Former TGT Members Tank & Tyrese Clash Over Writing, Producing & Show Money (VIDEOS)

(AllHipHop News) TGT has completely imploded. Former partners Tank and Tyrese have begun blasting each other on social media. After Tank blamed Tyrese for the breakup of the group because he was allegedly unwilling to share the TGT money fairly, Tyrese fired back by suggesting Tank was attempting to use his group mate’s fame for his own gain.

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According to Tank, Tyrese originally agreed to share the profits of the group equally but then changed his mind at the last minute. Tyrese then referenced Drake’s “Back To Back” on Instagram, “I drove here in the #Wraith playin AR-AB I’m not really sure what I did to make y’all mad I guess this is what I gotta do to make y’all sell I mean whooooaaaaaa.”

Tank answered by claiming that he did more work in the group than Tyrese. The “#BDAY” singer posted a meme that read, “He plays Drake but I write his verse, my verse, and produce the song.”

The conflict continued when Tyrese then posted a video saying he makes $150,000 a show. He also accused Tank of wanting to “ride the wave” of his success. In a separate vid he stated, “Tank, if you want to get hot in these R&B streets and you don’t want your manager all in your video, come to Voltron.”

Tank laughed at the idea of Tyrese making $150,000 a performance and threw a shot at him for not getting radio play on mainstream stations. Tyrese then posted a statement that appears to prove he does earn that amount for a booking.

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Check out Tyrese and Tank’s Instagram posts below.

Shout to all the chocolate lovers….. #VoltronRecodz Google me….

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Empire building……… Click the link in my IG BIO!!!

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  • cmon guys grow all three sound like babies . Its a business treat it as such .by the way I love Hip Hop News

  • Papi Peligro

    Watching RB dudes beef is worse than watching RB women Beef. Especially Beef about a group nobody ever got even a single from.

    • RapItUp

      These guys oughta be ashamed

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  • Ill Hit That

    Tank need to kick Tyrese out the group and sign Sisqo. I’m sure he ain’t doing anything haha

  • ChiVa02

    And these are grown men, ladies and gentlemen. I swear, social media has brought out the insecure little kid in all these people. Neither one of them come out any better than the other.


      The followers and the robots. They just doing that because they see everyone else doing it and think that’s what they have to do.

      • ChiVa02

        Yeah. And that’s sad too.

  • Tyrese been a bubble head for a minute. Everyone knows it. But a question for Tyrese…. The purpose of forming a group is to join forces to create one powerful unit. How is it appropriate for you to be on some Diana Ross sh*t? Keyword: ONE.

    {In Tupac voice}: “Ain’t no one man above the crew, you know that sh*t.”

    Seeing as how Tank was writing and producing almost all of the album, how is justified for Tyrese to take more? That’s some reverse pimp sh*t Tyrese was trying.

    Tyrese just killed himself on f*cking with any other groups. He’d better hope that Coca Cola voice holds up because nobody in their right mind would f*ck with dude after this.

    • personally i think tyrese is more known for transformers and baby boy. he hasnt been musically hot for years. yes he has plaques but how old are those? ijs.

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        WTF are you talking about. He had an album recently black rose which did very good. He release albums over the years. We he came out his music also did well. He isn’t known for that because he started out with music first. If you don’t listen to him or didn’t in the beginning you would know that. He is r&b first then movies.

      • he did r&b first?! i had no idea!!! what i am saying is he pretty much stopped doing music for movies. he even said he’s not going to be doing albums anymore and do some shows and just do movies because there is no money in music. as far as black rose what do you consider doing very good?

      • Tyrese is an arrogant prick. I think he has A. D. D. or something. Didn’t he quit R&B to be a rapper? Wait…. Then he tried to be a movie star…. Wait didn’t he get his start as a model? Or was it selling Coca Cola?

        I’m all for a dude expanding his horizons for business. But if the majority of his money is coming from The Fast & Furiois, why sh*t on your peoples like that?


      Tyrese deserves the Lions share of the Money because he is the Most Famous, most Successful Artist out of the Three with the Most Hits. Everything isn’t fair in Life. This is just like when Manny Pacquiao felt like he and Floyd Mayweather Jr. deserved the Same cut when Floyd was Undefeated and Manny had like 5 losses.

      • Still don’t feel it. If Tyrese feels like he should be paid the most, why even get in a group? It’s not logical. It’s not like Tyrese gets front row seats at the Grammy’s. F*ck his movie shine. In the music industry Tank has more juice than he does. And that’s WITH Tyrese’s number one album (one week only). Tank’s money has primarily come from writing and producing.


        My nigga Tyrese might not get front row, but I bet he get 2nd or 3rd Row. Tank hasn’t had a Hit in like 10 Years he doesn’t even have a video out right now. Meanwhile Tyrese is In Movies and is still putting out Successful Albums Solo, so of course he’s the Most Influential One out of the Group. Tank is the one trying to Regain his Stardom, not Tyrese.

      • Yeah…. You might want to do some homework. Tank has recent Grammy award nominations with Chris Brown and numerous others. Although he hasn’t had crazy shine as a solo artist, his writing and production skills have been on display for artists like Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Chris Brown, Pit Bull, Rihanna and numerous others. Sorry dude. There’s no way Tyrese should be getting paid more in a group than him. If we were talking movies, yeah. But this is music. No way.

      • Tanman01

        If he deserves the lions share of money then he equally deserve the lions share of work. And musically ginuwine is the bigger artist with the most hits.


        Nigga Yous a Lie Tyrese is More Popular, he has More Albums, and He has More Hits, and Ginuwine hasn’t put Shit out in like 10 Years.

  • Flip Jones

    Tyres gets $150k a show? Future must get $500k a show


      Tyrese has been around since the 90’s. He deserves that Money.

      • Flip Jones

        Just cause he has been around since the 90’s means nothing. Fat Joe been, kieth murray, birdman, etc have been around since the 90s and they are worth being paid 150k as a package deal


        We talkin about R&B here, so you naming a bunch of mediocre rappers minus keith murray is irrelevant. In the R&B World, Tyrese is comparable to a NAS in the Rap World. He’s like one of the last True R&B guys left, the rest want to be Rappers and autotuners.

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  • mr morgan

    This is entertaining

  • ZUBU

    Not taking sides but Ty did post something that looks legit. Tank has a point if he is doing the most work then it should at least be equal, he could argue that he deserves more… Something is amiss though, because there should have been contracts in place, because they all are business men. It doesn’t add up, if Tank and Gin didn’t agree with Ty wanting more at the last minute then cancel that shiitt out the gate! Over the years I have been involved in several businesses and if I don’t agree with the terms I don’t do it, simple…

    • Casor_Greener

      He may have gotten $150 for A show but not every show. Bet his average is $50K

  • Chief J4

    lol, Tyrese pulled a Suge Source Awards move, “you don’t want your manager dancing all in the video, come to Voltron (Death Row)” classic west coast shit, lol!

  • Dark Matters

    As usual Negroes love embarrassing themselves publicly. All of their brands have taken a hit as a result. I’ll never look at them the same (especially Tyrese) and I’m sure future potential collaborators will be cautious about collaborating with any of them.

  • Frank Yoster

    Tyrese is fuckin loser

  • Golgo 13

    if you want to get hot in these R&B streets and you don’t want your manager all in your video, come to Voltron.” << lol tyrese soundin like suge knight

  • K. Lionheart

    Seems like a publicity stunt

  • RichFromBX

    “R&B streets”…isn’t that an oxymoron?

    sorry, but any dude that’s damn near crying on a song over a bitch is from only one street…Christopher Street in NYC.

    unless it’s because they past away but, if you crying because she stepped out for some strange…trade your d1ck in and get fitted for a new pvssy.

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