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Ice Cube May Enter The Marvel Universe


Apparently, Ice Cube does not know too much about this, unless he is playing coy. I’m thinking he doesn’t know about the rumor.

ice cube

I always have mixed feelings on rappers entering the world of comics, but there is an issue that people have in general. The reassigning of color to formerly white characters. I get it. To make progress they have simply made former main characters that were white BLACK. Nick Fury transformed. Johnny Storm was Sue Storms sister. Somehow they made him a brother and her a…never mind. The latest character they are allegedly seeking to make Black is J. Jonah Jameson, the editor-in-chief at The Daily Bugle. He’s Peter Parker’s (Spiderman) boss. Here he is.

And now there is reportedly rumors that Ice Cube might become that boss in the Spiderman Universe. This also links him to The Avengers. T.I. is also linked to The Avengers as well through the “Ant-Man” movie.

Take the poll.

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  • Markus

    So basically he would be doing a censored version of his 21 Jump Street role. It could work even if there will be resistance to the idea.

  • Frank Yoster

    No marvel fan is gonna want ice cube playin jameson!

  • Rozay23

    Im surprised they didnt put a black actor or comedian in the deapool movie to capitalize on the ratings

  • yomomma

    ‘get me pictures of spiderman! if you dont ima tape a snorkel to your mouth and then…..’

  • i got this

    Na! not as Jameson beat it cube give me another Friday movie!!!

  • Dope

    I’m just on Cube’s side, glad to see him live good in Hollywood, as rap game is pretty much behind him. He made the right moves and stays on top.

  • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

    Could be interesting. I agree that black people should be given better quality roles in movies. No problem with that. Only problem I had was, I remember when Clint Eastwood was doing a movie on 17th century Japanese samurais or some shit and Spike Lee complained there weren’t any black people in the movie. That’s just f*cking retarded. That would be like getting mad they won’t consider Idris Elba to play Abraham Lincoln.

    • Detroit Red

      Spike’s beef was that there were no blacks in the iwo jima movie. Historically Eastwood was prolly right…. That being said, white folks are just as retarded for making movies about Jesus, Moses, and egypt with predominantly white casts… People originating from that region are either black or Arabian… Moses passed for the Pharaoh’s grandson. So he had to look just like him…… Krs……

    • Tanman01

      Yeah thats retarded like white samurais..

    • 3rdEye_Sharp

      The first ever Shogun was Black…from Africa. Abraham Lincoln was also Black! This is all factual historic data. And if white people don’t want Black people playing in your beloved reprised rolls…then PLEASE stop culture-vulturing US! White people just made a movie named Gods of Egypt, starring White people! Europeans didn’t even enter Egypt(Kemet) until AFTER the 18 dynasty…The problem is this…Set and all of the others characters that were portrayed in the movie, albeit they never physically existed, were historically depicted as Black. Just a little history lesson for you.

      • Morde#1


  • RespectA

    I didn’t see the “i don’t give a fluck” vote button

  • Q.

    This fool wrote “Johnny Storm was Sue Storms sister.” SMH

    Mr. Creekmur, please invest your revenues in a decent writer and an editor. This sh!tty writing is bringing down the site value real quick! Patrons are just mocking AHH at this point.


    • STEPH

      Shit had me twisted too LOL!


    Horrible idea.

  • Uncle Ruckus

    Next they’ll have Spider Loc playing SPiderman. GTFOH

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  • Caleb john HOGAN

    every one saying yes has an agenda

  • Caleb john HOGAN

    but still it’s not like the new spider-man movie is officially MCU

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