Rich Homie Quan Addresses Having Sex With His Cousin


Photo via Rich Homie Quan’s Instagram

Remember when Rich Homie Quan rapped about sleeping with his cousin in his song “Numbers.” Well Rich Homie Quan recently opened up about the encounter in an interview with Complex. RHQ rapped,

“I ain’t know we were related, but I hit my cousin.”

His lyrics left people confused. It’s like if RHQ did in fact have sex with his cousin, why rap about it? Rich Homie Quan has finally explained the situation. He stated,

“In Georgia, you have big families. So, like, when I say it, I didn’t know the person was my cousin.”

He went on to say the woman wasn’t his first cousin,

“Like a cousin’s, cousin’s, cousin,” he said.

RHQ found out they were related after the fact at a family reunion. Do you think RHQ really had no idea, or he just didn’t care? Hey, we guess we could see how one may not know their extended family. Is this a reasonable explanation? What are your thoughts?