Kanye West - Only One ft. Paul McCartney SCREEN GRAB

Is Kanye Looking To Change His Album Title AGAIN?

Uh. Kanye’s new album is less than two weeks out. And he has not picked a name yet. You know this is the digital era, jack. Dude, back in the day, it would be siting in a factory getting ready to be leaked. Anyway, in a Twitter poll, Kim Kardashian asked her followers what the title of her husbands new album should be. She included all of the album titles, past and present: So Help Me God, Waves and SWISH. So far So Help Me God was in the lead by a pubic hair! I am thinking dude is basically tired from the controversy or something. That Max B stuff has to annoy him as a creative. Then again, what do I know?

Do you care at this point? Then again…yeah…people care.

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