Obama Shows His Love For J. Cole

(AllHipHop News) Along With His Love For Kendrick Lamar, President Barack Obama Is A Fan Of J. Cole. According to Complex, the 44th president was at a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee on Friday. Obama ended up showing some love for the 2014 Forest Hills Drive rapper, who performed at the fundraiser before Obama’s appearance at the fundraiser. The President then followed up with admiration of Cole:

“I love J. Cole. You know, this is the benefit of having teenage daughters”

What surprised many is that Obama even met some of Cole’s family members:

“I got a chance to see J. Cole’s mum and grandma.” 

There’s a really good chance that the next president won’t be as cool or hip to music as President Obama.

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14 Responses to “Obama Shows His Love For J. Cole”

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        yes , all together I’d say bush and cheney’s team divided up about a Trillion dollars off the war

  1. Markus

    Obama gets more comfortable making people uncomfortable on his way out the door. After this we’ll be only hearing about rappers around campaign time.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      no presidents , media , law enforcement , government , or white mothers made white people feel uncomfortable about getting away with boldly posting 100’s of Millions of video showing your culture of you setting up crews to film , post , and share Proof of you donating and raping babys

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