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Andre 3000 Discusses His Favorite Artists & His Son Becoming A Rapper (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Andre 3000 is one of the most elusive Hip Hop stars in history. The OutKast member rarely does interviews, but he recently stopped by The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show with music executive L.A. Reid. During the Q&A, 3 Stacks shared some of his favorite music and artists at the moment.

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“Kid Cudi’s last album, Speedin’ Bullet is the best thing to come out in a long time,” said Andre. “[Young] Thug is charging up the rap game. Future is charging up the rap game. These are people I listen to.”

As far as Cudi’s 2015 LP Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, Andre is in agreeance with his former girlfriend Erykah Badu. Late last year, the soul singer also named the 26-track alternative album as one project she has been listening to a lot.

Music definitely runs in the family. Andre also revealed Seven Benjamin, his son with Badu, has been exploring his father’s art form.

“He can actually rap, but he don’t want people to know that he can rap. But he’s good,” stated Dre about Seven. “I told him to do it and don’t tell people. Just put it out. If people like it, they like it. You can reveal at any time.”

The star of American Crime added, “He might already have songs out that y’all listen to and you don’t even know.”

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Watch Andre 3000 and L.A. Reid’s interview below.

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    I always respected DRE,but he threw a curveball when he said Young Thug!!✌✌✌BRUH

    • ursocalledgod

      yeah that shyt through me off. I think hes just trying to give it up for his fellow ATLIENS.



      • Anthony Mason

        He hates arguing. I could see that…

    • and followed it up with mother f’n Future.. smh

  • Keyser Soze

    I feel like Dre is one of the most talented artist in the history of music not just hip hop… so I say this with all do respect… If this Nigga ain’t putting out music I don’t care what he talking bout… Word to Jay Electronica…

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  • Anthony Mason

    Andre is not the dude he was back when they released stankonia…

    That album is a straight up classic….

    • Q.

      Word. I think he got burnt out from rapping. He had a nice foray into the singing thing, but he’s no Cee-lo. We need them bars back!

      • Anthony Mason

        3 stacks is a top tier rapper. He is starving his fans and does not even care. I don’t understand these guys…Why?

      • Watever

        I think he’s just not interested in making music anymore. At least not full albums. He’s staring on a critically acclaimed TV show right now. He’s just more into acting than making music.

      • Anthony Mason

        The fact he likes Futures music disturbs me deeply…..

        That is like Michael Jordan looking up to Javaris Crittenton….

      • Q.

        LOL! I don’t know who Javaris Crittenton (?) is but I’m guessing he’s a scrub. I think he’s co-signing those dudes because 1) They’re from the A, 2) Future is Dungeon Family, so…Big Gipp tried to cover for Future by saying Future really has skills, he just makes music like that for the radio LOL…Personally, IDGAF–wack is wack. You know you’re wack when your OG has to make excuses for you.

      • Anthony Mason

        He might be the lamest NBA player of all time and a criminal….

      • Anthony Mason

        Those niggas don’t really like his s***. Imagine Andre 3000 nodding get his head to “f*** up some commas”….

        That is just Dungeon family clique s***. They know he is on commercially…. and want to support him even if they know he sucks.

      • Q.


      • I am a huge hip hop fan, pre-DITC era. I like Futures music, so I can totally get why 3stacks would like it too. Future makes a different type of soul music, don’t forget hip hop as a culture stands for expression of self through rap.

      • Anthony Mason

        I just hate the way Future raps and “sings” I hate it…..

      • I feel you, I won’t front like I was a day one fan. After DS2 I began to go back & listen. Where I’m at now in life I can relate to some of his content in terms of building a brand & the highs and lows that come with that.

      • Anthony Mason

        I don’t like drug promotion in raps. I encourage it being spoken of in raps…as long as it is discouraging the behavior and making it look lame because it is….

      • Chief J4

        Future is Dungeon Family, he came from that camp, so how is this so disturbing? do your research before you comment negativity about this Legend, he is your OG, respect him as such!

      • Anthony Mason

        F*** Future bruh. He is my OG slick? He is one year older than me nigga ….

        Of course I know about the DF fool. I grew up on it. Future is not Outkast or Goodie Mob. He is a pathetic associate because of a family member…..

    • Chief J4

      People fail to realize, OutKast been put in they work, 6 albums, greatest hits album, compilation album (Dungeon Family) tours… they been out since like 1994, and have since had kids and have lost family members, shit changes when life happens. appreciate the stamp they left on the game, some of the best to ever do it, but i’ve grown to realize, shit will never be the same, in general, for the good & bad. Your best option is to listen to some old shit and donate your current radio….

      • Anthony Mason

        I’m a big DF fan. Future does not cut it for me…

  • Anthony Mason

    Hopefully he is good. Biggie’s son is the most non rapping a** nigga in the milky way galaxy…

  • ZUBU

    3000K seems to be more focused on acting, and to be honest there is more money in movies than music… Now his son if he is any good, he should use his dad’s name to open doors. Nothing wrong with using the family name to get in the game, but if you don’t have talent you won’t stay in the game long…