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Yeezy Approved: Young Thug & Kanye West Reportedly Have Made 40 Songs (Video)

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(AllHipHop News) While in New York City to promote his upcoming mixtape, Slime Season 3, Young Thug visited with Power 105.1. Yesterday (Jan. 27), the always entertaining ATLien insisted that over the past 3 years he’s made massive amounts of music with Kanye West. He then revealed that over 40 tracks are awaiting public consumption.

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“We did a lot of songs, a lot of rhythms,” Thugger told The Breakfast Club. “So, I guess we’re just placing them – getting them together now. Unfortunately I can’t give you a date on that based on the papers I signed with him that only he can talk about which isn’t fair,” explained the Barter 6 rapper, “It’s like 40 songs – we’ve been working for like 3 years.”

With that in mind, did Thugger Thugger make it on ‘Ye’s WAVES?

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Check out the quick clip:

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30 Responses to “Yeezy Approved: Young Thug & Kanye West Reportedly Have Made 40 Songs (Video)”

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  2. Anthony Mason

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