New Documents Show 50 Cent Isn’t Broke


50 Cent’s financial situation seems to be all over the place lately.  However, documents surfaced today by the Daily Mail, that 50 cent’s assets and finances are much higher than he claimed.

When filing for bankruptcy a while back, the Queens native claimed assets ranging from $16-$50 million.  In these new documents, appraisers say 50 cent actually has more than $64 million in property and assets, which is a big difference from the $16 million he was claiming.  The G-Unit rapper does have liabilities totally more than $36 million though and also has $10 million in checking and stock. His G-Unit company as well as other business ventures are reportedly worth more than $44 million.

According to the appraisal, 50 Cent’s monthly income is about $184,000. He also makes a reported $29,000 every month off music royalties. Now add up all the cars, jewelry and other material assets and 50 probably has well over the bankruptcy amount.

50’s bankruptcy case had challenges of its own after he posted photos of himself with stacks of money.  He also posted a photo spelling out the word “broke” with stacks of $100 bills.

So 50 needs to decide whether he wants to stick with the bankruptcy role or the flossin role, because clearly he can’t be both.