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Beyoncé Haters Aim To Get In Formation For Protest In NYC

(AllHipHop News) Although many feel that Beyoncé slayed her performance for Super Bowl 50’s halftime show, there is one anonymous organizer who is protesting against the Queen Bey.  Scheduled for February 16th, the event is set to gather outside of NFL headquarters in New York City.

The event’s description asks “Are you offended as an American that Beyoncé pulled her race-baiting stunt at the Superbowl? Do you agree that it was a slap in the face to law enforcement? Do you agree that the Black Panthers was/is a hate group which should not be glorified? Come and let’s stand together. Let’s tell the NFL we don’t want hate speech & racism at the Superbowl ever again!

You can check out the event page here.

Earlier this week, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani expressed sentiments parallel to those on the event page, mentioning that the performance was an attack on law enforcement. “What we should be doing in the African-American community, and all communities, is build up respect for police officers,” Giuliani said. “And focus on the fact that when something does go wrong, okay. We’ll work on that. But the vast majority of police officers risk their lives to keep us safe….let’s have decent, wholesome entertainment.”

Next year’s Super Bowl 51 is scheduled to take place in Houston, Texas, humble birthplace of Beyoncé herself.  And it will be hard to properly honor all the great things out of Texas without including the Houston Queen.

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  • ZUBU

    Bold statement on her part; I agree with her, but you know they are coming after her…

    • Markus

      You know it,brother. But she took a big chance and her people have to hold her down.

      • ZUBU

        Yes, as you stated she surprised me with this. And yes we need to hold her down, real talk…. I’m wondering what Jay has to say? He has to defend her actions…

      • Markus

        I’m sure he will. And I have no doubt he had an idea what she was going to do. And who cares if people thought it was inappropriate? Whoever did probably hasn’t had anyone close to them murdered by pigs.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Oh so beyonvce black again? or was she ever?

      • ZUBU

        Bitch go back into the trailer and fukk your sister/cousin…

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        You used that false insult already. Try again bit(h.

      • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

        You used that “she’s black again” line like 2 days ago though lol.

      • Controversy Sells

        “Here comes Kane out the crowd “

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


      • Controversy Sells

        I swear in my head I said that in my best Jim Ross voice possible

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I know but it’s true

      • ZUBU

        It still applies to you…

  • Markus

    Much respect due to Beyonce for picking the biggest stage of the year as a platform to speak out against the issues that most people not as fortunate as she is face on a daily basis. Was it a slap in the face of law enforcement that continue to hire thugs and murderers and condone and defend their actions? Hell yes! It was meant to be to bring worldwide attention to the problem. Just because it’s the Super Bowl doesn’t mean all is well with the world. Never thought she would be sending out such a message. Glad I was wrong and I salute her for her efforts.

    • the song formation has nothing to do with black panthers or race relations or whatever. so she didnt really “speak” out about anything, other than dressing her back up dancers as some black panther strippers lol

      • Markus

        I never mentioned a lyric from that song. I applauded her for the statement she made visually without actually voicing a word that could be considered “controversial” which was more than enough to send the uptight and narrow minded into an uproar. And coming from someone who I can’t recall ever getting behind a social issue,she gets respect for that.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        anytime a white talks about others like guliani did , its meant as a distraction of not talking about themselves , which we let white America do big time – disable your firewall and click on child porn , like the cia ,etc does and what you see white people doing will make you agree they shud be talked about as headline news everyday

      • O SKI

        So I guess you think black people don’t molest children… Tyga started dating Kylie Jenner when she was 15 years old. Nuff said.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        whites for the last 50 Years have shown themselves in a Million vids Per Day molesting babys

      • O SKI

        You sound dumb… There are children in Africa who get their genitals mutilated on a daily basis. What exactly is your point? Ur confusing me.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        your weezil ass failing at deflecting to a country you know nothing about – typical behavior of you pedofile whites that like the last 50 years , getting away right now with a million vids online showing you molesting new-borns

      • O SKI

        You do realize that black people only represent 13% of the US population right? 13% of the US population yet statistics show that blacks have the highest incarceration rates, the highest poverty levels, the highest high school drop out rates, the highest abortion rates, etc., etc. Only 13% of The US population, the lowest of all ethnic groups in the country yet your statistics are the most ratchet statistics in the country. Wake up dude. You’re clearly being blind sighted by yourignorance. What does Beyonce’s performance have to do with white pedophiles anyway? Smh.

  • Victorydejeur

    The Black Panthers was a response to hatred, not an initiation of it, fu*k that protest and all participants.

  • Black Adam

    There needs to be a direct counter group and or response to these racist that are attempting to stamp out conscious expressions just because it points out their wrong doings. Im looking at you beehive. Get in defense formation and handle that. Hov too need to step in and shield his Queen knowing he prob had a hand in that.

    • tech it doesnt point out THEIR wrong doings if they had nothing to do with it..

      • Black Adam

        Lol thanks for the catch Charles. Doing multiple things at once and yes it does point out THEIR wrong doings because officers are involved in the protest as are politicians who have chosen to do very little or nothing to correct the issue. This is one of the same reason Sanders is leading in the poles.

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    They can’t do shit to Beyonce. It’s a waste of time. If you don’t buy her music guess what happens? She remains a multi millionaire.

  • Controversy Sells

    Wait. . . What??? Who???. . . Smh nevermind


    last year yall was drunk in love. now yall in formation. get off beyonce tip please

    • fullyautomatic

      Drunk in love was 3yrs ago Charlie bout da same time u was sniffing coke & getting fucked in da ass by boy Geroge

  • Handle your issues

    So, does that mean that NYC will not be holding their annual saint Patrick’s day parade? #racebaiting

    • yeah its a disgrace to irish people every where!! all thiose people dressed up like leperkauns mocking my irish herita.. sike idgaf. we irish dont get offended over shit lol the country needs to look to the irish on how to deal with things.

      • sparkchark

        ^^^^^white supremacist.

      • ^^^^ sensitive

      • sparkchark

        Still a white supremacist.

      • says a guy who doesnt know what a white supremacist is

      • sparkchark

        A person of European decent whom views his/her self as being superior by NOT being affected by a system of oppression through hospitals, educational institutions, law/politics, housing, economic depravation, or by having any sabotage towards ones quality of life due to their skin color…shall I use the term in a sentence for you to understand? “The people who are responsible for the crisis in flint mi are white supremacists…”

      • “as being superior by NOT being affected by a system of oppression” so they think they are superior because they arent being oppressed??? Thats not correct.

        “a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races”

        thats the correct definition. At least get ya shit right if your gonna troll.

        step ya game up

      • sparkchark

        Well it is a revised version of the definition due to current events taking place to substantiate that version of said definition… Basically white supremacy is “I define what everything is because I’m white” you then either enforce the ideology forcefully or you lie until it becomes true or you change meanings and definitions in order to fit and suit your agenda…..ball in your court sir.

      • Well it wasnt a revised version it was a false version.

        you just tried to do what you defined as supremacy, by changing the definition and implying that it is the new definition. ironic.


      • sparkchark

        Lmao how is it false? Before you attempt to dismiss my claim describe how the statement is false when currently the definition I described paints the picture of the current times?

      • current events described by YOU dont define already defined words. get a dictionary.

      • sparkchark

        Got several. But answer me this…would you say that the tragic happenings of police brutality, the church shooting in Charleston sc, the slaughter of reneesha McBride, and the countless other untold incidents of racial violence towards blacks in america not reflect that definition? And are you white sir? Just curious….

      • they already reflect the current definition

        using your definition the individual white supremist just views himself better because he isnt oppressed vs the actual definition of him just simply believing he is better than other races.

        Yeah, im white.

      • sparkchark

        I’m rather curious of your ethnic background what country did your family come from?

      • im irish, from ireland. grand parents came over as kids.


      • oh.. and step ya game up!!

      • sparkchark


      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you don’t get upset cuz no one bothers you about your 50 years of showing millions of vids a day of you sexually attacking infants – now fake like you want proof , and disable your firewall like the cia, etc, do , and click on your sites and see you Irish and whatever you are getting away with sexually assaulting millions of babys

      • trolling trolling trolling, keep those doggies trollin!! troll’em up, troll’en down, trollin in troll’em out, KEEP THOSE DOGGIES TROLLING!! RAWHIDE!!! lmfao

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        look at you dumb , weezil race cowards – without getting tuff with your moms and babys , you cant think of nothing to say

      • – troll

      • Myleage

        a lot of Irish are offended. You know long long time ago (actually, not too long ago) the Irish werent considered “white” and were treated similarly to blacks and other nonwhites. Italians and Irish were later added to the white race via methods similar to the black lives matter movement.

      • i know the history.. i am irish. have hiuge irish family.. NONE of us are offended by all the shit. lol hell its embraced!!

      • Myleage

        your ancestors may very well be ashamed of that fact

      • when they look around at how we are treated and where we are, not a god damn thing to be ashamed of!! irish are known to be toughness, physically and mentally. we good!!

    • O SKI

      Wait, black lives matter protests can create hatred and division all across America in 2015 but Beyonce’s performance can’t be protested because black people have a problem with that too? Man… you and your people need to stop tripping and sit down.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        white culture is proven to teach you pedofiles nothing but be quiet in public , then find a hiding place to type either stupid or lies – nothing else – you aint never in your weezil race existence see a blm protest that created hatred – and beyonce’s performance aint a problem – its you whites doing what you have always gotten away with – deflect atteintion off your websites showing you gang raping millions of new-born babys – vids you got posted Right Now

      • O SKI

        You sound very angry dude… Did your daughter start dating a white dude or something?

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        ha – look at you , all you white cowards the same , cant think of nothing except stupidity , lies , and luring babys

      • O SKI

        First of all, I’m not white. Second of all, I shut your dumb ass down a long time ago… White pedophiles. Get out of here with your backwards, ignorant ass. Talk about something with substance, not something riddled with stupidity.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        make no diff what yo worthless ass is , second to “shut down” first yo good-for-nothing ass gotta have something to say

      • O SKI

        I’ve been saying something. Your dumb ass is talking about white pedophiles like that has any substance or comparison with black on black murder rates in this country. Go to sleep fool.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you whites post and share more vids of yourselves raping babys every 12 hours , than all black on black crime combined in a 100 years

      • O SKI

        Again. I’m not white and again, you’re a moron.

      • Myleage

        that’s like saying breast cancer rallies divide the masses. black lives matter doesnt mean other races DON’T matter. it just means that there is an especially big problem for THAT particular race that needs to be address.

        Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer and thus it is address more than say lymphoma. You wouldnt go to a breast cancer ralyl and yell “there are other cancers too.” yall ppl are dumb.

        If I take the time to address ONE problem, that doesnt mean I am ignoring other problems. a commercial for helping Flint, Michigan doesnt mean that other places dont need help too. There just isnt enough time in the 30 second commercial to address ALL of the world’s problems so the producers chose to spend those 30 seconds to address that ONE problem. Taking a moment to address ONE particular problem does not demean and ignore other problems in the world.

      • O SKI

        Breast cancer is a natural health hazard. Black youths are acting a fool and breaking all kinds of laws on our streets. Police officer’s are given guns by our government to protect the people. What do you think the outcome will be?

      • Myleage

        3 things you are overlooking.

        1. black youths are not acting out. all youths are acting out. blacks and latinos get harsher punishment FOR THE SAME CRIMES committed by whites. this country is 10% black and 12% latino. even if 100% of blacks commit crimes and 60% of whites commit crimes, numerically, there are more whites doing crime. Whites do more crime than all minorities but they are not charged when they are caught as often.

        2. it is the police and government that creates “crime” neighborhoods. For example, the projects were a good place for wealthy and working class ppl living in the city. when suburbs where being made, the government was against it but eventually relented. afterwards, the government made the projects open for minorities. However, the government did not upkeep the area like it used to when whites where the predominant occupants. and minorities werent allowed to get loans to buy houses in the suburbs and therefore where cut off from building wealth that can be passed down. imagine missing Apple’s IPO simply because you were black and then being allowed to buy it after 20 years. you missed out on a serious investment and yet the world thinks you should be caught up to whites now that everyone have equal rights. then the government introduced crack to black neighborhoods (just like europeans did to the chinese with opium). have u heard about Black Wallstreet? the government literally went in and destroyed the town because there were a lot of black owned businesses succeeding. banks still give out higher interests rates to minorities than whites.

        3. When you have 100 policeman profiling a black neighborhood vs 1 cop watching a white neighborhood, OF COURSE the one with more cops would have a higher crime rate, THERE ARE MORE COPS TO CATCH STUFF. that doesnt mean there is more crime happening in the black neighborhood than the white neighborhood, but if you look at a cloth under a magnifying glass, you will see the threads.

      • O SKI

        You make a lot of solid points. I respect that but all three of your points lack certainty. Clearly, blacks and Latinos face a higher degree of injustice and racism in this country. Everybody knows that. This country was built on racism by whites. Whites are the majority in America by a large scale. If you think that white people are bending over backwards to make sure that blacks and Latinos stand on the same platform that they stand on, you’re crazy.
        There are definitely societal reasons for why things are the way they are for blacks and Latinos but that can all easily change with support and unity within our own communities. Until we get that whole mess figured and straightened out, blacks and Latinos will continue to be at the bottom. Its pretty clear cut. I know you’re not waiting for white America to come in and save you.

      • Myleage

        i think it takes a mixed effort to solve the problem. for example, blacks and latinos can protest for certain rights, but the majority of people do not know the depth of the depravity of the legal system. how can you ask for rights that you never knew where yours to begin with? if i robbed your house and take 5 items, but you only notice 2 items and demand those 2 items returned to you, then its up to me to return the other 3. it has to be a joint effort for all races, white, black, asian, latino, arab, and native american to solve the atrocities of the past and move pass this racial illusion.

      • Handle your issues

        So I’m African American? Do tell.

  • reazon marley

    Giulianni Eat A DICC… They Tryna Create A Race War So They Can Martial Law…Don’t Drink THe Kool Aid

    • Bob Marley

      Real talk

  • Xxplosive 1

    Who cares what that guinea got to say.

  • jrredd65

    NFL HQ ALReady KNEW WHAT SHE WAS GONNA DO .. it’s call rehearsal. Ppl always find bs to protest to cause u feel some type way. If u racist then be racist if u for police killing youth n unarmed black men then be that. If u for white supremacist then be a white supremacist. Be all what you want to be n be proud of it. Wear the shoe’s . WE ARE THE BEGINNING AN THE END , ALPHA AN THE OMEGA. WE ARE OF AFRICAN Decent. WE ARE BLACK.. YOUR TIME OF EVIL DOING IS WINDING DOWN .. YOU WILL PAY..

  • you know who should build up respect for police? Police.

  • i didnt even notice that was some black panther shit, just looked like some bitches in leather. also thought she was singing an old song.. didnt sound new sounded just like.. like.. well idk.. idk the names of her songs lol

    • Myleage

      how do u NOT know the names of her songs? Im not a Katy Perry fan but I know the names of a few songs. Beyonce is waaay bigger. If you’re into music, then you know one of her songs whether you’re black, white, red, or yellow. Plus you’re on the computer. Just google one and use it in your post. lazy ppl -_-

    • DJ7

      On some real sh!t….It wasn’t meant for YOU to notice whitey! Stay in ya lane

      • on some real shit, it was meant for everyone, hence why she did it at the super bowl. step ya game up blackey.

      • DJ7

        That’s where you’re wrong whitey…if it was meant for your mentally challenged ass you would have gotten the message right away…well…you didn’t…what does that tell you?

      • well, blackie, i wasnt looking for any messages i was starring at her ass drunk at a SB party.

        if it wasnt meant for everyone she wouldnt have chose an event thats meant for everyone. you kniw.. right after the whitest band in history player.. coldplay.

        its easy counter pointing you.. because your critical thinking skills.. are dookie.

  • the formation song doesnt have anything to do with black panthers or really anything near/close to that topic.

    The back up dancers were just dressed up as stripper black panthers.

    • RazaBladeKing

      “I like my baby heir with baby hair and afros/ I like my negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils”
      She said it twice. It was Black Pride, even if low-key. And the strip clubs in your city must suck if that’s how yalls strippers dress.

      • said what twice? black panthers?/ lol its about beyonce and her life and loving her roots.. nothing wrong with it!!

        strippers wear clothes.. and than take them off. hence “stripping”

        step ya game up!!

      • RazaBladeKing

        Careful, Edomite, I’m in a good mood today. Let’s keep it that way.
        No, she said the line I quoted twice. Contrary to… “popular”… belief, the original Black Panthers were about black pride and black empowerment, providing services to the black community when the system we pay for wouldn’t, and protecting that community from the KKK when the system we pay for wouldn’t; they have no relation to the Nu Black Panther buffoons of today. So yeah, the lyrics I quoted, that she again said twice, would fall in line with their ideology, and contrary to the mainstream standards of beauty where Jennifer Anniston is named the most beautiful woman in the world (laughable). I reiterate that because I realize you are somewhat slow-witted, or at least pretend to be. As for the strippers thing; the strippers around here start off in bikinis, not leather jackets and shorts, but I’m guessin you referred to them as “strippers” and “bitches” for the same reason you returned to this site to inundate these articles related to Beyonce’s performance with your ridiculous opinions… you felt threatened by them, and belittling them makes you feel better about your inadequacies.
        Stop with the “Step Ya Game Up” line, Marshall. As always, you are many years late to when that catch phrase was relevant or popular.

      • blah blah blah.. she makes no mention of black panthers or the issues black panthers fought for.

        black panthers didnt wear booty shorts and dance around, control your feelings bruh. strippers wear all types of clothes before stripping them off. so thats all semantics.

        She’s basically saying she’s a black, feminist, sex-positive woman and she’s proud of it.

        i have zero issues with the song and the dancers. so step ya game up!!!

      • RazaBladeKing

        I kept the page up because I was curious what you’d say.
        You’re not pretending. You really are stupid. I’m guessing that comes from immaturity, based on your child-like response. I explained in detail how her lyrics reflected a BP theme; your response was “blah blah blah” followed by you ‘schooling me’ on the BP and their issues, as if you know anything about the BPs that isn’t 2nd hand information at best. And ‘control your feelings’ is good advice from someone who has a dozen comments on this page as opposed to my 3… you didn’t like me explaining to you WHY this story “bothers” you so much, did you, my son? Just like you knowing that you’ve never seen a stripper dressed like her back up dancers, and me explaining to you WHY you felt the need to insult them repeatedly. I am your father, you lil Irish bastard, and you will respect our house.
        You’re not Marshall; Marshall’s a cool white boy. I’m demoting you to MGK, you sensitive, clueless nerd. Now gimme some more 15-yr old catch phrases to entertain me. How bout “raise the roof”

      • and here you are throwing insults lmfao seems like you cant take what a white man says!! control your emotions lil buddy!!! you arent teh skipper you gilligan!! lol

        i told you its has nothing to do with black panthers.. listen to the song… step ya game up!!

      • RazaBladeKing

        And here you are with your 17th comment on this page, yet saying someone else is emotional about it. Yup, you really are that stupid, and don’t even realize you broadcast that fact to the world with your actions, not your words. I’ll let you continue to “LOL” and “LMFAO” like a 14-yr-old girl, and continue to dig your own hole. I don’t like to repeat myself, so I’ll refrain from explaining everything again just because my audience is LD. Have fun at the demonstration, you goof.

      • and here you are replying to another comment. cant let whitey have an opinion. even tho whiteys opinion says bey didnt do anything wrong lol

        and heres more insults by you.. control ya emotions!! its almost like i said that already..

        you done?

      • RazaBladeKing

        18 comments and counting… this story really hit you all up in your feels, huh? That’s your problem to deal with. Contrary to your “poor discriminated-against white boy” routine (“LOL”), I have no generalized problem with white people, or them having an opinion. There are some cool white people on this site, in fact. But I have a problem with a$$holes who try to use sites like this to try and overtly and covertly slide their agenda in, when that agenda is clearly counter-productive to the target audience. You don’t get to decide or dictate anything here in our house, Charlie, least of all when I’m “done.” As long as you choose this forum to spout your bulls***, I will use it to publicly punish your weak @$$, and most of the time, I let your mouth do that for me, as I showed on my previous comment. Gonna go for comment # 19? I’m all ears.

      • this isnt your house bruh, you just exposed yourself there!!

        what is this covert agenda i have??

        i can do this for years!! you down??

        im the coolest guy on this site!! regardless of color!! and it seems like you like to divide people by color!!

        too easy exposing your flawed logic!! you scared of the white boy speaking his mind!!

        i can add to this discussion and really make your covert agenda seem logical to you.. cam newton should of fought for that fumble!! he shouldnt dance around disrespecting other players!! he needs to learn how not to get to high and not to low!!

        i bet youd bring race into the discussion even tho no race wasnt mentioned!!

        i bet your racist ass head is spinning now!!

        oh and black people can be racist!!

        now we got a debate that should last a long time… go at it!!!

      • RazaBladeKing

        No, we can’t do this for years, nerd; I clearly don’t care about this subject as much as you. But I’m beginning to suspect that you may be another AHH troll, here to drum up hits; it’s the only explanation for why you’d scroll up and down this page all day, spamming comments and replying to everyone else’s, that doesn’t make you look like a complete loser with an agenda. As for your agenda? Ask yourself if you’ve ever referred to Iggy Azalea as a stripper on one of her articles, or called Miley or Rita a b**** without warrant, for example. Your agenda here is to torpedo Beyonce’s attempt to instill black pride at the most-watched event on tv by calling her names, calling her background dancers names, and making jokes about the whole thing, and it’s obvious. As for the “why”? I have a theory, but it’s complex: I think you’re a white supremacist who’s too stupid to realize he’s a white supremacist, simply put. As for the rest of your assumptions: I don’t “like” to divide people by color, but I’m too honest to pretend like those divisions don’t exist, beyond anything I do; I live in racist-@$$ VA and I ‘ve never been scared of a white boy doin anything period; I agree with all the Cam Newton stuff, but I’m a Chiefs fan so I hate Denver regardless; I don’t bring race into things that don’t merit it… I believe our first dance here started with YOUR joke about “beyoncesdancerssoblack”, but you may be too stupid to remember things from more than 15 minutes ago; I’m not a racist, but there can obviously be black racists such as, say, the Nu Black Panthers which I recently referenced and sh*tted on. My agenda? Instill a little “knowledge of self” and “thirst for knowledge” in any young readers lurking that may not get it elsewhere. Your “black people are the actual racist oppressors, and white people are the tread-upon victims” routine is in direct contrast to that; it’s distracting, dishonest, and better suited for either a dumber crowd or a more like-minded crowd like a country music site. That is why we have these conflicts… my son.

      • “Ask yourself if you’ve ever referred to Iggy Azalea as a stripper on one of her articles”

        why da fuq would i be on an iggy article??

        theres people that know me aroundhere, i dont come to this site often because it fell off!! when i see a article shown in my disqus home page ill check it out..

        “Your agenda here is to torpedo Beyonce’s attempt to instill black pride at the most-watched event on tv by calling her names” ahahahahaha yeah thats my agenda!!

        ” I don’t “like” to divide people by color” says the guy whos been calling me marshall because im white on a hiphop site. womp womp!!!

        and yeah i rememeber that joke that got you butt hurt.. good times!!

      • RazaBladeKing

        That all begs the question… why do these articles about Beyonce’s performance in particular beckon you to “check it out”? Further, why check these out in order to belittle the participants, but in contrast choose to not check out an article about Iggy and call her a stripper when she acts and dresses MUCH MORE like one? What was it about Beyonce’s performance that clearly has you “butt hurt”? (don’t worry, I already answered both of those for you in like my 2nd reply to you… my son) I call you Marshall because its a [LAME] name for a [LAME] white boy specifically, and you are a lame white boy. I don’t call any of the other white boys here Marshall. But its good that in your mind I can now take the blame for dividing the races; I’m sure that will help your lil supremacist-@$$ get to sleep at night. That same line of thinking is why Hip Hop is blamed for police brutality. See where I’m going or do you need a flow chart? Again, your actions are a much better signifier of your agenda than your words of denial, and those actions are splattered all over every Beyonce article here since Sunday. Unless of course you’re a paid AHH troll, in which case, none of this even matters, except Look!… Another hit for the site.

  • Mec-One

    I love when Black Excellence gets cacs all up in they feelz …….

  • 7yoyo7

    Some people have too much time on their hands…

  • Bob Marley

    I want to start a protest against all whites for raping animals and their children

  • In Black America Radio

    PHUCK GIULIANI!!!!!!!!!!!! – 4 Alarm Blaze

    Phuck that cross dresser

  • RayStantz

    Predicted this… Hope she’s prepared for the ride they are about to take her on.

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