A$AP Mob Members Blast Troy Ave For Disrespecting Capital STEEZ; Troy Defends Dissing The Late Rapper

(AllHipHop News) Troy Ave’s decision to disrespect the late Capital STEEZ on his diss record aimed at Joey Bada$$ may have backfired. On the “Bad Ass” song, Troy rapped, “STEEZ’s burning in Hell. My burner’s on my belt. I’m really killing sh*t, you n*ggas killing yourself. F*cking weirdos, off the roof. Steer clear yo!”

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The BSB Records representative then called into Sway In The Morning and doubled down on his attacks against Steez. Troy said, “He didn’t pass away. He killed himself. There’s a difference. He took his own life. God gave you life, it ain’t your right to take that. That’s a fact. I got n*ggas in jail who got life sentences, they might as well be dead. They could’ve traded their life for his.”

Those lyrics and comments led to several people blasting Troy on social media. Two of the most vocal critics to take issue with the Brooklyn rhymer were A$AP Twelvy and A$AP Ant. The A$AP Mob members even suggested violence and death should be the outcome of Troy’s actions.

Twelvy wrote, “Can’t wait for a n*gga in NYC to come for my head I’m a kiss these b*tches on they cheek… Always down for a one on one.”

Ant added, “Troy Average just need to die already.”

Despite the backlash, Troy Ave defended dissing STEEZ. He posted a message on Instagram:

if you push somebody in the back and they turn around and split your head with a baseball bat it’s not they fault it’s your fault shouldn’t of ever started it! HE STARTED wit me all the lil slick talk was cool but here’s the reaction “AINT NO RULES TO REACTION” so this jealous drug addict rapper took a couple shots at me, I tried to ignore it and jus continue spreading Luv but I’m more Malcolm than Martin

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Check out the A$AP Mob members’ tweets and Troy Ave’s Instagram post below.

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82 Responses to “A$AP Mob Members Blast Troy Ave For Disrespecting Capital STEEZ; Troy Defends Dissing The Late Rapper”

  1. Ipullcards

    Fuhc all these corny ASAP mob nigg@z. Corny weird uptown nigg@z. Never heard of any of these bums except yams (God bless the dead).. bunch of weirdo uptown nigg@z minus ferg. They talk tough..

    • STEPH

      Thank you, took the words right out of my mouth. If you kill yourself your going to hell, sounds like the truth to me….What’s the big deal? They would have really got mad at “Pac” if they heard all his diss records LOL

      • Nyga07

        lol and you know me and you never see eye to eye, and im not even backing Troy ave… But ppl worship pac and he literally said i will kill ur kids and ur family, but he was deep. I wonder if what is accepted is really on who the person likes.

      • Celz

        It’s not real beef man. Pac thought them niccas shot him.. Not even comparable. Drake and Tygas beef was way realer than this. Them niccas deaded it on sight because it was still small..

      • Celz

        Pac had real beef. This would be like 50 dissing Kanyes mom on they sales beef. Niccas had 0 problems ya boy average just needed a gimmick to let his career last a few now months.. He gon be the first washed up rapper on love and hip hop under 25.

    • Celz

      Troy the only weirdo.. Real recognize real… He swear he a 90s NY rapper but all he rap about is bringing the feeling back. This lil funny lookin no bar nicca wouldn’t have lasted in NY in the 90s.. He’s like J Hood reincarnated but with even less bars.. He’s a jealous female.. Fuccin disgusting..

  2. Anthony Mason

    Anyone notice how all these rappers always “beef” laterally. By them merely going at eachother….it indicates they are on the same tier level….

    With that said….all these niggas camps are weirdos and they all draw off of 90’s influence they haven’t mastered…..

  3. Markus

    And this is yet another reason why New York is the equivalent of a third world country now when it comes to rap music.

  4. Consistent

    If you’re going to talk slick/and try to troll somebody in your rap,I don’t wanna hear they went to far when they responded! If you’re a proud weirdo just stay in your lane,you are NOT sometimes tough nor sometimes cool…be the weirdo you are and people will respect that.

    • Celz

      Troy is a bitch.. Worst rapper in NY.. H his whole fam base if old NY rappers lol.. No one is checking for this lame nicca.. He might as well apply to the junior college now..

      • Celz

        Troy still sucks.. He is worse than Red Cafe.. Like we get it nicca you can dress like the 90s.. But where are the bars.. This nicca whole style is the line before the punch line. No insight into the streets, out of touch with his age demographic, no technical ability whatsoever.. He’s just horrible on every level.. Calls any rapper doing better than him a weirdo lol corn ball ass nicca..

      • Q.

        I looked this Troy dude up on YT, expecting to hear some straight gangsta, Curtis Jackson type ish…This n!gga sound like Rae Sremmurd. HAHAHAHAHA Unbelievable!

      • Drake's 3rd best Ghostwriter

        He’s still better at rapping than anything you’re good at though. haha

      • Celz

        I’d murder that lil dirt bag on the mic real shyt..

      • Drake's 3rd best Ghostwriter

        F*ck no. Why would you even ask me that ?

      • Celz

        I’ve heard Gucci Mane snap harder than ya boy Average. Gucci on Orange or Top in the Trash is actually pretty good..

      • Consistent

        Don’t try to convince me Troy Ave is wack,I wanna hear you tell me why Joey Bada$$ mean so much to you…he touches your demographic?? The way he dress?? You’re so hype to diss Troy Ave,I’m thinking you ain’t even really up on Joey Bada$$,you just love to Troll!

      • Celz

        Cuz Troy is wack and you know it.. I’m a Cali nicca.. As far as east coast rappers I grew up on Cormega and Big L. So I’m offended that Troy Average even thinks he’s in their caliber. Joey is cool he’s a kid too I can’t relate. New niccas I rock with is Kendrick, Meek, Jay Rock, Cyhi, King Los, that type a shyt..

      • Consistent

        You grew up on Big L and Cormega?? Lol How?? Pre-internet you must’ve lived on a subway train cause that got almost NO PLAY from the masses in their prime. You’re just trolling homeboy lol I asked you about Joey Bada$$ and you named 5 OTHER dudes…

      • Celz

        Wherehouse and Sam Goody.. We actually bought CDs back then.. Or stay up late and dub Sway on the Wake Up Show… Or by burned cds from the CD man at the barbershop.. Lol you said the internet.. Ever heard of Napster nicca.. What is you 18? Lol

        Anyway nicca this is a Troy Ave article. I don’t have to like Joey Bad Ass to call out an emotional fraud.. I put his album a few months ago and it was good. But didn’t get in my rotation. Still way better than what ya boy Average puts out.. I want to hear you say you purposely play Troy Aves music lol..

      • Consistent

        Napster IS internet so congratulations on playing yaself,and I’m old enough to know dat anybody who was running to the bootleg man asking for Cormega and Big L CAN’T troll me for listening to Troy Ave! Lol You seem emotional and fraudulent about this whole thing…

      • Celz

        I said OR dumb nicca.. Niccas had real cds and tapes.. Dubbed tapes and burned cds.. And we had the internet in the 90s I know you wasn’t alive then but it’s true.. Joey shyt fire as for the bars Troy Ave prolly do dress better, but as a man idc how them niccas dress..

      • Gasner Duke-Diesel

        You have a point. Ppl did buy CDs unlike now

      • Celz

        Joey Badass Christ Conscious is rawer and more 90s NY than anything Troy ever dropped. I was sleep.. Lil homie got bars lol I was off that Vince Staples tough tho..

      • killacali909

        I still have big Ls cd from back in the day. You think the west coast didn’t know about big L or cormega?

      • Gasner Duke-Diesel

        Lol I like big L but like you said its hard to say you grew up listening to him with no internet back then. I live close to NY and I only heard of him on youtube.

    • Papi Peligro

      First off bra you calling somebody a weirdo when you got feminine mannerism and carry around a murse. It don’t make me none what somebody does with themselves but how you call somebody a weirdo.

      • Consistent

        I don’t know about Joey Bada$$ but don’t forget how proud everybody was to be weirdos circa 2010…I’m referring to those people to be exact

  5. Eli Pinilla

    “God gave you life, it ain’t your right to take that. That’s a fact.”

    ^^^^ But you talk about murder in your raps. So God gave you life and and it ain’t right to take your own but hes cool with taking somebody elses?? This is one of the wackest dudes ever. His career should be on suicide watch.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        I know anyone with a brain should know that a person in their good mind would commit suicide..its a mental issue

      • Dox

        It’s called depression, and it is very real, can stem from hormonal imbalances, and sometimes, people just don’t want to feel pain anymore. Some people lives are hard and they just get tired of fighting.

      • Anthony Mason

        Yes. And like I said, God knows the heart and circumstances of everyone. Those who judge the fate of the dead… will likewise be judged just as everyone else is according to their works….

        If Troy Ave feels religious or close to God his weed must be too strong and those 3somes he was bragging about on Sway on shade 45 must be God ordained too. Oh yeah and the families he possibly deystroyed with drugs too. What is he doing with that situation?

        Oh that’s right….he is as clean as the driven snow now because he claims to just rap and stopped drug dealing and killing. Foh. That is stupid f*** nigga hood logic….

      • cp'16

        Not always. Even depression is curable. Studies show that running helps with depression, but I’m not here to educate. The fact is we don’t know why he killed himself. We don’t know if it was mental illness. That’s the easiest, very real, excuse, but not everyone that kills or has killed themselves is mentally ill. Some are just cowards who would rather not face the consequences of their actions. Some are just young kids lost in love and passion.

        Life is a gift. That is a fact.

  6. Savimbi

    That Joey Baddass verse was pure fire, Troy delivered a nice response too, it’ll be interesting if they keep it on wax.

  7. L.J.1984

    Majority of these clowns are weirdos who talk slick and truth is you never see them anywhere in NYC. All they do is divide the city from a studio then crawl back in the dark like a rat. If I had to choose I’d choose Joey over all these other clowns. At least Joey keeps the essence and truest form of NYC in his music.

  8. THISIS50

    g -host ✔ ‎@therealstylesp

    @Troyave I thought you was a young g u proved me wrong on behalf of suicide victims that shit u said was a stupid cornball goofy nigga move

    • Anthony Mason

      Yup. God never said make diss records about peoples dead homies who committed suicide and proclaim that they went to hell (only God casts final judgement)to inflict hurt on the people still living and suffering with the loss…

      I can’t even begin to tell you how many levels that is wrong on. Troy Ave is not on the straight and narrow and if he got killed today over this bulls*** they could be roommates. Troy Ave is the worst type of cat…period…

    • Jordan Bass

      Shit aint right Ave wrong but u disrespect me n wat i stand for imma go all out disrespecting u n wat u stand for

    • Anthony Mason

      Yup. You start dissing the dead homies of your enemies or even people you just arent fond of you better have your will in order and be ready for the order and laws of the universe to act out how they do…

      When people die you stfu and offer condolences to the family and keep it moving. That is real G s***. Troy Ave is a napoleon complex plastic little b**** who thinks he has made it. Lil nigga is pissing the streets off…

      • Chris Double

        No names? Do you even listen to hip hop or do you just troll on a hip hop site? “Bunch of no names trying to get attention” isnt every artist that? Tupac was once a no namer. Biggie too. Raekwon. Eric b rakim.

        You so stupid man.

      • Gasner Duke-Diesel

        Bruh hold this L for putting legends in the same sentence with them no names.

  9. Jordan Bass

    Rest in Peace Steezz… but Bruh dissed him all that other shit collateral damage niggas gettin passes for sneak dissin now??? U swing at me n just scratch dont mean i aint gone try n knock u the fugg ott

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