Did Wiz Play Kim Kardashian’s Sextape At Live Concert?


So last night the Internets won again and a nasty rumor went wild on Twitter, IG and other social media platforms. When you talk about the ultimate disrespect when cats are beefing – it has to be bringing family and kids into the situation. And while Kanye seems to have brought up family first, Wiz Khalifa was rumored to have made sure his fans in Chicago knew that Ray J hit it first by playing the Kim K & Ray J sex tape live in concert.

“I would have left Ray J’s dick out of it if Kanye left out my kid,” Wiz joked with the crowd.

“Ray Js dick deserves an Oscar for that performance!” he added.


The only thing…is seems like this is a falsehood. Right now, Wiz is in Brazil so it is almost impossible that this happened in this matter at this location.

Checkmate, internet wins again