Bye, B: Florida Cops Protest “Formation,” Won’t Work Beyoncé Concert?

Photo Credit: YouTube

Some individuals have taken offense to the candid imagery depicted in Beyoncé’s latest video, “Formation.” Queen B may be encountering the repercussion of some disloyal subjects. Later this year, the Houston-native is set to perform at Tampa, Florida’s Raymond James Stadium.

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As usual, the April 29th appearance has already been sold-out. Thus far, not a single Tampa peace office has signed-up to work the scheduled event. The incentive of overtime pay has yet to crumble the perceived blue line of unspoken loyalty. A perplexed Steve Hegarty, Spokesman for the Tampa Police Department is determined to provide apt security for the event, this according to Fox 13.

He explained, “We’re going to staff it because we have a responsibility to do that regardless of how controversial it might be, who the artist might be, or the politician might be.” Welding his optimistic perspective Hegarty then concluded, “This is a couple of months away, so we’ve still got plenty of time to fill those slots.”

  • Brindle

    this is just more proof the police dept has issues and wantS to be their own private mercenaries yet collect income from our tax dollars at the same time… FIRE ANYONE THAT DOESN’T DO THEIR JOB


      exactly this further proves that americans are the dumbest mofos on earth. nothing she did at the superbowl was anti-police.

      • Brindle

        people like to get excited and express themselves over dumb shit, it’s become our American way…


        lmao its scary though because it shows how ignorant mofos are. once a week i get reminded of how america really hates black ppl if their not bouncing a basketball or catching a football.

      • Brindle

        this is true

      • ZUBU

        What some people did in regard to her SB show has nothing to do with most of us. So calling Americans the dumbest mofos is totally out of place. We are not monolithic, and I’m American but not dumb. So clarify your comment; it’s like when mofos say blacks are all ghetto, or all of them don’t read hide it in a book. Those are ignorant statements…… That don’t apply to us all…
        I’m pro-black so I support Bey… all day…


        well don’t be too alarmed because i’m american. but the fact that ppl in this country in large numbers lack common sense, and can go on tv and say that the black panthers was a terrorist group is alarming. again americans are the dumbest mofo on average in the world. and i’m so-called an american. #Facts.

      • ZUBU

        “again americans are the dumbest mofo on average in the world”
        Once again if you put the word “some” in front of your statement, I would concur with you. But you want to label all Americans, read your statement. You make me think you’re not American or you are illiterate… You pick which one……. I’m really Pro-Black, Pro-Panther, Really… Not certain what you are… We don’t need dumb dudes on the pro-black team…. Using all inclusive terms… SMH…. That shows you are not too bright…. Not all white people are bad; not all are good… peep the game all inclusive terms are never accurate..

      • Only idiots use blanket statements without support!

  • Sean Power

    bey better step her personal security, don’t trust Florida cops they will set her up

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  • Hey, she can afford it herself on some private ish. Get it Bey.

  • wes mc

    Florida Cops chill, Beyoncé will be back to being white by the time her next album drops

    • Q.

      LOL SHOTS!

  • Pig Skins Have No Lips

    Whites are pathetic. They spend most of their time saying far worst things about black people. Sensitive betches.

    • meanygreene

      …..and vice versa

  • Given the opportunity, them Florida cops will gladly work at a kKk or skinhead rally free of charge.

  • Yanks or Nerve

    If police can work a KKK, Black Panther, Rainbow Coalition or any other politically charged rally, why would working at an “entertainers” concert be difficult? Is this not the land of the free? She is not inciting violence, she is speaking her thoughts (through the person who wrote the song).

  • Q.

    I wanna see Ms. Carter follow through and take a stand against the backlash. Playtime is over. And if she loses dough, IT’S OKAY. She ain’t hurtin’ for dollars. Twerk for the revolution damnit. Make it bounce for Huey 2 Xs!! LBS #AMERIKKKA

  • Leonard Tarver

    You pay these Cops well enough then they’ll be security for a ISIS Rally real quick…lmao

  • Thought Dog

    They’re taxpayer funded so they really don’t have a choice if the city needs them to do it.

  • In Black America Radio

    funny how cops have no issue being security for entertainers that promote illegal drugs, gangs and criminal behavior. but speaking out against injustices and police brutality………….they not having it lol
    In Black America radio Fri & Sat 9pm Blog Talk Radio

  • The Wackness Vs Dope

    sensative cops yal all need hugs

  • In Black America Radio

    Tampa’s police union says it is disgusted with the “anti-police message” in Beyonce’s recent Super Bowl performance and new “Formation” video but is not calling for officers to boycott off-duty work at the singer’s show at Raymond James Stadium. However, Tampa Police Benevolent Association president Vinny Gercitano, in a Facebook post, is urging officers to not purchase Beyonce’s music or purchase tickets to her concerts. And, he says, the organization supports any member who chooses not to work the voluntary extra duty at the April 29 show. Tampa Police Department, on Twitter, says officers are signing up to provide security at the concert and expects the event to be fully staffed.

  • D_Ably

    This whole BlackLivesMatter thing has quickly turned into a trendy piece of shit topic for celebs to look like bullsht martyrs, I dnt buy any of it.

  • Brindle

    they just not filling out the volunteer sheet… if they don’t get enough volunteer off duty cops, they’ll be forced to work it on duty… this whole thing is bullshit

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