Wendy Williams Says Rihanna Will Never Be A Legend!

Wendy Williams is always going in, so her recent comments on Rihanna come to no one’s surprise. Rihanna’s “Work” earned her another No.1, her 14th No. 1 single to be exact. The song walks a thin line between catchy and annoying, but, here’s what Wendy had to say,

“Rihanna will not be a legend. Beyonce will do her residency in Vegas at 55-years-old and you will go see it. Rihanna will attempt to do it but as soon as she gets up there and says the “B” word better have my money. Rihanna is good for right now, but she’s not a legend.”

Many feel that some of Rihanna’s music tends to lack enough substance and depth to qualify for her to have legendary status. She may become a legend in her own right, but some of her music pales in comparison to the Michael Jacksons, Princes etc of the world. What are your thoughts?

  • therealest1

    Although this lady is polarizing at times, she can be right. And she is right in this case.

    Rihanna isn’t talented, she’s just a byproduct of labels being able to make an untalented individual into a star because they have a look and sound. How can anyone tolerate her so-called singing? The shit sounds worse than an ESL student trying to articulate in front of a fully attended class.

    I’ll always despise how Wendy Williams exposed Method Man’s wife’s medical situation last decade because that’s a private and highly sensitive matter. Although she’s in the dirt business, that act was just low class and uncalled for. But at least she’s right about Rihanna & Beyoncé.

  • ursocalledgod

    I usually don’t agree with this loud mouthed tranny but she is DEAD on with this. rhianna IS HORRIBLE! no voice, songs are mostly ratchet and have no substance. I don’t think beyonce is or ever should be considered a legend either. she does have a voice but her song choices lack ANY substance and as of late is also making ratchet thot type shyt. not counting this formation or whatever because I haven’t heard it. I tend to stick to REAL soul / R&B singers and songstresses. something that is damn near extinct in music right now.

  • RayStantz

    First and foremost… f*ck Wendy Williams. That being said and made clear at the start, I still don’t see what is the appeal for Rhianna. That chick cannot sing but keeps getting these number one records. All I hear when that “Work” song come on is “Wor, wor, wor, wor ,wo… something, something.. wor, wor, wor, wor, wor”

  • Madamsjr01

    She has a valid point. .

  • F*ck Wendy Williams with a rhinoceros d*ck. She must have some money invested in AHH cause y’all give this b*tch shine like 1970’s hubcaps. Annoying ads, now empty opinions from a talentless transvestite. Does Mr. Cee work there? Because Wendy’s definitely giving cash and cranium from all this promo she’s getting.

  • josh

    Nobody now is making music as good as Michael Jackson or Prince those guys had more vocabulary in a chorus than people do in a whole song now

    • Wrong. D’Angelo, Raphael Saadiq, Sade, many others….Try again homie.

      • josh

        No way is his music as good as Prince, MJ, or Stevie Wonder you’re by yourself on that one

      • Stay on target. Now you’re throwing in Stevie Wonder. You never mentioned him before. Stay focused dude.

      • josh

        Even if you took wonder out of it D’Angelo can compare to Prince and Michael

  • Q.

    Horse-Man is a low-key hater, a talentless leech on the industry. Yeah, Rihanna is industry-bred pop, but she’s no less talented than a Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Kesha, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, et al.…those other chicks just wish they could have Rihanna’s swag. “Work” is one of the few records that suits her persona perfectly–that Caribbean dancehall flavor is right in her wheelhouse. But I’m banking 90%+ of today’s mainstream acts won’t be listenable in the future; future generations will look back on most of this music as relics of a decaying society.

    • weezy

      Real shit

  • Ashh

    I agree with Wendy. It’s like Rihanna is a novelty entertainer

  • weezy

    I like ri ri I just think bitches is jealous of her

  • NYComicBookGuy

    This Dude always got something to say! STFU