New Documents Show 50 Cent Isn’t Broke

50 Cent’s financial situation seems to be all over the place lately.  However, documents surfaced today by the Daily Mail, that 50 cent’s assets and finances are much higher than he claimed.

When filing for bankruptcy a while back, the Queens native claimed assets ranging from $16-$50 million.  In these new documents, appraisers say 50 cent actually has more than $64 million in property and assets, which is a big difference from the $16 million he was claiming.  The G-Unit rapper does have liabilities totally more than $36 million though and also has $10 million in checking and stock. His G-Unit company as well as other business ventures are reportedly worth more than $44 million.

According to the appraisal, 50 Cent’s monthly income is about $184,000. He also makes a reported $29,000 every month off music royalties. Now add up all the cars, jewelry and other material assets and 50 probably has well over the bankruptcy amount.

50’s bankruptcy case had challenges of its own after he posted photos of himself with stacks of money.  He also posted a photo spelling out the word “broke” with stacks of $100 bills.

So 50 needs to decide whether he wants to stick with the bankruptcy role or the flossin role, because clearly he can’t be both.


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69 Responses to “New Documents Show 50 Cent Isn’t Broke”

  1. dbfromdc


  2. Juleo478

    allways knew 50 was pump faking. He should have been rolling around in a Suzuki than a rolls Royce and made some fake story up about him begging yayo for money.

    Come on 50 they really on him now.

  3. Dope

    Everyone knew this, only 50’s haters had some real hope that he is broke, the rest of the world knew he was always lying to try and avoid paying the lawsuits. It’s what everyone does, it seems he didn’t do it well enough though

    • Jones Matt

      44 ? add 64+10+44+ 184k a month + jewelry cars clothes etc.. then money he have in his hand in pics (7-800k) its 119 million, plus he gonna earn lot more with future earnings of power and his new fox show and another at A&E, plus effen taking off know,, you just mad he didn’t have 0

    • Jones Matt

      and if you think the forbes list shows how much moey they pocket you wrong, puff not putting 60 million in his pocket every year maybe 15 goes to his pockets, and yes puff still the richest In the game

    • Leonard Tarver

      This comment made no sense at all. A person can win the lotto for 100 million and still have no net worth if he owns nothing..

      • RapItUp

        THIS comment is the one that actually made no sense at all..

      • RapItUp

        Lol good comeback. You think of that all on your own? Just like your very enlightening comment? You know, the one about a person winning 100 M’s, and apparently having no net worth, despite having $100M…. lol fxckin spaz

      • RapItUp

        That wasn’t supposed to be an intimidating post.. But with your lack of testicular fortitude.. I can understand the Beta in your response.. carry on..

      • Leonard Tarver

        Im the one who doesn’t have a hidden profile though 😂😭😂💦💦

      • RapItUp

        Lol no need to try and track my moves square. I post here almost daily. You should be hiding that profile with them DUMB ASS comments you making though

  4. Rozay23

    Lie or no lie he still looks like a dummy just being in discussion of being broke. At least if u gone lie stick wit yo story. Dont tell everyone u broke and then try and prove u not smh.

    • The Warrior Princess

      The Daily Mail posted the actual bankruptcy papers that were filed. There was no way 50 could have avoided this information coming out. The courts gave his legal team time to accurately count both his personal and business assets and the case is at the point where that information had to be filed. 50 always stated that most of his assets were in his businesses and not in his personal accounts. The figures given before were his personal assets only, not his business assets. Usually, business assets are protected though when someone is sued and files for personal bankruptcy. Hopefully that is the case for 50 since it’s the case for all of the other millionaires and billionaires who protect their money by putting it into businesses. Just hope the courts don’t treat him differently than they do other wealthy ppl who file for bankruptcy just bc he’s black.

      • Eastatlantasown6

        Difference between questioning and makin a statement sir

      • WeakSauce

        You know what? You’re are correct and let me apologize for inappropriate comment.

  5. Eli Pinilla

    50 pride and ego got the best of him. He was supposed to go all in when he decided to file for bankruptcy. He had to play the game. Look like you got less and def don’t act like you do got it when you trying to smeagle your way out of a few mill. He couldn’t take the negative perception he was getting. 50’s a smart dude. But his ego and pettyness has always been his weakness. He cared to much about what people thought. And I’m positive he knew ahead of time that he would get mad shade for it. He couldn’t handle that shit. That’s sloppy coming from a dude who put 2 extra laws in the 48 laws of power lol

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yeah sad but tru … its like suing for a back injury today and tomorrow you out carrying an a/c unit in one hand up 4 flights of stairs while smoking a cigarette with the other hand LOL smh

  6. Black Jay Supreme

    Translation: That n*gga bout to get kicked out of bankruptcy and will be forced to pay up. Nice try 50. 😂😂😂

    His worry now shifts to getting busted for bankruptcy fraud. Wow. Talk about an unforced error. Hold this big ass “L” dude.

    • HIPHOP

      You dumb dumb salty as hell still want him to hold a L huh lol he never was granted bankruptcy he is trying the judge will deny him and he pays up idiot now if the judge granted him that and they find this out then he goes to jail

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      if he were avoiding child support not paying his artist or some other random greedy ish id be with you but this aint the case …………………………………………………………………….

      • Black Jay Supreme

        He sh*t on an innocent woman for fake ass beef with fake ass Rick Ross. He stole (literally stole) the technology for his headphone deal and the courts found him guilty of both. Now he’s trying to lie about his money to get out of paying for his arrogance by utilizing a system set up for people in real financial need. If that isn’t random greed I don’t know what is. Some of you cats loyalty to this kind of behavior is breathtaking….🤔🤔🤔

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        innocent lol wasnt she already doing pornos ?? lol the headphone ish is subjective cause the original company tanked from what i heard fif brought the company he didnt steal it … but ill let you have that one cause i dont know all the details on that one ….

      • Black Jay Supreme

        When I say “innocent” you know what I mean. If you’re fighting another dude, you don’t bring b*tches into it. And that chick didn’t do anything different than your girl. Don’t act like your chick never sucked on a c*ck before she f*cked with you. So don’t try to act like this is a disqualifier. Every chick has a past. Ain’t no chick cum-free. Your man is weak. Bottom line. And he tried to game the system and got caught. Now he’s going to pay every cent of every judgment. But the bigger question is if he’s going to get charged with bankruptcy fraud. That judge already smelled something foul. This new sh*t is a big ass “L” for your boy.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i feel ya i cant agrue with that i can dig it

  7. In Black America Radio

    when keepin it “real” goes wrong.
    instead of PLAYING broke for bankruptcy this dummy rather stunt for the gram lmao

  8. ApricotNapalm

    played himself- frontin for what? I’m certain they were props but still. Bosses do that? I thought GUnit was on the way back….shout out to Banks he still got bars, just the label heads aint on they sht

  9. trilltalk1

    How many of you gentlemen have 1million? Cut it out we all have issues to deal with and counting a rich man pockets is not one of them. Men on here debating on how much he has or does not have. Then some of you hating ass dudes really want to see the next man fail. Yall weak and it shows in the comments. His money and what he has or does not have will not make a difference in everyday life for you. smh

  10. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    50 never said he was broke he just said he couldnt afford to pay what alot of these people were trying to sue him for ………………………………………………

  11. Damany G

    I have seen a lot of people get at 50 and celebrate because he declared bankruptcy on this site. It really isn’t hard to tell that this guy is far from broke…. bankruptcy in this case is all about the protection of assets.

      • WeakSauce

        Let me brace myself because they’re coming soon lol

      • DianeKLove

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  12. Smashit

    Fif can’t help himself – he started off “playing broke” good but his ego got the best of him when people starting making jokes about him being broke – hood-n*gga ish when you too concerned with what people think you got in your pockets instead of what you know you got in your pockets

  13. Gap Tooth Bruce

    I just dont get why “niggas” wanna see this man or any man broke….Ion wish dat on niggas thats like having Aids in the 80’s no meds you dead out here!

    Erbody Get Money fux dat hate!

    • MrTroyMercy

      It’s only ignorant and broke black people. Black people don’t want to see other black people make it. Most of these clowns on here are broke, jobless hate mongers. Sometimes I wish that I could slap some of these hating ass nigggas. I hate the pocket watching , broke, hating ass niggas. They only want people to be broke because they’re broke.

    • guddaboy

      Funny u say that to defend a nigga who don’t care about the next man. U think 50 don’t want to see any of his so called enemies broke? U see wat he did to ny rap scene.

  14. fitgameent

    Ppl hate on every rapper allhiphop write about, but get super defensive when 50 get some. The same guy that’s been hating since he came out. Cats act like 50 gonna read these post, find their IP address and release a meme about them if they say something negative.

  15. DianeKLove

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