you accidentally had sex with your cousin lol

  • ApricotNapalm

    this nga is corny as fck