Murder Rap

‘Murder Rap’ Director To Hip-Hop: I Spent Countless Hours Fact-Checking

With the recent news of the upcoming documentary, Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders, much suspicion has been hurled towards Diddy. Retired Los Angeles detective, Greg Kading, alleges that the successful entertainment mogul is responsible for putting a hit out on Tupac Shakur.

According to Kading, ‘Pac’s murder directly lead to the subsequent murder of The Notorious B.I.G. Having the courage to tackle such a project, the film’s director, Mike Dorsey, relied heavily upon his amassed legal team, countless hours of editing, and fact-checking to prevent any future lawsuits, this confirmed by SOHH

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Moving the project from a lofty idea to a tangible reality was a time-intensive endeavor. “For one, just on my own, I had to go through a lot of these documents to censor out certain names and personal information because some of these people were confidential informants,” revealed Dorsey. He proactively worked to ensure that no sensitive information was leaked to the public.

Through his diligent actions, Mike worked to try and guarantee that the associated individuals were properly protected.  He also employed legal maneuvers to help safeguard against future lawsuits. “Then on the legal side, I had a huge law firm in Beverly Hills that specializes in documentaries and in clearing them and we spent months and months, even after the film was edited, going through it,” he then stated.

After researching about  “400 instances” this provocative documentary was legally cleared for release. “I know that [former LAPD detective] Greg Kading, the detective that wrote the book [on these murders], also had to go through the same stuff when he wrote his book just to make sure he wasn’t setting himself up for a potential lawsuit,” Dorsey declared.

“But even then, there’s always going to be a concern because anyone can sue for any reason,” Mike mentioned in a matter-of-fact manner.

To purchase  Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders click here.

Should Diddy be concerned?

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  • Live Well



    All this shit is old, only the misinformed are surprised by all this like this guy ⤵ up under my comment. This was a complete shock for him to hear any of this…He still thinks Pac is alive smfh. All this technology out here for people to research and come to a conclusion without making dumb ass comments like this guy has been making….just smdh… Greg Kading was the lead detective and yet that doesn’t mean a lot but when you do the rest of the research and put the shit together…..This shit is exactly what happened….Puff just hopes this shit blows over and the powers that be ignore this shit.

    • Brindle

      nah, I knew a lot from both sides… never knew who actually shot big and never knew that someone confessed to being in the car that shot Pac… I thought the lil documentary was pretty good… don’t know why they’re selling it, it was on TV just 2weeks ago… but yeah, this is what happened and needs to keep coming up til some type of pressure is put on Diddy

      • STEPH

        Wardell “Poochie” Fouse is who shot B.I.G, and Keefe D is Orlando Andersons uncle who’s in jail for some other big shit and is facing life in prison under the 3 strikes shit they have out there…Puff a muthafucka for that shit and he just hopes it goes away, but by this movie getting repackage and brought to a larger audience I don’t see how that’s going to happen.

      • Silent_Partner

        The book has been out 5 years. Puff is in the coon society. Unless he rapes some hoes like Pill Cosby, they won’t care.

      • STEPH

        Nah homie I was talking about dude Live Well who was up under me at the time

      • Brindle


    • Silent_Partner

      He’s not sweating it. The powers that be couldn’t even figure out that the girls were in the middle of a gunfight that night. Safe to say they don’t give a shit who killed them.

  • edeck7

    If Suge and P. Diddy was to ever be indicted by the FEDS they would never be convicted, because Keefe D would change his story as well as other witnesses, plus all P.Diddy would have to prove is that Suge Knight was harrassing him and stalking him and his mother and the song recorded by Tupac “HIT ‘EM UP” also threatened P.Diddy and Biggie. P.Diddy would come away looking like the victim, which he was somewhat, but he was wrong in looking to put a HIT on Suge 1st then Tupac because of a song (HIT EM UP).

    • Phillip Fuller

      Plus both killers are dead and all the witnesses are too.

      • Anthony Mason

        I heard something similar. I think something went wrong behind the curtains…

        Tupac had to go because he wanted to create a massive rebellion against the powers that be and viewed himself as a war lord ready to overthrow the government.

        He shot 2 cops and got off. They then went to masonic friends in high places and put a hit out. Biggie was most likely killed because he knew too much. They probably thought Big might spill the beans and give names possibly if pressured or paid off. They knew he was slimey and had seen some stuff…

        Biggie slightly outlived him but rapped about nothing but money cars,clothes,hoes, smoking weed, shoving guns in peoples face, killing selling drugs and raping teen girls…

        Here is another hindsight observation:

        Listen to Shyne’s debut album. Not only did he sound like Big and had the same cadence….but the beats sound like tracks crafted for BIG…

        I could always be wrong and I may never know ….but I have a theory that Shynes debut album was biggies raps over beats biggie was supposed to be another album…

      • EL_BARK

        lmao u serious ctfu
        that scares me

      • Anthony Mason

        What scares you? I was making an observation….

        Oh you mean Puffy isn’t a high level freemason? Lmao!!!

      • Malik

        What the fuvk are you on?

        This is some street sh1t, just leave it alone if it eludes you, it’s ok.

        It doesn’t make you any less the intelligent dude you are but that ish you typed is gibberish.

      • Anthony Mason

        It was not purely street s***. Do your research. Even down to the ammunition used to kill BIG….

      • Malik

        It’s just as I say it is – some street sh1t.

        If your research led you to what you typed, then that research is do-do.
        The killings were tit for tat – Biggie for Tupac.
        The FEDS were watching both cats no doubt but the streets eliminated them on some typical ego/money driven street nonsense.

        Guess your research didn’t tell you close to 10 bodies – both Bloods & Crips – dropped in the aftermath of Pac’s shooting. A gang war erupted in Cali cuz the bloods figured out what went down – Babylane was even bragging about the shooting out there.

        You’re familiar with the time frame of the shooting, focus your research on what transpired immediately after Pac was shot. That’s a good place to start, then you can double back from there.

      • More like 30 bodies dropped that month.
        Gang truce was over for a sec.

      • Ammo is widely available.

      • Anthony Mason

        Geco 9mm armor piercing rounds are widely available? They are only sold out of a couple distributors in the U.S. and are manufactured in Europe. Who knows though bruh…

      • BS, they sell it at The Sportsman’s Guide, straight discounted, ableammo, ammo depot, target sports, etc…don’t confuse “wholesale distributors” with RETAIL sellers.

        It’s almost the cheapest stuff available.

      • Anthony Mason

        I believe you. I was just going on what I had read. I have never used those rounds before. I’m not out here trying to shoot through niggas car doors. Lol!

      • Hahah!

        They gassing folks up though.

        #1) Geco’s are hotter / faster but they are lead bullets, not steel, which is needed to defeat STEEL armor.

        #2) No one makes armor piercing 9MM rounds because no one makes armor that can be defeated by a 9mm.

        #3) Standard .22 ammo will defeat a car door.

        #4) Geco is made by RUAG, which also makes RWS. RWS bullets contain steel, Geco’s don’t. Magnets grabs steel…not lead.

      • Anthony Mason

        Well guess that clears that up…

      • I would guess a professional shooter would use the softest bullet available….not the hardest.

      • Anthony Mason

        For my concealed permit carry I have smith & Wesson 8 shot revolver and Hornady 38 spcl+p rounds. Packs a punch. I don’t carry my S&W 686.

      • That 686 will flip their @$$ like a pizza!

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah you can kill a bear with that s***. Humans don’t stand a chance. 357 mags are the s***. I got a laser on mine too. Best home defense revolver in my opinion….

      • If it bleeds, the 686 in the right hands, will fugg it’s plans up for the weekend!

      • Anthony Mason

        Yeah for sure. I shot a deer and a coyote with it .Instant death… We were pheasant hunting and the coyote was trying to scavenge our birds and mess with my dog which would have whooped it’s a** anyways but they can have rabies so……

      • Anthony Mason

        Like literally…

      • Boogotop


    • Silent_Partner

      This is other naive shit perpetuated by the MTV bastardization of that beef. This shit went back to Suge’s boy Jake Robles getting killed. So shit was real from that standpoint since ’94 off of that. Plus, Sean got the MCA artists to record under the DR umbrella deal squashed because of his currying favor with Andre Harrel and Clive Davis. If you remember, Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, Aaron Hall, and a shit load of other R&B artists were at DR a lot during those years because DR was the hottest label in the game. So they were supposed to merge the companies. That cost Suge a lot of bread and a lot of credibility past just rap….he wanted to eventually push both genres, which is why DR always had a strong R&B lean to it with real live musicians that had roots back with some of the biggest acts in the game ever.

      Pac knew this. He was living in LA part time, so he like everybody knew the beef, knew the DR reputation since the offices were on the other end of the hall from Interscope for years, and knew he didn’t want to jump into that shit. However, when Combs is apparently involved with Henchman in getting him set up, that changes everything because he’s in prison where he’s going to be the next Slick Rick when he gets out again, while dudes like Biggie take his spot in the game. If he did that whole 3 years as he would have, that’s exactly how it would have went down. The only reason he stayed relevant that year he was locked up was because he had so much material in the can after Me Against did so much better than I think even Interscope thought it would be with his embrace of darker material in that album. So you join up with the biggest bullies on the block, but unfortunately I think he bit off more than he could chew because bullets don’t have any names and anybody can get hit if people wanna hit you.

  • lando

    Puffy has been somewhat quiet about this lately.

  • If this has half the affect that making a murderer had, puffy is some trouble. (*nevermind i was thinking it was netflix)

  • HipHop1977

    Here is the Truth about the Tupac Biggie Beef start at 12:52 to 15:41. Watch Video on y.o.u.t.u.b.e

  • Papi Peligro

    Puffy killed Tupac??? If I get into a fight 5 minutes before I get shot and killed I’ll come back and haunt you and kick yo dishes out yo cabinets every night you STILL CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT.

  • ogpoet

    Read Tupac 187. Look up Tupac187 blogspot.

    The killers are not what the Murder Rap says.

  • JB

    It didn’t go down how murder rap claims. Diddy would have been killed YEARS ago if this was true. You think snoop, the dogg pound and the outlawz would be cool with diddy at this point if this was true? Some REAL street dudes had 2pac killed with the help of some cops. That’s why the truth will never see the light of day.

    • Malik


      • JB

        whats so funny?

    • Silent_Partner

      Pac and Snoop didn’t even like each other, and I doubt they know wtf happened, especially the Outlawz. People forget they were little kids for the most part. Just think about how you were and what you weren’t aware of despite thinking you were grown at 16 or 17 years old versus in your late 20s or 30s. Furthermore, I don’t think they’re cool with him. E.D.I. Mean said he felt sorry for Pac, which is an indication that he knows in hindsight that Pac got himself caught up in somebody else’s larger beef and ended up being one of the casualties of it.

      • JB

        Snoop and diddy kick it all the time. Snoop and 2pac had love for eachother what are you talkin about? Yes, 2pac got mad at snoop right before he died over some dumb shit. 2pacs mom even told snoop that 2pac loved him like a brother. And trust me, ( i know, im just a random dude on the internet) but diddy had nothing to do with it. It was hatian jack, jimmy henchmen, bought off cops and some other mafia like dudes. And youre right, he got caught up with some other shit and died cause of it. But its waaay bigger than this doc makes it out to be. Diddy would have been killed a LONG time ago if this was the case. The streets know who did it. trust.

      • Silent_Partner

        Snoop and Pac weren’t even speaking the last 9 months of his life for the most part. There were 2 different camps at DR by then. It’s why Makaveli has nothing on it from everybody else but those no name producers, Hurt Em Bad and D. Harper. That’s who was doing most of Pac’s shit his last 6 months alive because all of that shit had fell apart due to Pac being upset with Snoop who he never really liked anyway and confirmed by people who knew him before DR and which was axacerbated by first, Snoop on the radio with his “Biggie them my homeboys” shit and then, by him not showing up for a TV appearance they had together that put Pac in a professional bind. It’s a clip of Pac and Ice T clowning on I think it was the Ricki Lake show or some shit, singing “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers,” and that was supposed to be Snoop there. He had told Pac he was gonna be there and assured him as much before he left the condos they stayed in, but when Pac got back, Snoop hadn’t budged the whole day, pretty much saying f*** you because I didn’t feel like it. So no, they weren’t homies by then.

        J-Flex, a dude out of Sam Snead’s camp, finally released his album that reflects on the DR days and he confirms that Pac and the Outlawz were at anybody and everybody there because they felt people needed to be down with the team, and they lumped some heds up on the daly, including the infamous Sam Snead beatdown incident. Daz even confirms that Pac was about to beat Kurupt’s ass on one of DR’s trips to Mexico, but Nate Dogg stepped in to tell him to chill out. So stop believing that fairy tale stuff about if Snoop knew. If he knew for sure, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have cared because he wasn’t close to Pac. It was somebody he worked with for about 6 months because by the end, they didn’t like each other for sure. I think he’s made it clear from even when Pac was alive that it wasn’t his beef, and he had stepped away from it. Even on that horrible Pac’s Life remix he said it in his verses that they didn’t like each other much. What else do you need, him to say nah cuz, we hated each other in an interview?

        Even little stupid shit like similar beats because both of them wanted to use the “If I was Your Girlfriend” beat from Prince and Pac getting upset that Snoop had it too. They were oil and water, and anybody who saw them together when he was still alive could see as much. There’s nothing bigger to his death except that police didn’t solve it years ago because it was so simple to solve

      • Thanx for sharing!

      • JB

        Im familiar with the stuff your saying. But i will put it like this, I grew up with dudes from Long Beach, some rolling 20s. I wasn’t in that shit, but my friends brothers, cousins were and they kicked it from time to time. A few of which came up with snoop and had pics of him, snoop, 2pac and nate pretty often. I’ve kept in touch with the one guy who is still free and alive (guy in pic). The beef over him shouting out BIG most def created animosity, but 2pac and snoop were down with each other. It was just a disagreement that people have. You can believe what you want, and i dont blame you. Cause it def seems that way. But im tellin you, it wasn’t that big of a beef. Makeveli had nobody on it cause dre left, snoop was already cuddling up with master P. Suge didn’t let him put out shit with any of them. Believe me, they had TONS of music together that coulda been on there that they had recently done. Especially with DPG. Tray dee, dog pound, snoop would NEVER be cool with diddy if he had pac killed. thats crazyness.

      • Malik

        The discord between Pac and Snoop wasn’t that deep. Pac was heated Snoop wasn’t towing the DR Vs BB line…but hated each other that deep? Nah.

  • wes mc

    Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion so Kanye can solve the murders of Biggie and Pac

  • THISIS50

    i don’t know what to believe

    • Silent_Partner

      This is as close to what I’ve heard over the years. The only other thing I heard as an alternate theory on B.I.G.’s murder is that the Rampart cops did it, but he dispeled that in the documentary of why he didn’t believe it to be true, and of the 2, I had always heard the Poochie Fouse as the killer story more from people who say it like “man, everybody know Suge boy Poochie did that” type of thing.

  • Golgo 13

    im still watching this very interesting documentary some things i didn’t know

    • Silent_Partner

      Yep, and there are more parts to it that they didn’t put in there. This is what the streets have been saying forever and a day, and it’s been cobbled together over several versions that have run together like the one someone earlier commented on that the Crips got Biggie and Sean on the phone after they had shot Paac when that’s not how it went down. Like everyone has known since the 90s that the Crips gave Bad Boy protection when out West. I think everyone knows about the DR chain incident at the mall that started the last incident that led to the MGM fight. One of the Outlawz even commented that Sean had a bounty on the chain to wear in a Bad Boy video and that Pac was getting death threats on his phone those last few months where he would tell them they knew where he was at. People know about the girls talking to Pac when he got shot, but you never heard that they got caught up in the gunfight. That one was even new to me, but I had heard a long time ago that Frank Alexander was lying about them being unarmed because Suge had the hard hitters with him and they shot back. The rental car had body damage when they went back to LA, and at that point everybody knew the Crips were involved. A little street war broke out right after that between the Crips and Bloods. It’s why people say Suge was furious since the whole reason Pac was at DR was because that element of protection from a street gang like Suge had rolling with him could give him.

      However, it wasn’t clear for awhile that Baby Lane actually was involved until he started bragging and everybody could see it because he was a stone cold killer from the hood, so killing Pac (or anybody else for that matter) wouldn’t have been nothing. It’s how he ended up getting murked being hot headed going at some dope boys that he thought had robbed him and running back up on them after they had got product from them.

  • jon dubock

    Every other documentary had the girls car to the left side of pac and suge….this one they were to the front right in front the cadillac….which is it????…

    • Silent_Partner

      Every other one omitted that Death Row security had guns and shot back at them, something I heard way back in the early 2000s from people in LA. Everybody always ran with Frank Alexander’s bullshit about them not having guns, and the people in the streets know that Death Row clapped back, which is why nobody seriously thought Suge had shit to do with it like the media pushed and naive people who get their news from MTV believed. The broads are in the documentary talking about where they were and how they got caught up in the gunfight that ensued as they left. But for some reason LVPD and all of these other people could never find that out. Like I’ve said before, just 2 more dead you know whats, so they didn’t care that this got solved then and still don’t. The only reason he got all of this is because LAPD had a lawsuit on their ass.

      • LAPD cop killed Big ( Strange Days – starring Angela Bassett )
        Solving would bankrupts LA & Pac’s killers are dead.

  • Papi Peligro

    If Puffy did Shoot Tupac. Tupac wrote hit’em up. I don’t care who yo favorite rapper is if he has an untimely death after threatening me. Why am I the bad guy? I never threatened no ninjas on AHH. If I did and I get shot. Don’t get on AHH talking some mess like its an injustice. Like ohh he a dirty ninja for shooting him. No I got what I gave.

    • Because he threatened you after you already did some fugg chet!

      • Papi Peligro

        You cats is rewriting history. So what if Biggie and Puff knew Tupac was gonna get shot. That was Tupac’s big beef. Not that Puffy and Biggie really set him up. They were in the same building and knew about. Somebody told them not to come downstairs.

        OK cool. You dropped a verse on Rosemond in Against all ODDS. nobody rolled on the person who shot you. We all were in the school yard and dudes was like I’m gone beat dudes a!! today don’t mean you cool with it. You just was like aight I’ll go show up to the fight. You know a dude ain’t bout it cause he went 20 times harder at the people who didn’t shoot him. If you want to fight you want do to do something you do it. You don’t threaten ninjas from far away. Like its going down tonight at the Soul Train awards and it don’t go down. Tupac used to say Puffy let fear over take the love between them. So you go way harder at Puffy and Biggie cause you knew they weren’t bout that life. You knew it. You knew they wouldn’t set you up and shoot you. You set yo ahhhss down when it came to Hatian Jack or Jimmy Rosemond cause they were real goons. Now Puffy setup and killed Tupac. Come on man. On the night he was fighting with dudes that didn’t have nothing to do with Puffy.

        This moronic story that’s 13 years old and is only corroborated by gang members goes. Tupac gets into a fight in the MGM with some Crips. The Crips then leave and plan on Shooting Tupac in retaliation for the fight. They then somehow get Biggie on the line (NOT PUFF) and Biggie agreed to pay them a million dollar. And then gave them the gun. 1 problem. Biggie wasnt in Vegas the nighy Tupac got shot. All the surveillance video in the hotel Biggie was supposed to be in Don’t show Biggie. This stupid. Now PUFF ordered the hit man its ridiculous.

      • Not saying the theory was correct, but Pac & Big & even Puff, were cool, that’s like we heading to the AHH meet up in the BX & you come because I’m there, to get bread before you go to prison & I know about dudes planning to rob & shoot you & let you walk into the trap…….who will you be madder at, the unknown shooters that are out of reach, or me that was supposed to be loyal to you???

        The betrayal is why Pac was mad & Big & Puff were suckaz.
        Pac’s death may have been unrelated…but Big’s wasn’t, IMHO.

      • Silent_Partner

        Yep, the people who try to defend especially Combs is funny. He’s a known slimeball and Pac said the things that didn’t add up was that him and Andre Harrel were there bugging him along with Jimmy Henchman trying to get him to the studio that night when he wasn’t going to come. Why would you just be hell bent on getting him there that night? What people don’t know about that whole thing is that Henchman, Pac, and Suge met at the end of 95 when he was back out at the House of Blues, and Henchman allegedly admitted it was to show him who was running shit. So people can keep making excuses for a dude you know is a piece of garbage not having anything to do with it, but I maintain he’s the worst thing that ever happened to the game. He got both Pac and Biggie by the reaction to the first action killed. It’s like when that shit went down with BMF. For some reason, he always finds himself around this shit, but his fan boys always swear poor little Sean Combs just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with these hardened gangstas. GFOH.

      • Can’t blame Puff for BMF beef, but you can blame him for fatal CUNY stampede.

      • Silent_Partner

        Except that’s not how it went. You’ve got it mixed u with that nonsense one of these repporters put out that tried to link Biggie to it. They went out of their way a few times to say Biggie had nothing to do with any of it and even said in this doc that both Combs and Biggie had nothing to do with the Quad shooting although I don’t think they dug into that one hard enough to come to that conclusion that Combs had nothing to do with that conspiracy since we all know Jimmy set him up that night.

      • Papi Peligro

        Naw homie I don’t have it mixed up it was an Article in the LA Times or NY Times I don’t remember. Them same Crips was saying it was Biggie who paid them and gave them the gun. Only people who had ever heard this story was the Crips. It was proved bogus because no one ever could place Biggie in Vegas. In his moms was furious at dude because she knew dude who wrote the article personally cause he had investigated her sons killing. Man everybody knew Puffy had nothing to do with the first shooting and they flipping an old story that Biggie paid a 1 million dollars to have Tupac killed by the crips that got into it with Tupac that night. I’ll find the article when I’m done working.

      • Silent_Partner

        I know what you’re talking about, but telling you that wasn’t the same Crips. It’s why people mixed it up because everybody knew Bad Boy used Crips for security when on the West Coast, but those dudes who said that were just talking out of their ass and trying to put themselves in the story. It’s amillion sets of the Crips in LA….wasn’t these dudes that Baby Lane and his uncle were affiliated with though. It’s one of the reasons people stopped taking Chuck Phillips, who wrote that story that you’re talking about and a bunch of other bogus ones, serious.

        It’s why I’m telling you, I didn’t read that shit in any newspaper article. This is what the streets were saying 15 or 16 years ago…including the part that no mainstream media or any of those bogus people who claimed to be involved said, that DR shot back that night and that a little war started right after that when people figured out that that set was involved when the rental car had body damage after that weekend when they were in Vegas too and that that was the same set that gave Bad Boy protection when they came to the West Coast. Because everybody knew that Poochie and those other killers on the DR payroll shot back, but they weren’t going to tell the police that since they weren’t licensed to be carrying in Nevada. Thus the whole, “why did DR security not have any guns” on them and the whole nonsense about Suge setting Pac up. But Chuck Phillips didn’t know that, which is why his story was easily debunked.

      • edeck7

        Thanks for filling in the gaps, so of this history I didn’t know.

      • Silent_Partner

        It’s kind of like when the police doesn’t release to the public certain parts of a murder scene to know who is telling the truth and who isn’t. So people who didn’t even know that the DR dudes shot back and that that car had body damage could be dismissed right off since that’s what every mainstream outlet reported forever and a day. Frank Alexander saying we didn’t have no guns because Suge told me to drive Q. Jones daughter….not the actual facts that Suge’s thugs were there too and had some machine gun shit on them.