Did Wiz Play Kim Kardashian’s Sextape At Live Concert?

So last night the Internets won again and a nasty rumor went wild on Twitter, IG and other social media platforms. When you talk about the ultimate disrespect when cats are beefing – it has to be bringing family and kids into the situation. And while Kanye seems to have brought up family first, Wiz Khalifa was rumored to have made sure his fans in Chicago knew that Ray J hit it first by playing the Kim K & Ray J sex tape live in concert.

“I would have left Ray J’s dick out of it if Kanye left out my kid,” Wiz joked with the crowd.

“Ray Js dick deserves an Oscar for that performance!” he added.


The only thing…is seems like this is a falsehood. Right now, Wiz is in Brazil so it is almost impossible that this happened in this matter at this location.

Checkmate, internet wins again

  • Nightmare

    It would be the funniest sh!t if he did.😩😩😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Papi Peligro

    “Ray Js dick deserves an Oscar for that performance”

    Ninja’s wearing leggings don’t see how suspect that sounds.

    • RapItUp

      It’s only as ghey as the writers of the website.. Dude provided a rumor and retracted it all in one fell swoop.. Lol ‘Inside Man’, what a crock of shxt

  • Markus

    First off, Kanye knew who he was marrying so I doubt he has a reaction to that video anymore. Kim could care less since she was there. So that leaves Ray J who might jump in this for the publicity by making a Wiz diss record of his own. Just saying.

  • THISIS50

    Damn lol

  • Meaning….. Kanye won again. Marketing at its worst/best….

  • Furiousone

    How is this shade on Kanye though. I still don’t get it. She made a tape with her then boyfriend, it’s not like she had a career in porn. Still he was with Amber so neither him nor Wiz gets a V off that, but having a seed with a deranged stripper with light pockets is a worse look.

  • Mikchek

    No man should ever say another mans Dick gets an Oscar…smh

  • Sean Power

    is wiz even in the usa? is on south American tour ? this sound like a lie if was true there would be footage

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  • Nana De Baus

    Kanye and wiz will kiss and make up

  • Celz

    Why report it if it’s fake?

    • ChiVa02

      You’re using common sense. That’s where you’re going wrong.

  • TheAfroRican

    The person who wrote this article is MAD SUSPECT.

  • Executive

    A man disrespects your seed and this the least you can do?

  • bruhhhhhh

    he wants RayJ next

  • ZUBU

    This shiiitt is fricking ri(dick)olous…… Pun Intended… SMH………

  • youKNOWthatYOUugly

    Hmmm I dunno bruh. That’s a little fruity

  • stephen

    and then kanye leaks sextape of him..kim and amber ……while wiz was at home babysitting