Majid Jordan

OVO Sound’s Majid Jordan Talks Writing For Drake (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Majid Jordan, the duo comprised of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman, stopped by Hot 97 to talk about working with Drake. The OVO Sound representatives discussed writing the hit single “Hold On, We’re Going Home” for Drizzy.

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“The song wasn’t just something we just had ready and they heard. We got back to Toronto, and they were just starting the beginnings of Nothing Was The Same in 2013,” explained Al Maskati.

He added, “We’re making beats for a few months, and we eventually get to make ‘Hold On.’ I wrote the words over a beat produced by Paul Jefferies (aka Nineteen85).”

At the time, Majid Jordan was creating music in the same studio space as Drake and other OVO members. They eventually passed “Hold On, We’re Going Home” to the platinum selling artist and his longtime producer Noah “40” Shebib.

Al Maskati and Ullman also contributed production/songwriting for Beyoncé’s “Mine” and their own A Place Like This EP. They are prepping to release their self-titled debut album Majid Jordan on February 5.

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Watch Majid Jordan’s interview below.

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  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    ??? Hurtin

  • gurdyghost

    Man… all of drakes biggest hits are written by other people,he’s more like a katy perry then he is a hov.

  • The Legendary Troll

    LOL This is one headline Drake doesnt need anymore of haha

  • ZUBU

    I’m not much of a Drake fan, but why is HipHop the only music where its a violation if someone else writes for you? All types of music people write for artists. Some people are songwriters and some people are performers.
    Some people are screenwriters and some people are actors… SMH……
    One more rant: HipHop is the only one where being an old artist is a bad thing… SMH…..

    • RazaBladeKing

      Hip Hop is the only (popular) spoken-word music. Everything else is sung, so the singer’s voice is like them playing an instrument; it’s about pitch, hitting the notes, style, etc. A great violinist doesn’t show their talent by composing music, but by playing it. In Hip Hop, its (or it used to be) just talking, not singing. If you’re a rapper and you’re not writin your 16s, what are you actually contributing? A cool voice and a name brand? Agreed on the age thing, though. Most quality rap since 2000 has come from the over-30 crowd.

      • ZUBU

        I disagree, hip hop artists have a distinct flow, a cadence… So yes they have a voice Kool G Rap with his lisp, Rakim, Nas, KRS, etc. all have very different ways of wording their vocals… Much like a singer…….. Back in the day Motown had songwriters on staff for Smokey, Marvin, Dianna Ross, etc… Everybody plays their role…
        Denzel doesn’t write his lines but he delivers them very well…. These are just entertainers, musical actors for the most part. Some are poets like Nas, and some are just front men for a bigger entity…

      • In Black America Radio

        “So yes they have a voice Kool G Rap with his lisp,”

        c’mon man. Kool G lisp didnt get him a record deal. and again RnB is based off vocals not writing. Hip hop was based off your writing skills………..

        denzil dont have to write his lines cause he is a ACTOR, if denzil was a great writer then his acting skills wont be a factor. hip hop skill is the pen game which is why having someone write for you is a violation cause that IS the skill you NEED to be a HIP HOP ARTIST.

      • ZUBU

        I did not say G Rap got a deal because of his lisp, I said he like other rappers has a distinctive pitch and flow… R&B is based off singing skills as well as the content… “When A Man Loves A Woman” that dude is not a ballader it’s the lyrics that make that song great not his voice. No matter how you try they are all for thr most part “Players In The Game” to use a William Shakespeare term…
        ————-Once again not everyone is a poet like my boy Nasir
        I go to the inception of National Hip Hop: Sugar Hill Gang, Rapper’s Delight it was delivery, they didn’t write all of their stuff….

      • RazaBladeKing

        I’ll buy the signature flow/cadence thing, but that’s what makes usin a ghostwriter all the more damning. Said another way, I can tell whether Puffy’s verse was written T.I., Rick Ro$$, or Jay-Z, based on “how” he spits it (the flow) and how familiar I am with their flows. Those verses are written by the ghost writer, so their cadence is bulit in (mentally) as they write it, and there’s usually not a lot of room for variation. It’s not like there’s a lot of big gaps in rappin (vs singin) where you have room to improvise as much.

    • Brindle

      hiphop has always seperated it’s self by being authentic and competitive… Luther never battled Teddy P… when hiphop turns into non-competition you get what you get today, wack rappers, no DJ’s rather than dope DJ’s and dope emcees… hiphop needs to get back to age doesn’t matter and your pen game is everything…

      • ZUBU

        Brother Luther and Teddy P are not even of the same generation. By the time Luther hit it big Teddy had already had the car accident…
        Try comparing Lynerd Skinard and Neil Young (Sweet Home Alabama) beef in the early 70’s… It was beef on wax…..

      • Brindle

        LMAO… you get my point though… an emcee should never have someone else writing their lyrics, especially if they claim best…

      • ZUBU

        No doubt bro lol, we may disagree at times but you’re good my brother!Peace…

      • Freezamon


      • Freezamon

        It was Teddy vs Lionel vs Marvin Vs Al Green vs Barry White. They was just doing it through creativity and great performances. That’s how they battled!

      • Brindle

        Lol.. very true, and dance steps

    • Xxplosive 1

      Personally I blame Nas album Illmatic for the downfall of hip hop. If you really think about it some of the best hip hop classic albums was produced by one producer or the group or artist team. It was one vision and for the most part one theme. In Nas case he really didn’t have a choice because Extra P was dealing with the breakup of Main Source at that time and Nas had mad option available to him to work with these super producers and the rest was history. Fast forward to the present and look what you’ve got now, a plethora of beat makers as opposed to a real production team. It’s more about making an uneven album with a bunch of singles for radio play hence the trash that’s polluting the air waves now.

      • Freezamon

        WTF are you talking about he wanted to work with the best of the best. Premo, Large Pro, Diamond D, Pete Rock, Q Tip ( who was also a J Dilla understudy ) etc. Illmatic was not the downfall it was a blueprint to follow he also had these producers respect before hand. These new kids now don’t care about respect they just get a fruity loop track for pennies and run with it. The days of super producer is over. the 100,000 tracks are over. Plus super producers started becoming rappers as well. there are a lot of factors but please leave Nas out he’s HIP HOP personified. Blame greedy Jew executives for the decline of Rap ( commercial ).


        FK YO FEELINGS!!!

    • In Black America Radio

      “why is HipHop the only music where its a violation if someone else writes for you? ”

      Answer: Because the talent part of Hip Hop is the word play.
      examples………RnB, the talent is your vocals not your pen game
      Movies, the talent is your acting ability not your screen writing skills
      a DJ talent is spinning, cutting and mixing the record. now “some people” “DJ” by putting a CD in and acting like they DJ’ing. why is that a problem? because the SKILL is you scratching and blending NOT inserting a CD. and the only reason why HIPHOP play the age game is because we dont own our music. and as long as the artist are young then the gate keepers can take advantage of the new talent

      • Preach man!!

      • It’s also a violation in Country, to some degree.

      • STEPH

        So So true… you can google hip hop and it will tell you the same thing.

      • Jeff

        So does that mean DJ Khaled can really DJ?

      • In Black America Radio

        does DJ Khaled DJ? and would you compare him to Jazzy Jeff them?

      • Jeff

        I was bring sarcastic. Khaled just runs around screaming “we the best” all the while not dj’ing & calling himself a DJ. Jazzy Jeff actually DJ’s & has experience on the turntables.

      • In Black America Radio

        I Thought it was sarcasm but wasnt sure lol. I was like DJ Khaled????

      • Freezamon

        100000000% facts

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        all that made no sense , I bet no one can explain how that does

      • Markus

        It made perfect sense you hater piece of rat shit. You just try to throw shade on intelligent comments and promote your asshole agenda. Just die already, you bitch.

      • NYComicBookGuy

        YES! Preach on!

    • Freezamon

      Because you can’t brag about being the best MC/ rapper and not write your own shit. Hip Hip rules and regulations are solid. You can’t be a bitter/ milli vanilli you have to be real and true to yourself. Slick Rick = Real Epmd= real RedMan= real etc. These new nigguhs= suspect period.


    This is why “Pac” is considered one of the greatest of all time…..That boy did a whole double Cd in two weeks time that is considered a classic. It’s no secret many people marveled at his ability to crank songs out like it was nothing…..Scarface, B.I.G., Jadakiss, Hov, Big L, Big Daddy Kane, Styles P, Nas, KRS-1 finish out my list.

    • Papi Peligro

      It was the relevance of his topics he was so rounded. Young thug making 40songs with the same words flipped

      • STEPH

        The relevance and the speed in which he belted songs out. I never put young thong and Tupac in the same sentence, that’s like a first degree felony.

      • Papi Peligro

        Im just saying though. They go in Young Thug and Chief Keef and they thing just cause they made 40 songs they like PAC.

      • STEPH

        I feel you, but their music is str8 goofy with no substance…I could go upstairs and make 40 songs better than thong and Keef

  • TruthHurts

    If people only knew how many of the RAP songs they’ve liked over the years were written by somebody else. A friend of mine was signed to a major label and unfortunately never had his shine… BUT while he was there he wrote 2 Billboard Top 20 hits for other artists and is still getting checks to this day. The Non Disclosure agreement he had to sign was heavy but I know for a fact ALOT of songs ya’ll have loved were ghost-written.

    • JerZeBoy

      very true. im an engineer in the business and in the last 7 years, I would say about 80% of the “hit”songs are NOT written, by the artist that performs/records it for their album, etc.

  • Jakoslicksh

    The idea that hiphop has never had collaboration before is just a myth created by fans. LL Cool J wrote for Run DMC, Run DMC wrote for Beastie Boys, Big Daddy Kane wrote for Biz Markie, Q-Tip wrote for Phife Dawg, Snoop Dogg has had writers, Mase claims to have written for Big L, Method Man has wrote for Ghostface, GZA wrote for ODB, Nas had lines edited for Illmatic by Large P etc. I could go on for days. Its actually part of the tradition tp trade bars. The idea that Drake doesnt write all of his raps is also just pure fiction. He has writing credits and lots of testimony to his writing ability. Even if you check his early interviews, he has never been shy about saying he collaborates with other artists. So he obviously colaborates and is open to it but he also has plenty of writing credits on other people’s albums. There is nothing new about Drake using credited writers and collaborators. He has always said this and been open to saying it. Folks have just decided to take aim at Drake and use him as a scapegoat becuase they just dont like the dude. This is partly why they choose to ignore that the so-called damning reference tracks do not match the finalized tracks. This is why so many fans of hiphop are all concerned about Drake’s writing credits but all the hiphop goats are pretty silent on the topic. why? they have all used collaborators and writers at some point. Thats just how the industry works

    • I_AM_Houston

      this is the truth theyll just trash talk you for.

  • Markus

    If he sang exclusively then it wouldn’t matter so much that his pen is haunted. But Aubrey is a successful fraud and nobody cares. Sad.