Timbaland Addresses Reports He Refused To Perform At Flint Charity Show

(AllHipHop News) According to reports, Timbaland refused to perform at a January 28 charity show in Detroit. The event was set up to help raise money for the citizens of Flint, Michigan dealing with a water crisis.

Club Bleu co-owner Mitchell Jaworski accused Tim of being upset the venue did not have “Ace of Spades” champagne. Jaworski also claimed Timbaland was paid in advance to DJ a half hour set and perform five to eight songs live, but he merely stood on stage as another DJ performed.

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A representative for Timbaland contacted Billboard about the Club Bleu appearance. The site reports:

“Unfortunately, the statement made by the promoter in Detroit is simply not true,” Timbaland’s rep says in a statement provided to Billboard.  Timbaland is an “extremely generous person who agreed to a much lower fee for this event to raise money for the Flint, Michigan’s water crisis,” the statement continues. “The promoter was fully aware that this was not a full band performance on stage, yet still promoted it as such. The club was still able to raise money for charity, which was our goal in doing this event all along.”

The Independent posted an article featuring a statement written by Timbaland on his Instagram page. The Virginia native apparently wrote:

I want everybody to think I wasn’t suppose to perform think about it. Why would I do that see what I need to do for now on call these promoter out that not rite for the fans and me now I’ve gave money and came and they ask me las min sorry to the people who lied.

The Club Bleu event featuring Timbaland reportedly raised more than $3,000 to buy bottled water and filters for the residents of Flint.

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  • regal84

    Is Timbo illiterate??

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      That was my first thought…What did timbaland say?? haha

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    uhhhhhh what the fuc did this nigga just write? lmao

  • ChiVa02

    What the entire f*ck did Timbaland write? Damn…

  • Miss.S

    well besides what he wrote. they ONLY raised $3,000

  • Mack

    AHH will probably hire Tim soon.

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      Lmaooo I was just thinking to myself, got DAMN at least he used one period.. Lol!!

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  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Wen i hear this happen about a person who is being paid to show up and do fukall and bitch about a drink i think bruuh wata hoe ass

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    Magoo wrote that statement for timbo

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    This ni99a Timbaland is a lie.

  • Papi Peligro

    Man again. Its not these people responsibility nor can they fix the problem. Most of these promoters are pocketing this charity water and then drinking Detroit water when they go home.

  • ed

    If timberland is so generous he shouldn’t have charged a fee if it was to raise money and help people!