Kevin Gates

Did Kevin Gates Really Outsell Rihanna In Their First Week Of Sales?

Photo via Kevin Gate’s Instagram

Although Rihanna’s album instantly went to No.1 within its first week of sales, according to Kevin Gates, that spot belonged to him. Kevin Gates told 93.9’s The Fam In The Morning show that when he went to Apple they told him that his album was really No.1, but he really didn’t care because he didn’t care if the album was No.13. He said Apple went on to tell him that Samsung paid for some of Rihanna’s albums making the sales and reported numbers unfair, and meaning Kevin’s album was really No. 1. What are your thoughts?

  • It’s all possible.


    Its true

  • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

    I like that song where he talks about having multiple jobs and not sleeping much.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


    • Anthony Mason

      6 jobs….lol!

      • DianeKLove

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  • The Legendary Troll

    lol this is believable. it would look horrible if she released anything that didnt go #1

  • therealest1

    Anything like this is possible based on the fact it seems difficult or inaccurate to gauge online sales as opposed to counts based on scans when albums are bought in stores. Who really knows though?

  • RichFromBX

    goes back to Jay’s release that Samsung bought a million copies of…I guess Jay technically sold a million but not really…still got a platinum plaque.

    • MassConglom


      • RichFromBX

        okay, thanks for clearing that up…I thought the corporate watering down of hip hop was a bad thing. Clearly it’s just about working smarter.

        (yes, Samsung is a watering down act…you don’t get to pick and chose which devils you allow in. Once one get’s it, it’s like roaches)

  • ZUBU

    Ri Ri, has a powerful company behind her so I think it could very likely be true…
    Also Samsung did it for Jay-Z and he and Ri Ri are obviously connected… They prolly gonna do it for Kanye as well…

  • Golgo 13

    fam in the morning lookin like some bootleg hot 97

  • pauleyPee

    Answer: Yes. She released her record on a Friday. Smh. The week after that? Rihanna hit #1. Kevin Gates record is unranked. lol

  • Chris Winkley

    I heard that her album was a flop then it’s number 1 I think part of this maybe true if not all.

  • SoulFul Epic

    The machine always comes out on top … But big ups to Kevin .. Dude is truly grinding his ass off on that tour with him and his BWA crew .. No help .. gotta respect that hustle

    • Kevin Gates is in the same machine though.

      • SoulFul Epic

        Not quite exactly … Kevin aint on the radio like that … They aint gonna play “Pose to be in love”, Perfect Imperfection” “Pourin syrup” and a slew of his other tracks … His tours aint in arenas … he hits small markets if you check his tour dates … The machine aint Kevin … trust me if he had the machine he would be up there with Drake but they don’t want that

      • Kevin is just not as big of a player YET. But he’s signed to Atlantic and well taken care of right now.

        Het gets radio play, billboard hot100 notations (read hits) and sold out performances although it may not be arenas (yet).

      • SoulFul Epic

        Oh believe me … I aint down playing my top 5 artist right now .. love that brother’s music. .. I doubt he would cross over with the money .. dude is too real

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  • Suava

    They gonna kill This Nigga man

    • Gasner Duke-Diesel

      Why you think that?

  • Live Well

    Them Gates numbers look fugazi right about now.

  • Frank Yoster

    I believe that riri has the herpes

  • 2012Industry1

    No, it’s not true. Samsung bought copies that was used as free downloads, so that platinum in a day BS came from that number. Her first week number was from actual sales from iTunes and Tidal (i think Tidal) but they were real sales. She outsold him in actual sales, especially on iTunes so he’s lying or they lying to him. For the trolls: yes, I have or off and numbers; yes, this is what I do as a living; yes, Atlantic played with Gates numbers.


    Poor guy! Apple stretched the truth about a competitor! Wow! Kevin clearly didn’t think about his answer! Duh!

  • scullyson

    Gotta be honest that “two phones” Song is a catchy a$$ song.

    • Tish Houston

      Yeeees my.granddaughter goes off when that song comes on and she knows the hook real well lol

    • BYEBYE

      That song is hard he really saying something on it.

  • dbfromdc



    Samsung probably did buy some copies, wgaf as long as Gates is out here

  • El Jeff

    r people retarded? this is exactly what samsung does in these “deals”, or did u guys already forgot they bought a million copies of that magna carter album?

    • that dude



    Europe and Asia . . . Ppl the world is bigger than just the US . . . I can tell you exactly how many ALbums Kevin sold in Europe, about 12 . . since the golden era of hiphop has past Europeans don´t care bout hip hop that much anymore. . . they rather go to a Jadakiss, Fabolous or T.I. show but baerly know any of the new rappers . . Rihanna on the other hand is a Global player, Kevin is tripping unless we´re just talking about domestic sales but even then he is reaching

    • Obviously, he is talking about domestic sales.

    • Dope

      Agree on every word, in Europe older rappers will sell out a show way quicker than any of the new gimmick rappers, but here they are talking about domestic CD sales.


    This is the same dude f*cking his cousin right? Who’s buyin that album? Nobody but his cousin.

  • Myleage

    Really, Really?

  • acb87

    he a fool, the didn’t count the 1 million pre paid albums buys amsung. she still outsold him

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Who the hell is kevin Gates? looks like Baba Sala to me…LMFAO Just google it using images lol

  • baller187

    well then dont go to jail dumb nigga

  • A.C

    He’s an idiot. Billboard did not count the 1 million free downloads towards their tracking sales. She really did outsell him regardless.

  • Kinda like Manny Pac really beat Floyd Money Mayweather?
    GTFOHWTBS & hold that L!