Wendy Williams Says Rihanna Will Never Be A Legend!


Wendy Williams is always going in, so her recent comments on Rihanna come to no one’s surprise. Rihanna’s “Work” earned her another No.1, her 14th No. 1 single to be exact. The song walks a thin line between catchy and annoying, but, here’s what Wendy had to say,

“Rihanna will not be a legend. Beyonce will do her residency in Vegas at 55-years-old and you will go see it. Rihanna will attempt to do it but as soon as she gets up there and says the “B” word better have my money. Rihanna is good for right now, but she’s not a legend.”

Many feel that some of Rihanna’s music tends to lack enough substance and depth to qualify for her to have legendary status. She may become a legend in her own right, but some of her music pales in comparison to the Michael Jacksons, Princes etc of the world. What are your thoughts?