Future Blasts Ciara: I Made Her Money & Made Her Relevant!

Photo Credit: Instagram

Yesterday, Future was hit with a defamation lawsuit which seeks tremendous monetary damages. His ex-fiancée, Ciara, alleges that Future has worked to tarnish her image. So now, the “Goodies” singer wants $15 M to help repair the damage.

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Since their engagement fell through, in different ways the former couple has expressed its angst. Back in 2015, Ciara penned down her pain and released the platinum-selling track, “I Bet.” Of course, the subject of the song is presumed to be none other than, Future.

After Mr. Hendrix received the news of CiCi’s pending lawsuit, on his behalf,  a source has spoken out about pending legal showdown. The EVOL rapper believes that Ciara is behaving in an immature and “petty” manner, this according to TMZ

That same insider has also reported that Future has yet to be properly served with Ciara’s court documents. Previously, a process server tried unsuccessfully to pass off the docs at LAX.

Mr. Freebandz is said to be weighing his legal options. He may even counter and file a lawsuit against Ciara.

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  • Wesnile

    Leave that shit in the past.
    – Future

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  • The Legendary Troll

    Hahahaha she hits him with a lawsuit to get him to shut up to the media. He responds by blasting her again. My nigga


    He’s F*CKED!


      This shit dont hold no weight.


    These “NEW” niggas WTF?!?! Where was Future when Ciara put out her 1st 2 albums?


      Future been out since like 2010. Where you been at Nigga?!?

      • RapItUp

        Lol goodies dropped WAY before 2010 bruh.. Petey Pablo was still rappin.. Come on..


        I was addressing your “New Nigga” comment. The $$$$ Future was talking about he made her was when he Executive Produced her Album “Ciara” in 2013 ,which sparked her music career after it seemed like she was finished. He also wrote her Hit song “Body Party”.


        How many times must I educate you childish idiots?!?! Ciara’s 1st album came out in 2004, her 2nd in ’06. What songs did Future have out nationally then?!?!!? Who outside of his family & friends knew who he was?!?!? In 2010 she released her 4th album, so explain to me again “Mr. Future been out since like 2010” how he helped her be relevant? Keep in mind she’s put out 2 more album since then.


        Educate yourself First Dummy. Ciara had fell off the Map around 2012, and Future wrote the Song “Body Party”, which jump started her music career. He also Executive Produced her Self-titled Album “Ciara” that came out in 2013. Thats how Future helped her become Relevant AGAIN. Shut up and stay in your Place lil Nigga.

  • She’ll lose. She made a whole f*cking song about him. That’s the counter claim. They cancel out one another.


      Unless she said his name specifically & she slandered him, he can’t use that at all. Just think how many songs have been written about “someone”.

      • Only thing is… She said it was about him in subsequent interviews.

      • Shock

        Naw, ya guy is right. Future has blasted her in songs, Twitter, interviews, etc. This will be an easy win for Ciara that will most likely be settled out of court.

      • Xxplosive 1

        Only after she put him on blast in previous news publication.

      • Shock

        Nah, you can’t find a direct quote on her bashing him in the media

  • therealest1

    This is just an immature ass former couple.

  • StephenDedalus

    I remember this site used to be about the music. not this tmz bs. garbage.

    • TruthHurts

      Unfortunately that was when the industry was about music. Now all u need is an image, a court case, and a week of social media beef and you too can go gold!


      At least a Hip-Hop artist is involved. It could’ve been about Kylie Jenner or Amber Rose.

  • hmm nope

  • dbfromdc


  • Markus

    She wins even a dollar of this bogus suit and it sets a precedent that you can’t give your opinions on others if the subject takes offense to those opinions. If you’re a food critic and you give a restaurant a bad review,that restaurant shouldn’t be able to sue you for that. Just saying.

    • Lmao that was more than an opinoin bro

    • Mikchek

      there is a difference between opinion and passing it as fact

  • Where does it say he said that?

    • Anthony Mason


  • Anthony Mason

    The music industry powers that be value future. The are like Ciara who?


    You guys watch too much TV, this suit will get squashed like a gnat. Ciara has to PROVE that the things Future has said about her actually caused her to lose money.


    Ciara knows this Case doesn’t hold any weight. Its just a tactic she;s using to make Future Shut Up.

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    Real talk Ciara was pretty well known before Future and she still has the greatest video of all time with “Ride”. My dick is bending in my jeans just thinking about the video lol

    • Mikchek

      i was thinkin the same thing…

      • Frank Yoster

        Haha me too..fuck she hot

    • Anthony Mason

      As the British would say…she looked quite fit in that vid…. I am quite fond of her physique…


  • ApricotNapalm

    Also got her pregnant nga…. y u gotta be the corny rapper with BM drama in the streets? 99 problems- stfu & u dont have these problems, u feel some type of way write in your diary. Dont go to the radio sation, thats a clown move

  • Q.

    Hell hath no fury like a baby’s mother scorned. Both of these people are idiots. Future’s mumblemouth singing career may be in peril, might have to go back to whipping over the stove before it’s all over. Ciara is probably embarrassed she let herself get impregnated by a polygamist. She’s learning a hard lesson in spreading her legs for degenerate rap n!ggas.

    • Anthony Mason

      Lmao! Well said…

      • GetaJob

        these stars never see these comments they too busy on the plane flying first class while ya’ll living check to check… LOL

      • Anthony Mason

        Who said I was check to check? Grand assumptions you people make about people you interact with on here. Some of us are doing better than the rappers we discuss….

    • Myleage

      if future was all that bad, why did she get pregnant by him? Ciara been ran through, from 50 cent to bow wow, and never got pregnant. she knew about the baby mommas and still chose to get pregnant by him and wanted to marry him. obviously he wasnt so bad

      • Q.

        That’s the whole point. Why did her dumb azz get pregnant by him, knowing he’s Loose D!ck Rick in these streets? Oh, I know. Because she’s an industry chick with no grasp on reality and too shallow and egotistical to select a more suitable mate. She fell for Trap Aquaman because he’s trendy and has paper (for now). She thought she could tame a wild buck. WRONG. Now she’s doubling back trying to save face by dating a certified virgin. LMAO Too late, that egg’s been smashed and scrambled Cici–that purity ain’t coming back! She’s still hurt and on the rebound. Russ would be a fool to wife her.

      • Myleage

        you coldblooded lmao

      • GetaJob

        All this back and forth but those stars never see these comments they too busy on the plane flying first class while ya’ll living check to check… LOL

      • GetaJob

        All the bickering and back and forth but those stars never see these comments they too busy on the plane flying first class while ya’ll living check to check… LOL

  • Jay

    That’s what his dumb ass get for knocking up an irrelevant washed up singer that had to sell her horrible nonsinging ass CDs with KFC chicken.

    • Knickfan4life

      But she still has more platinum albums than him and money.

    • Black

      I couldn’t have said it any better.

  • Achebe Chinua

    ‘Future’ needs to go back to his past and grow up! This is the type of creature who was taught to be his mother’s figurative lover: ‘do what mother says, and get what mother wants.’ He will lay with a female, and procreation to him means, ‘I’m a man.’ Screw anyone literally and figuratively, and expect to be rewarded with booty calls when he feels like. Any action outside that scope is disrespect. No knowledge of history, self, or self-worth. Ciara moving on is an insult, coupled with the fact that she found someone else who accepts her and her son as a package, and furthermore will not accept ‘Future’s’ interpretation of life is a source of embarrassment. The Black family from 1750- reconstruction suffered, BUT the men of the time fought the injustices, and during this period we had senators and congressmen. Now in this 21st century we have the likes of a ‘Future,’ putting his suspect ‘business’ all out in the streets, with questionable specifics because a certain woman knows her worth!

    • tupac shakur

      a whole lot of assumptions smh.. niggas like you kill me

      • Achebe Chinua

        then, DIE!

      • GetaJob

        What’s funny is all the bickering and back and forth but those stars never see these comments they too busy on the plane flying first class while ya’ll living check to check

  • Frank Yoster

    Didnt this mule cheat on ciara? This dude is a dead beat! Hope she wins….

  • if i was russell wilson i wouldn’t have been pushing the stroller or had lil future in a wilson jersey. i would’ve gave him a beastmode jersey tho! (see what i did there?)

  • Live Well

    Come on Future.

  • Black

    Ciara is trash & only got with him to try & revive her career. Remember she got with Bow Wow when he was “Mr. 106 & Park” to help her career then left his short ass when his career cooled off. Nothing but an opportunist #FACTS

    • GetaJob

      What’s funny is all the bickering and back and forth but those stars never see these comments they too busy on the plane flying first class while ya’ll living check to check… LOL

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  • GetaJob

    You can tell who is under a certain age because the ones who are commenting saying that future made Ciara relevant are too young and stupid to realize that she has been around for over 10 years before he was even heard of and even won a Grammy with Missy Elliot (Google her if you don’t know her young and dumb). I understand that public schools haven’t taught you research skills so you get a pass.