A$AP Mob Members Blast Troy Ave For Disrespecting Capital STEEZ; Troy Defends Dissing The Late Rapper

(AllHipHop News) Troy Ave’s decision to disrespect the late Capital STEEZ on his diss record aimed at Joey Bada$$ may have backfired. On the “Bad Ass” song, Troy rapped, “STEEZ’s burning in Hell. My burner’s on my belt. I’m really killing sh*t, you n*ggas killing yourself. F*cking weirdos, off the roof. Steer clear yo!”

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The BSB Records representative then called into Sway In The Morning and doubled down on his attacks against Steez. Troy said, “He didn’t pass away. He killed himself. There’s a difference. He took his own life. God gave you life, it ain’t your right to take that. That’s a fact. I got n*ggas in jail who got life sentences, they might as well be dead. They could’ve traded their life for his.”

Those lyrics and comments led to several people blasting Troy on social media. Two of the most vocal critics to take issue with the Brooklyn rhymer were A$AP Twelvy and A$AP Ant. The A$AP Mob members even suggested violence and death should be the outcome of Troy’s actions.

Twelvy wrote, “Can’t wait for a n*gga in NYC to come for my head I’m a kiss these b*tches on they cheek… Always down for a one on one.”

Ant added, “Troy Average just need to die already.”

Despite the backlash, Troy Ave defended dissing STEEZ. He posted a message on Instagram:

if you push somebody in the back and they turn around and split your head with a baseball bat it’s not they fault it’s your fault shouldn’t of ever started it! HE STARTED wit me all the lil slick talk was cool but here’s the reaction “AINT NO RULES TO REACTION” so this jealous drug addict rapper took a couple shots at me, I tried to ignore it and jus continue spreading Luv but I’m more Malcolm than Martin

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Check out the A$AP Mob members’ tweets and Troy Ave’s Instagram post below.

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