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Bow Wow Claps Back At Charlamagne Tha God Over Grammys Mistake

Photo via Bow Wow’s Instagram

Awww man Charlamagne Tha God gave Bow Wow the #DonkeyOfTheDay award for being a little off on his timing while hosting the pre-Grammy telecast into the start of The Grammy awards. Charlamagne said,

“Woooooo when you hear them say woooo repeatedly, that’s a cry for help on live TV. He had nothing to say and wanted out of that situation, and Shad Moss did what every black man does when they’re under pressure.”

Bow Wow wasted no time responding as he said,

“Thanks to the grammys and my CBS family for allowing me to host. We powered through (even though time was off) and kept the show moving forward THATS whats separates professionals from beginners. I got so much love and positive feed back i appreciated. We back at again next year! 2017 grammy’s .Thanks c tha god for being my biggest fan. Next time you can buff shine my 2k burberry dress shoes for bleach cream and a proactive coupon.”

Although Bow Wow’s timing was a little off, it’s still pretty dope that he was asked to host the first ever live CBS Grammy red carpet pre-show.”

  • Anthony Mason

    He said for proactive and bleach cream. Lmaooo!!! He does look like greasy meatball with a hoodie on 99% of the time…

    • I_AM_Houston

      i laughed out loud lol


    Dayummm CTG he killed you with that one my G…….LMAO!

    • Anthony Mason

      CTG’s idea of fly is sweatpants, a stupid internet fad shirt, timbs,a alligator leather hat, and 1 lb of skin cream…

      Nigga looks like a hoe type scrub who sits at the bar across the room plotting on scheming on your girl when you go to the bathroom then when you come back and say “why you whispering in my girls ear nigga?”…He’s like aww nothing man…I didn’t know that was your girl!


      • Soulrebel1

        H0m0 thoughts…

      • Anthony Mason

        That you Charlamagne? How you have almost the same number of comments as upvotes? Lmao!!! Stop replying to yourself nigga under other user names…

      • You just “bow wowed” him again; LOL.

      • Anthony Mason

        You know what is actually homo?CTG….Doesn’t than nigga hook up with trannies and talk about his butt getting licked on his show nigga?

        You on his team huh? Figures…smh…

      • Soulrebel1

        Lol nobody team but myself, what type of man even mention what team? I thought that’s what women do, the donkey of the day was funny, guess a dude reply about 2k red bottom or Burberry shoes that’s ether, you sound suspect team bow wow looking boy….

      • Anthony Mason

        Bow wow is sus too. I’m not with that niggas team! Lol. Both niggas are Media fraud slaves who will lick the subway floor for a little bit of game and do something strange for a little bit of change….

        It is what makes them excellent puppets and mass influencers. Bow wow rents his cars and has a wardrobe team. He doesn’t need to buy clothes….

      • Dox

        Yep, he def said he enjoys getting his butt ate. If that aint gay idk what is, man.

      • ZUBU

        Word! If that ain’t gay what is???

    • I admit…he did slice him up a lil bit with that coupon line…by why is it that black celebrities always gotta flex by mentioning their worth, or something of great value that they own??? To me that’s a sign of weakness

      • STEPH

        I’m Black and I agree with you….I have bread but I will never sit up there and say how much I have, shit is stupid and they wonder why muthafuckas be robbing them, breaking in their houses…cause they’re sitting up there advertising, and if it falls on the wrong ears unfortunately these are the results….Plus I just don’t like to share my personal business with people…some shit you have to keep to yourself.

      • ZUBU

        Well stated again my brotha! I have a bit of paper as well, and I really don’t advertise it because there are a lot of hungry wolves out there. I don’t let a lot of people even know where I rest my head, male or female; black or white. Wolves come in all sizes, shapes, races. People will rob you with a computer as quick as they will a gun…. Some wolves are in hoodies, and some in suits, or a sexy-dress… Word…….

      • STEPH

        Agreed… Like Scarface says…..Greed will kill a muthafucka like a gun do, so when you get a break for it nigga run fool….Salute bro bro

  • shakil7

    Charlamagne is the biggest “Simp Hooooeeee” ever produced. That’s why them goons took it to him. It’s time for the “drop squad” to duck tape this coonnnnnnnn!!!


      I like the Drop Squad, very informative.

  • Cot damn! Who knew Bow Wow could throw verbal acid in the face of Charlamagne? He killed him with that sh*t! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Soulrebel1

      Really? How old are you?

    • baller187


  • baller187

    ah damn you takin to many L’S nigga first u married that thot mena BIG LOSS ON THAT, now you off on the time—READY TO START NOW—————HWOOOOOOOOOOOO- you damn fool

  • Rapfan

    Bow Wow slapping back, that had to sting.

  • Getatme

    lol had to clap back

  • Markus

    Bow Wow taking it to facial products on dude. Priceless.

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Loool proactive 😂😂😂 chars face be ashy af

  • TruthHurts

    His bigger mistake was when he interviewed A$AP Rocky at the beginning of the show. He introduced Rocky and said “You brought your mom tonight”. Rock had to correct him and say it was A$AP Yams mother. Bow Wow seemed to have no clue about Yams, his death, or his mother.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      nobody cares about asap anything. fu(k yams

      • Papi Peligro

        I see they got video of your C(m goddess show up to a gang bang with a 6 pack.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Lol where you find these photos?

      • Papi Peligro

        I always thought she was ratpanzeesquireldonkey. My bad pugmonkey.

    • Steve

      why would he know?

      • TruthHurts

        Because when you’re introducing/greeting people for the Grammys, you should know who you’re talking to/about.

      • I_AM_Houston

        they know what the producers supply for them, the guests are usually ushered around to the different people they need to talk to etc

    • Professor

      Not to be rude! But why would he? His not their age or in their crew… And not knowing ASAP mother doesn’t mean he didn’t know about his death….Allow the guy to grow, he’s in a new space….. CTG is hating, I like him but he does some petty stuff, and this is one of them!

      • TruthHurts

        I agree with your CTG views. I was just pointing out a larger error that could’ve been spotlighted. Not a big deal but it stood out to me, and I’m not even a fan of the A$AP crew.

    • Anthony Mason

      Yeah he had no way to know….

  • “for bleach cream and a proactive coupon.” #ShotsFired

    • I_AM_Houston

      proactive probably retweeted the hell outta that lol

  • LOL, ha ha ha ha ha, LOL.

    I bet Bow Wow had waited a life time for this opportunity to get back at Char. He gave Char the full package. LOL.

  • Papi Peligro

    Man on the real he’s good at this hosting thing. He’d be good for the daytime talk shows even. You have to let pettiness like that slide. I would’ve called in and laughed about it and got even more publicity and talk around the project I’m involved in. Don’t insult with money you already at a higher level.

  • Chris

    Damn, Charlagmagne. Lmao.

  • Sedp23

    Bow wow mad lol

  • Professor

    Why beat on the brother. C da God can hate sometimes…. He’s doing his thing, support him, don’t air his hiccups out on national radio!

  • RespectA

    A little off? Good for Lil Bow Wow though.

  • water_ur_seeds

    Lol most of Charlamange’s living is made via insults, trolling and gossip so people in the spotlight need to expect this…

    Congrats to Bow Wow for these gigs, he has managed stayed relevant for YEEEEEEARS now which alot of rapper fail to do, however hes done it he has regardless…

    But he needs to stop being so ‘hurt’ and serious when people snap on him, its part of the job being in the spotlight, he should take it *pause* in good humour throw shots back and keep it moving…

  • ChiVa02

    A proactive coupon?!?! Damn!!! Gotta give Shad some credit on that one. Lol..


      Let his ass have it lol

  • Mack

    He went in! From Shad to Shade.

  • ApricotNapalm

    he definitely looked stupid…. but its not easy i imagine- shoulda commented on the band and just let them play & stepped out the camera. when all else fails, stfu & keep it moving

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    hhhhhmmm, for entertainment purposes only I’ll check in from time to time to see how this unfolds..


    donkey of the day for that?…… yet still he wasnt sure he wanted to give meek mill donkey of the day….some dudes just hate

  • ursocalledgod

    LMAO he blazed c tha god!!

  • ZUBU

    “Shad Moss did what every black man does when they’re under pressure.”
    WTF, do black men handle stress differently than other men? All humans handle stress about the same, and it varies according to a lot of different variables: temperament, intelligence, experience, etc. but race or ethnicity is not one of them….
    CTG… aka… Charlie takes the Donkey Of The Day….

    • CTG been on some suspect chin chet from day 1!