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50 Cent Is In Trouble For His Lavish Instagram Posts

(AllHipHop News) Although 50 Cent is currently occupied beefing with Rick Ross’ MMG label, the Queens rapper will have to make some to show up in court. According to XXL, 50 Cent is in trouble for his Instagram posts showcasing his enormous amounts of cash. The rapper made news after declaring bankrupt in July last year, however, 50 still seems to have some paper stashed and the government wants it.

Buckets of Love 😏💰no big deal this short paper. Lol #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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According to the report, Ann M. Nevins, United States Judge of Bankruptcy, contacted 50’s party on Thursday (February 18th) to explain his reasons for his photos on IG. Nevins was also concerned about a possible house, owned by the rapper, that is currently being built out in Africa. Nevin’s order will force 50 to finally show up to court for his social flossing.

  • Nightmare

    They reposted this s h i t ? Must be running out of news.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • THISIS50




      • THISIS50

        BEAT IT!!! FK YO FEELINGS!!!

  • Dope

    Well gotta give it to you AHH. You’re the only site that breaks the same news twice.

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  • Q.

    LOL Curtis might as well get a tramp stamp that says “GOV’T, INSERT BELOW.”

  • well the money in the bucket wasn’t his you can google money in a bucket and u will see the image he posted came from there

    • guddaboy

      Wow if that’s true smh

  • HyPhYMAN

    AHH just hates 50. Thats all that is. Any chance they get to post negative things they do it.

  • MrTroyMercy

    Donald filed bankruptcy 4 times. Nuff said. THIS POST is for the F@ggots, pocket counters and haters….niggas ain’t broke. Hate on.

    • STEPH

      By him proving that shit to dumbasses like you….he back in court…smfh #keepingitrealgoeswrong


    i’d just tell them it was movie money. you ever see a rap nigga spend any of that money that they are flossing with? you will never see a rapper actually spend any of that money because its prop money ,studio money,fake as kim k butt. so yeah a few pics cant hurt him.

    • Dope

      You don’t see them spending money because you don’t hang with them. They do travel, get cars, get houses, spend a bunch in clubs etc. Sure, not all of them are as full of money as they pretend they are, but they aren’t broke either and have enough money to play with.


        they video themselves doing everything with that money except spend it because they cant its fake

  • bigdoe6

    Well the truth is the dude ain’t broke. He just has a lot of haters.

    • guddaboy

      He is the hater

  • Go get Em Fiff!!!!


    When keeping it real goes wrong.

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