Bye, B: Florida Cops Protest “Formation,” Won’t Work Beyoncé Concert?


Photo Credit: YouTube

Some individuals have taken offense to the candid imagery depicted in Beyoncé’s latest video, “Formation.” Queen B may be encountering the repercussion of some disloyal subjects. Later this year, the Houston-native is set to perform at Tampa, Florida’s Raymond James Stadium.

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As usual, the April 29th appearance has already been sold-out. Thus far, not a single Tampa peace office has signed-up to work the scheduled event. The incentive of overtime pay has yet to crumble the perceived blue line of unspoken loyalty. A perplexed Steve Hegarty, Spokesman for the Tampa Police Department is determined to provide apt security for the event, this according to Fox 13.

He explained, “We’re going to staff it because we have a responsibility to do that regardless of how controversial it might be, who the artist might be, or the politician might be.” Welding his optimistic perspective Hegarty then concluded, “This is a couple of months away, so we’ve still got plenty of time to fill those slots.”