Chance The Rapper Calls Spike Lee A “Liar,” Threatens To Release Audio Of Their Conversation

(AllHipHop News) The back-and-forth over the movie Chi-Raq between Chance The Rapper and Spike Lee has entered yet another phase. After Lee referred to Chance as a “straight up fraud,” the Chicago native fired back on Twitter.

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The series of tweets included Chance saying Chi-Raq is a “sexist” and “racist” movie. One post includes the Acid Rap creator calling Lee a “liar,” and another post features Chance threatening to release audio of the Brooklyn-based director “begging” him to be in the film.

Chi-Raq is very controversial among music artists from Chicago. Beside Chance The Rapper, other entertainers such as Rhymefest, Twista, and BJ The Chicago Kid have criticized the movie for its title and for using satire to address the serious issue of gun violence.

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Check out Chance The Rapper’s tweets in the gallery below.

  • Yanks or Nerve

    “Threatens to release audio of conversation”……. smmfh! the new age of perception is ruining people. who on earth records a conversation between two people unless you are planning on using it against the person? Who even cares about Chi-Raq movie to that extent? talk like two grown ups and if you can’t settle differences, keep it moving.

    • NYComicBookGuy


  • Real Talk

    Chi-Raq is the worst movie I have ever seen

    • that dude

      You actually saw it? I wouldn’t dare. Just from the advertisement I knew it was a no-no.

      • Real Talk

        Absolutely terrible

  • Okay. This has moved beyond artistic opinionated dialogue. This is now bordering on disrespect towards your elders. I can’t ride with Chance on this one. If the movie sucked, it sucked and you’ve said that. If Spike came out of his mouth and called you a fraud, have a one on one with dude. Especially since you used to sit on his lap as a baby. The family ties run deep. But to let your man call him a fag and then you threaten to release audio and take it deeper? That’s a little too much.

    I know what cats will say:

    “Spike insulted him first. Chance has a right to defend himself.”

    What Chance is doing isn’t called “Defending”. It’s called attacking and being disrespectful towards an elder of his family. Humiliation is a slippery slope. You don’t do that to family. We all have old people in our lives who we wish would shut the f*ck up. But if you were raised correctly, you don’t try to humiliate them. You keep it moving and let actions speak for themselves.

    • Watever

      The example you gave is completely different than a public figure attacking another public figure. Someone of Spike Lee’s stature calling Chance a “fraud” could hurt his reputation which could hurt his money.

      I don’t blame Chance for responding. He didn’t really do anything below the belt. He just criticized the movie and then said Lee was lying. And he told Lee to stop coming at him, or then he will release audio proving Lee is the fraud. I don’t see anything Chance did as wrong.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i didnt even hear anything about spike callin him a fraud until he responded … sadly his response is hurtin him more than what spike said ………. sad but truuuuuuuuuuuu

      • Watever

        Hurting him with who? The same AHH commenters that were shitting on Spike in the article where he called Chance a fraud? The people in this comment section flip flop with ever post.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        with most who sees his response …

      • Watever

        So you ran an international poll of all the people that read his tweets on Twitter and every blog? Okay… Lol

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        nope just using common sense … but i guess in this world most dont use that so i guess your right lol

      • Watever

        Claiming that most people reacted a certain way to what Chance said doesn’t require common sense. It requires evidence. Otherwise you’re just pulling that comment out your ass. There’s no way you can prove how “most who see his response” felt about it.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        your right


      Well said.

    • Q.

      Concur. This new wave of young upstarts talking reckless to established legends is a bad look all-around. If they’re lucky, these young n!ggas are gonna get older one day, and the babies coming up today aren’t going to respect them for sh!t! The kids are learning from all this BS they’re looking at.

    • Anthony Mason

      Right? Chance looks like a little brat…..

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    shuddup chance smh its just a movie … and sadily the movie actually has more truths in it then yall like to admit to which is prob why yall so mad … most of our women are single mothers cause they out there giving sex to all these no good men and continue to do so … women and her sexuality is like a fool with money aint much different they both gonna keep f*cking it up … most until its too late and a very few will learn from thier mistake before its too late …. smh

    • HIPHOP

      Just a movie u stupid lil bitch shut up what’s going on here in Chicago is more than just a movie bitch he said he was going to help shed light on our issue and help us fix it or make people more aware or understand how poverish conditions have swallowed the youth up but instead he cooned us organized fake marches to secretly film scenes for the movie. And u telling chance to shut up u shut up bitch

      • WeakSauce

        100! From the wild hunneds!!

      • Knickfan4life

        What’s going in Chicago ain’t no different than what is going any place in America .you don’t like the way things are going in Chicago ? Get off all hip hop and get your Martin Luther King on.if not you are just talking like chance 😂😂😂😂😂

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        never did i say whats going on in chi is a movie … but the MOVIE that spike made is JUST A MOVIE dumba$$ … wake the f*ck up !! smh … if its thats serious do what knickfan4life said @ the end of the day or be quiet ….

      • Jaymat_

        Tell em why you mad, son!

  • shock

    lil niggas have no respect for elders…..

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    Chance?? This dude is so wack. His opinions are the definition of irrelevant.

  • KashIsKlay

    Chiraq is an adaptation. People overlook the message to bash the movie. But the movie could of been made without the title and focus on the city. Because that behavior effects many inner city kids not matter the city.

    Why would you have audio of someone asking you to be in the movie? That proves to me your fake.

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  • Marc Btes

    They youth can not comprehend art…. They wanted Chi-Raq to be the magnitude of Straight Out of Compton.

    • Savimbi

      they were looking for a 2015-2016 boyz in the hood, which frankly would have not done nothing but worsen an already dire situation.


    lol @”sexist and racist” . don’t you just love these new school activist revolutionaries? Boy Malcolm and Huey ain’t got nothing on Chance!


    i hate hypocritical people..these artist rap about guns and drugs, then say stop the violence,,the movie shines a light on a situation than other wise gets misrepresented..and further more, the point of the movie was that we have to find our own solutions to our own problems and stop seeking outside help…..these rappers are just mad because they didn’t make money from the project

  • Q.

    Four months later, and they’re still tweefing about this film? Chance is corny for calling the movie “racist.” How? He sounds like a PC white woman… After all the hype, Chi-Raq fell flat because the satire/musical format was an awkward fit for the heavy subject matter; Spike’s intentions were good, but he blew an opportunity to impact the generation, like he did with Do The Right Thing in ’89. All those rappers who pre-judged the movie off the title alone looked especially weak.

    • Chyze

      Chance is the new “Step and Fetch It” with his little PC tweets hoping his career pops and he don’t piss off his massa. Weak ass dude

      • Q.

        Right. I knew there was a reason I didn’t fully fvck with dude, even though he’s from the crib.

  • ZUBU

    What type of “Man” records a conversation, what is the purpose? This Chance dude is lame.
    Only the police or police informants record phone calls….. SMH… Then he threatening to release the conversation… snitching or blackmailing… just a bad look….

    • Anthony Mason

      Right? So he recorded it with intent of some sort…pretty clear…

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    also @ the end of the day if the movie Chi-Raq is so bad …. business 101 says if theres a void FILL IT !!!!! heres yalls oppurtunity to make a movie and put it in proper perspective ….. ijs

  • Watever

    For those don’t know, Chance has been VERY active in trying to stop the violence and helping the homeless in Chicago. I don’t know if Spike actually did anything to directly help the people of Chicago. But if all he did was create a movie to profit off their issues then I can understand why Chance and other Chicago artists would be pissed.

  • coldPissa

    At the end of the day it’s all about money, nothing more nothing less for these people

  • big brain

    Rappers in Chicago scared of the gangs and won’t speak out like Spike. The rappers should come together and make a “Stop the Violence” song, like L.A. did back in the day. At least Spike did something, has crime gone down since the movie?

    • ZUBU

      Stop The Violence In Hip Hop, was a New York Rap move…. We Are All In The Same Game was a California move…….

      • big brain

        You right bro…got the songs mixed up….but u know the point I’m getting at

  • Common Man

    These gangsta rappers are the ones promoting the violence. where are the Black Lives Matter crowd protesting the violence that our own kind are doing to each other. So black lives don’t matter unless the police are the ones doing the killing. I got family in Chicago and it is a bad place. You can’t say let’s end the violence when you rap about violence and drug and are gang affiliated yourself. This goes for all rappers.

    • Jaymat_

      I couldn’t have said it any better. You’re telling the truth.

    • big brain

      They chose the life style and things happen… But police killing the ones not in the life…

  • Chance is lame. Spike gave him more shine. He should be grateful.

  • Jaymat_

    None of this solves the problem. Here we have two black men beefing with one another over social media. Meanwhile, kids are still getting shot up every day in the streets, not just Chicago, but all across America. This is what needs to be done: Parents, sit down with your kids and teach them about the dangers of the streets. Keep them involved in sports, church, academics, anything to give them an alternative to what’s going on out on the streets. Adults, who have any kind of moral backbone at all: When you see a young person, take 5 minutes to talk to them about making good decisions such as staying in school, working hard and earning the things they want in life. Be an example and impart knowledge to them rather than dismissing their entire generation as hopeless. Lastly, when you see a young person doing the right thing, no matter how small, commend him/her. Let them know that they are on the right track and appreciate how hard kids have it out here these days. If each of us in our own sphere of influence practiced these habits, we could really impact our young people.