A Year Before Kendrick Lamar Released “Alright”, Pharrell Had The Song For Someone Else.

(AllHipHop News) Long before Kendrick Lamar’s single “Alright” became both a hit song a chant used against social injustice and racist politics in national news, it was originally a song made by another rapper.

In early 2014, Pharrell made an appearance at a Fool’s Gold Party following the Grammys, and ended up previewing a couple of songs off of his iPod for a packed audience. The first song on the video is “Alright”, but it’s not Kendrick over the beat. Although the clip was brief, but there’s a good chance that the rapper over it was either Fabolous or (possibly) Pusha T.

When “Alright” dropped, the original video that teased the original song was deleted from YouTube.

Could you imagine “Alright” being a Grammy-winning song if or Pusha or Fabolous pushed it? We’ll never know, but it’s very safe to say that Kendrick made it the song of a generation.

Yesterday, protesters chanted the song after a Donald Trump rally was canceled in the University of Chicago.





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24 Responses to “A Year Before Kendrick Lamar Released “Alright”, Pharrell Had The Song For Someone Else.”

  1. Anthony Mason

    Niggas will rap over any old s*** these days. I would be so happy if there was a new star coming out but none on the radar I can see right now….

    Maybe Logic will suprise us again…

  2. Q.

    Witness the power of lyrics + music to power rebellion.
    Fab and T are cool, but I’d be damned if another coke rap over that beat would have had the impact “Alright” has had.

  3. Controversy Sells

    Lol the writer must not know his artist. That’s Fabolous. They had just a verse from his version on a few mix tapes. Such

  4. Papi Peligro

    If you don’t understand why ALL LIVES MATTER after seeing that video of WHITE PEOPLE STANDING UP FOR CIVIL RIGHTS. Standing up for a black man who was threatened. Standing up chanting a black song on the Radio. GET OUT OF HERE. We don’t need a black militant movement. We need to harness this togetherness Hiphop has created and uplift and protect all Americans and protect all rights. There was never a Black Civil Rights movement. It was a CIVIL RIGHTS movement. To protect all Americans fought by all Americans. This doesn’t diminish in anyway black contribution. This though empowers you to understand the significance of what our past leaders truly did. It increases the significance of the strides they made. Ask the Asians who petitioned the court for rights to live and go to school where they wanted to referencing a law pushed by our civil rights. GOD BLESS ALL OF AMERICA through all of his children regardless of color who are being oppressed by someone.

    • Black Jay Supreme

      No offense to the general message you’re trying to put forth but you need to be brought abreast to something. The ALL LIVES MATTER movement has been hijacked by the conservatives and is now being used as a means to minimize the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. I’m not saying that it wasn’t initially born out of good intent. But now it’s used as a slap in the face against Black folks who complain about police brutality, racial injustice, and poverty. That term is no longer welcome in most Black communities. While all lives do indeed matter, it’s mostly Black men and Black women being gunned down by the police. Try to show some sensitivity to their struggles in your next posting. Because regardless of whether there was a “Black” civil rights movement or a “Civil Rights” movement, it all began on the backs of Black people being mistreated by Whites. And the wolf is in no position to tell the lamb how to classify their pain. Consider yourself informed.

      • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

        Bruh black lives matter is a hate group. Plain and simple.

      • Papi Peligro

        If you want to stop police brutality it’s not hard. Pass laws. Those same laws will protect white people as well as blacks.I think conservatives may have hijacked the cause but far leaning blacks hijacked the other side. It’s time to take back the argument. On the black lives movement website they put we trying to bring back black militancy.they not trying help Solve the problem.. People shouldn’t be shot down as racist or anything else for not agreeing that approach is wrong. If your family specifically is being attacked by all means take up arms and protect them. Where is the law saying police not allowed to chase people. What is they are trying to accomplish intimidate law makers into changing. What.

    • The City

      That’s cool in all if you want to continue to look through a rose glass… But we as black folks need to big up our movement and push our political agenda. It’s been to many times that we gave way to pushing the comfortable ideology of the so called “Melting Pot” platform… The time has come to start embracing what we have contributed to this nation. The fact that our culture is the envy of the free world and that we’ve been slaughtered, ridiculed, kidnapped, raped and locked up and starved…all because of the fact that we’re black. I could careless about conforming or simulating to get a place at their table, especially when they’re reluctant to send a invite.

      • Papi Peligro

        They don’t have a political agenda. They have problems. No solutions. Problems make perpetual sheep. Solutions mean you give up your power. These are people that want to make a name for themselves not solve the problem in America. If you were trying to solve the problem then you would put forth your solution first and don’t let nothing get in the way of that message.


    holler if ya hear.. needs to be blasted at all trump rallys that song makes me ride on YT everytime i hear it

  6. Chris Winkley

    Black lives matter, all lives matter too, it’s a sly diversionary tactic, now we are arguing about who lives matter? We are one, we need to focus on our common enemy, the1% the evil shaping or lives. Revolution Muslim’s, Christians,blacks,whites etc standing as one people, human beings. Who are sick of ways, fake terror, the demonizing of Islam… it’s all lies.

  7. Leonard Tarver

    I guess Im the only person who think that protest was bafoonery. There’s been over 22 shootings in Chicago this month alone and there’s still 2 weeks left in March. Black lives matter my *ss… “Dont nobody kill people of my race but only the people of my race!!!” Gtfowtbs

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