Black SuperMan by SlySkyline

Was Superman A Concept Stolen From African God Spirituality?

Maybe I am ignorant or maybe I am just out of the loop! But I found something online that talked extensively how Superman as a hero, his powers, his origin and more story were all jacked from several gods from African. Recently, they have even depicted Supes as a deity figure in the movies. Go figure.

1. Heru’s powers emanate from the sun because he is an aspect of the sun (Ra), the Supreme God. Superman as a Kryptonian gets his power from the earth’s yellow sun.
2. Heru comes from an advanced civilization of deities. As an infant, he came from Egypt to the earth with his mother Auset, to escape destruction. Superman, as an infant, comes from the advanced civilization of Krypton to escape destruction.
3. Heru lost his father. Superman lost his parents.
4. Heru possesses the divine strength, power, might, courage and endurance of a solar god. Superman possesses the superhuman strength, power, courage and stamina of a Kryptonian energized by the sun.
5. Heru, the Golden Falcon/Solar Hawk-the Winged Solar Disc can fly anywhere at supernatural speeds. Superman can fly faster than the speed of light.
6. Heru dies and was resurrected twice as Asar (Osiris) and as an infant. Superman died and was resurrected.
7. Heru fights the never-ending battle for Maat, which is Truth, Justice and Righteousness. Maat is his mother Auset (Isis). Superman fights for Truth, Justice and the American Way.
8. Heru is an Angel of God or Amon -Ra called a neter in Egyptian theology. Superman’s real name is Kal- El.
9. Heru possesses the All-Seeing Eye of Atum -Ra, God which is an aspect of his mother Auset, thereby giving him omniscience and solar heat vision. Superman has X-ray vision, telescopic vision and heat vision.
10. Heru is of the House of God, Atum-Ra. Superman is of the House of EL, God.

So, is this…:

Or this?:

Black SuperMan by SlySkyline

  • Gap Tooth Bruce

    What have they not stole is the question

    • HyPhYMAN

      Yup. Everything is pretty much derived from the same thing. Including religion.

    • Uh, dancing off beat & without rhythm?

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    • Nah, check the comments, brothers are building upon this now.
      You will appreciate.

    • Anthony Mason

      You have to read the comments though. Don’t focus on the article itself and read the whole thread in its entirety….

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if it was…

    • Casor_Greener

      stretch Armstrong with the reach

  • Noneya Business

    Heru Son of God. Father Asar, mother Aset. Jesus is a copy cat of Heru also.

    • They all are.

      • Noneya Business

        Yes Indeed!!

  • Dope

    Can you spell R E A C H?

    Superman is just a bad attempt to create a superhero, a perfect man, everything that a man can’t be. Superman is actually a lame hero (as much as I like him) due to being given all powers he could have been given, basically god without magic. Hence why his stories often involve stupid ”disability” for him, including his perfect boyscout personality, just to make his (human) enemies have any sort of chance against him.

    As for comparison to that Heru dude (Horus is the more common name today), a lot of gods from ancient mythologies would have similar, if not more of shared features. Horus has more in common with Jesus than he does with Superman.

    • That’s because they all took their story from the 1st story, Horus.

      • Dope

        I’m pretty sure that story wasn’t so original it itself. All mythologies can be traced back to some previous civilizations. Somewhere, thousands of years ago, people started telling stories, then others started retelling them, adding new details and the rest is a history of humanity where we constantly write new stories inspired by old ones. Nothing new under the sun.

      • @ 52K BCE minimum, documented in stone, you will be hard pressed to find an older story, especially with the bible starting at 4K BCE.

      • Dope

        I’m in no way implying the bible is anything relevant as it is just a rewrite of many earlier stories. But are you sure you’re getting your numbers right? People started spreading out of Africa some 50K years ago. Egyptian mythology, by that I mean the documented time when these gods were worshiped, starts somewhere around 3.5K BC. Somewhere around the same time ancient Mesopotanian culture was thriving and it’s unclear weather it has influenced ancient Egyptian culture, as they do share similarities.

        And the bible (the jewish bible which predates christian by a few hundred years) text appears a few hundred years BC, definitely not 4K when aforementioned Egypt and Mesopotamia were forming their culture. In historical terms it’s merely a child of many older cultures and their mythologies.

      • I’ll connect the dots for you because you are so close:
        Torah? first appears 300 bc’ish, which coincides with the Ptolemaic Dynasty / Alexander of Macedone conquering Egypt.

        It dates back 5K bc ( The story, not the actual book, because the book originates with Ptolemy. ) Adam / Atom is the beginning of the European’s story, which was whitewashed from pyramid walls to create a divine link to Ptolemy because they wanted to be viewed as GODs like the Pharaohs.

        African Migration = 50K yrs but bible starts at 4,000? BC.
        Atom = Man / 666
        6 Protons ( Positive charge ) , 6 Electrons ( Negative Charge ) , 6 Neutrons ( Neutral )

        Study on Ptolemaic Dynasty or Youtube Ray Hagins – Stolen Story
        good reference points to fact check.

        Same with Merkabah’s :
        That’s Game the bible & Christianity Finally! Explained!

      • Dope

        ”African Migration = 50K yrs but bible starts at 4,000? BC”

        You wrote is as being 4K BC, not me. Now you clarified that you meant the stories, not the book date that far back, which makes more sense, again because those stories are nothing but rewrites of previous stories.

        Humanity as a whole has about 10K of ”civilized” history after the agricultural revolution. Before that, all the way from the spread out of Africa and up to around 8K BC humanity was at the level of animals, mostly going around, migrating all the time to follow the food they hunted/picked up. No settlements, and especially no significant culture/civilization appeared before they started settling down in one place and growing their own food (which enabled them to properly settle in the first place).

        I have no idea what you’re trying to say with the atom thing. Sounds like some mystical alternate new age crap honestly. Different atoms have a different amount of protons, neutrons and electrons, not 666 as if the number meant anything (to me it means nothing, just another piece of supersticious crap that came out of religious dogma).

      • This is incorrect, not all of humanity was uncivilized, just the European. The pyramids had celestial knowledge, they understood the star’s cycle of precession, which is 26K yrs & had to have seen it twice ( 52K ) to notice a pattern ( Once is happenstance, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action ) and accurately depict it on pyramid walls, and 3x = 78K yrs & Khemet was a child of Ethiopia, so that’s 100K yrs.

        They took it all from Africa, even the symbol for a prescription came from the eye of Heru / Horus.

        They gassing us famz…this is how they set us up & I can prove it!

        “Humanity as a whole has about 10K of ”civilized” history after the agricultural revolution. Before that, all the way from the spread out of Africa and up to around 8K BC humanity was at the level of animals, mostly going around, migrating all the time to follow the food they hunted/picked up.”

      • Dope

        Now you’re starting to trip man. Don’t go all Anthony Mason on me and start putting aliens and stuff in there. You don’t need to see the whole circle in order to be able to draw it, all you need is several, even just two points in time and knowledge by how many degrees earth’s axis is changed. For example If you know that in 100 years it has changed by 1 degree then it’s easy to multiply and say how many years it takes for a full circle. And none of those points mean anything, that is happening at this point just as it is at any other point in time, it’s a circle and there is no beginning, end or some big significance to any of it.

        As for the rest of it, one needs to shoe evidence that people especially advanced societies, existed that long ago and explain how their knowledge was completely lost. Those alternate history pople only speak, but don’t really offer any proof.

      • To draw it accurately, you have to see it, otherwise you won’t know it’s a circle or a curve.

        How was the history lost?
        Ptolemaic Dynasty….Alexander The Great conquered Egypt & that is when the whitewashing began. That is when the first bible appeared right around that 300 BC mark we agreed upon.

        Serapis became Jesus at the Nicene council, 324 AD.

      • Dope

        I’m talking about your civilization, fairly advanced one, that existed at least since 52K BC.

      • Your / Mine?

        Not understanding but peep, an AGE or House in the Zodiac cross is (25,625 yrs, which is the cycle of Earth’s orbit…..divided by the 12 signs / constellations is) 2,135 yrs & 3 mnths? / .416yrs

        X 2 = 51,250 yrs

        X 3 = 76, 875 yrs if they watched 3x to be sure there weren’t any wild loops in there.
        ( Like an MC listens to a few bars before spitting on a beat? )

        AKA : Precession / Orbital Cycle of Constellations

        Can’t get anymore advanced than Pyramids, since we still can’t duplicate.

        Peep game though, the Europeans wanted to be viewed as GODs & the bible achieved that for them.

      • Ptah was the God of Artists, his statute was copied for The Oscars statute.

    • Casor_Greener

      The real question is what does it matter that Super man was based on a fake god. All the stories are fake

      • Dope

        Nothing really.. hell, if we go back we can find older cultures from which stories were used to construct Horus if we wanted to. Everything is always just adding a twist and embelishment on something that came before.

  • Scroogwap

    There is only 1 God which is the heavenly father.

    African God Voodoo stories and Superman is AL demonic.

    • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman


    • 3rdEye_Sharp

      Christianity borrowed many of it’s concepts from Traditional African Spirituality…like Baptism…They got that from Voodoo. #Fact! Ptolemy the First of Alexandria, is responsible for your bible. It was converted into Hebrew, from the MDU NTR. #AlsoFact. Yet, you pray to someone that never existed. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome is REAL!

      • #Serapis
        Christianity borrowed ALL of it’s concepts from it.
        Ptolomy Philadelphia, Josephus, Arch Of Titus, detail how Jesus was created to pacify the Israelites that were conquered.

        Israelite = Black people

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        There’s no such thing as an Israelite, as a people. Ptolemy Philadelphhia was the one that had his army seize all of the scrolls from all of the temples in KMT and lock them in a central location. He, then, sent for 72 Rabbis from Jerusalem to come down to KMT to translate them into Hebrew. That was what was supposed to have been known as the Pentateuch. Once the Pentateuch was created, they scripted a fictitious letter, known as the Letter of Aristeas, which was supposed to have validated the Pentateuch, which you know today as The Torah. So, the Bible is all based on a lie! Especially, since the scribes that they stole from, were mostly predicated on Astrology. #Fact

      • Septuagint = 70 = Translation of the 72 elders, 6 from each tribe of Israel.
        Pentateuch = Torah / First 5 Books of Moses

        Did Moses exist? Not any more than Superman, although Thutmosis did.
        Who could find the 12 tribes & why would they translate?

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        The 12 tribes were the 12 celestial signs of the zodiac. The Europeans perverted into the 12 tribes of Israel, because their calcified pineal gland, which didn’t produce any melanin, prohibited them from fully understanding the MDU NTR, so they wrote what they THOUGHT the MDU NTR meant and thus they renamed it Hieroglyphics. All they did was cause confusion, predicated on writing about things that their infantile minds couldn’t possibly construe.

      • Also, Ptolemy forced translations , with questionable accuracy.

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        No doubt!!! That why the Letter to Aristeas was a psuedepigrapha! Ya dig?

      • Exactly…no letter = no authentication.

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        And when you get a chance…check out the letter of Aristeas.

      • Yo! Famz!
        I already know, you hitting them harder than they’ve ever been hit, with few exceptions.

        Aristeas letter goes into how much he paid for the translations, slaves he freed & all he did for Jerusalem, etc, but as you know, without the Letter, the Septuagint becomes just another book, because the ficticious letter is what connects it to the 12 Tribes, God, etc.

        I’m studying the history of the Latin Vulgate, vasheeda? now.

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Oh yeah…You gotta school me on the Latin Vulgate, Vasheeda. I never heard of that one. Break bread, King!

      • Oh chet, this chet is crack for self educating people.
        6 hours long, covers parts of what you said & more:

        Also you tube “Stolen Story” by Ray Hagins.

        Vulgate = Septuagint & Pentateuch?

      • ** Peshitta **
        Not Vasheeda, my mistake.
        Also check into the great uncial codices or four great uncials :
        Codex Sinaiticus
        Codex Vaticanus
        Codex Alexandrinus
        Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus

        Dates & creators, just to give you some extra ammo & sharpen your 3rd eye.

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        I appreciate it, bruh. I checked out ol’ boy Merkeba. He def got busy. Most of it, I knew, but he went into some details that I didn’t. Good looking on the info, bruh! I’ma check these joints out, too.

      • He puts in MAJOR work!
        Check out Pastor Ray Hagins “Stolen Story” & “The Bibble Unlocked” series with Brother Yarashalam, but the Bible unlocked is the flip side, that the bible is real, but still a good series & very in depth.

      • Anthony Mason

        The true Isrealites based on historical lineage are black/tanned people…another 100% correct FACT. However the modern “jews” in America and other areas share some of the same ancestors….

        The Bush family traces their lineage back to…. (you fill in the blank)

    • Same with Jesus and the bible.

  • In Black America

    Superman story is the Jesus story is the Heru story
    Just like ______ of the ______ is the Yakub Story

  • Bill Kill

    Superman’s weakness is a green rock… Black man’s weakness is a white rock… I think its plausible

    • Tanman01

      White mans weakness is kids and meth. Sounds plausible.

    • True, that white rock is so strong, I’ve seen at least 1,500 brothers fugg your mother up her chubby pink @$$ without a condom for one tiny hit of it!

  • HyPhYMAN

    Superman is a Nephilim. Alien that came down to be earths savior.

    • Q.

      Nephilim = Angel/”Alien” = Little God

      • Anthony Mason

        Yes. They were viewed as gods but aren’t gods but yes. Spot on….

    • Anthony Mason

      I agree. He is the representation of those beings. Part human part something otherworldly which is exactly what the Nephilim are. Not were, because they are still here…

  • What the f*ck is this AHH?

    • On the low, Osirus, Horus, Isis, etc, is the concept for Christianity.

      • RespectA

        You’re going to scare these people with the truth yo.

      • AHH threw the fat pitch….it’s up to us to knock it out the park…you see homey above dropping knowledge about vowels in KMT ( Khemit) which will lead to BCE & the word of the day :
        “PrEcession.” and how long it takes.

        ( 26K yrs for stars….and have to see it 2x to know it’s a pattern to put on pyramid walls, so if the bible starts at 4,000 BC & the pyramids had 52K yrs worth of knowledge on the walls……..the wheels start spinning, sometimes in multiple directions.)

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Just fyi…anything ending with a “us” or “is” is Greek. In KMT, his name was spelled HRU. There weren’t many vowels in the MDU NTR.

      • No doubt!
        Good looking, that must be why Christmas is abbreviated X Mas?

  • Q.

    Houston Williams, trying to kick knowledge? Random, but Okay!
    Yes, most superheroes in general are derived from the ancient African mythical pantheon(s), with Horus/Heru being the most general archetype. Superman is Heru/Horus/Jesus/Yeshua/Yashua/Son of God/the Christ consciousness/ etc.

    Incredible Hulk = Ausar/Osisris (green god)

    Batman = Anpu/Anubis (jackal ears)

    Catwoman = Bastet/Sekhmet (cat goddess)

    Wonder Woman = Aset/Isis/Hetheru/Hathor (feminine principle, mother goddess)


    Will Smith’s Hancock/The Avengers’ the Falcon = Heru (the falcon)

    The examples go on and on and on…all Euro mythologies (Greek/Roman/Norse) are derived from Kemetic/Egyptian gods. The same for astrological zodiacs. Stan Lee is not that imaginative to come up with all these hundreds of concepts and archetypes for comic heroes! Obviously, he’s well-studied in the ancient mythologies, most likely a Freemason as well.

    • ^^ This ^^

    • RespectA

      Please school them brother.

      • Anthony Mason

        That was a good post. That part about him being intrigued by the ancient schools of mystery and being a freemason…very good observation…

    • 3rdEye_Sharp

      Stan Lee actually admitted that, though. Just like he said that Professor X and Magneto were inspired by Dr. King and brother Malcom. Ijs

  • The Legendary Troll

    There is nothing new under the sun. Im sure there was someone else in the world who came up with this same concept but never materialized it. stop it now

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  • johnstockton

    There are similarities between superman and Heru but there are also similarities between Heru and other gods. Many gods from many cultures share attributes. So where does the specific evidence for the creators of superman stealing from Egyptian myths come from?

    Reaction to the list:

    1. Many half-gods in myths and religion get their power from one primary all power source.
    2. Superman didn’t come with his mother.
    3. Every hero ever lost his father.
    4. So many gods in so many religions and myths have these powers.
    5. So many gods can fly. Superman doesn’t have wings like a falcon.
    6. Many gods have died and ressurected.
    7. Fighting for truth and justice is not unique to Heru.
    8. ??
    9. Again, probably not unique to this god.
    10. ??

    • 3rdEye_Sharp

      You’re missing 2 key points…1.) The word Hero is derived from Heru. 2.) Heru was the physical manifestation of the Pineal Gland. If you look up the laws of Ma’at…the final law is “I will worship the All.” Our ancestors called the creator “The All.” Horus was the physical depiction of the pineal gland, also known as the Eye of Horus, also known as the 3rd eye, also known as the “The All’s Seeing Eye.” Just thought I’d add on.

      • Anthony Mason

        The pineal glad resembles a pine cone so how would it represent a person?

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        It’s conceptual. None of the saviors actually existed in human form. They were all depictions of the pineal gland. The pineal gland or The All’s Seeing Eye, is the epicenter of human spirituality. So, if you research the story Jesus, Heru, Krishna, Buddha, Dionysus and compare them to the Ancient Kemetans understanding of the functionality of the pineal gland, there’s quite an uncanny resemblance between both factions. It also produces our melanin, which makes us “created in God’s image.” To understand why Heru was projected in the physical form, you would need to understand the MDU NTR, which will explain the semblance of it and why Heru had the head of a falcon, because of what the falcon symbolized in the MDU NTR. Just like Auset, didn’t actually exist. Look up the Kemetic Tree of Life and you will notice that Heru, Auset, Ausar, Sehkbet and all of the rest of them are different dimensions of human consciousness. When you master each portion of the human consciousness, you become a God, or Amen Ra, which means that you are consciously ascended and can communicate directly with the creator and the cosmos.
        The ancestors were deep like that! Just like in the MDU NTR, the woman is depicted as a Buzzard, but when you understand the MDU NTR, you would know that the Buzzard is the most nurturing animal on the planet! It would go so far, as to chew off it’s own leg, in order to feed it to it’s offspring, to nourish them. That’s why the Black Queen was so revered in KMT.

      • WOW!

      • Anthony Mason

        And guess what deystroys the pineal gland and calcifies it faster than almost any substance know to man?…. Toothpaste and tap water. Two of the most commonly used products in conjunction with eachother that contain dangerous levels of flouride…

        That is why people are losing their creativity at such a rapid pace. I can see your angles. Well explained….

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Not just the water, but also toothpaste…they both have Fluoride in them, which is a known calcifying agent of the pineal gland

      • Anthony Mason

        That is what I was saying. I think I was editing my comment when you typed back all good…

      • Q.

        There are multiple layers of science to consider when examining ancient mystical thought: the word “pineal” is related to “pine cone” only in relation to the shape of the gland. The pineal gland/third eye correlates with christ consciousness, as the pineal gland is the gateway to transcendental consciousness by way of meditative transformation. “Christ” refers to oil, specifically, the anointment of the head with oil. In the nocturnal state, the pineal gland bathes/anoints the brain with the secretion of melatonin, which induces one into dream-state consciousness, a natural foray into the spiritual allegorical realm. Christ consciousness is zoomorphized as the hawk (peregrine falcon), one of the most revered creatures, representing ascension and keen sight. The “Eye of Heru” (aka the “all-seeing eye” depicted on the US dollar bill) is drawn in a pine cone-like shape, also representing the pineal gland, and whose pictogram was geometrically designed using the Golden Ratio, aka the “god number.” Heru/hero is the archetype for the highest goodness, highest power attainable in human beings, aka christ consciousness. The ancients used pantheonic mythology to anthropomorphize the multiple facets of Natural Law, and “God” expressed within Humanity. Unfortunately, the deities themselves were incorrectly worshipped (partially due to social corruption), thus descending into polytheism, which contradicted the point of the teachings to begin with. Geometry, astronomy, astrophysics, electromagnetism, and natural observations on Earth were integrated simultaneously to demonstrate complex concepts symbolically. The pale Europeans, in their infantile understanding, attempted to recreate Kemet (in their image), via Greece and Rome, and have been attempting to do so in the Americas for the past 500 years. The same allegories are now expressed in comics, film, and video games. This is why in 2016, there is a “Gods of Egypt” movie with an all-white cast. They’re promoting their own mythology–a white Africa!

      • Anthony Mason

        A lot of truth in what you said. Interesting that oil is placed on the forehead in different religions. Roman catholics put black ash on the forehead and Hindus put red dots. It is always adjacent the pineal gland….

        The Vatican has a statue of it and the Hindu temples styled their roof tops of their temples after it….

      • Q.

        Right. All of those symbols refer to the pineal gland and christ consciousness. Metaphysics is ever-present throughout most religions, though rarely acknowledged or openly discussed in doctrine. Hindustan was founded by ancient Nubians, the Dravidians, who migrated from Africa into southern Asia, bringing mystic sciences of ancient Egypt with them. The Hindus developed their own pantheon of deities, which correlate with the Kemetic paradigm. Interestingly enough, the Roman Catholic church has it’s own pantheon of deities who are secretly worshipped–they just call them saints.

      • Anthony Mason

        Roman Catholics tend to enjoy ignoring the part of the bible speaking on idol worship yet they don’t believe in condoms that can protect them from pregnancy and disease….hmm. Yeah like you said…Saints are dieties and nothing in the bible says to bow down to plastic droopy looking figurines from the same store you buy candle lit pentagrams….

      • Q.

        If the Pope advocated condom use, then maybe less priests would feel compelled to sodomize children to avoid pregnancy.

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        GET’EM KING!!!!!

      • Yeah, he fugged heads up with that!

      • Genesis 32:30 = “So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.”

      • Anthony Mason

        So essentially you are saying it was a possible DMT trip…

      • ~~~> Chokes on Reggie Blunt

      • Anthony Mason

        Lol! You guys have taken this to a weird place so I thought I might throw in that the pineal gland produces DMT….Oh well 99% of people on here havent heard of either thing haha!

      • Fugged me up because if the Bible was real… probably hit the nail on the head!

      • Anthony Mason

        I mean hey…there are real parts to a lot historical stories not just biblical. Just a lot of embellishment and filler too…

        The DMT idea is plausible as any. I don’t think Jacob knew what it was or how to describe it and DMT absolutely connects you to the spiritual realm. I have not done it but I have done Salvia several times.

        You pretty much die and become reborn with a new outlook on life after doing Salvia and a 5-10 minute trip can feel like a lifetime. I didn’t even know I was a person anymore. I had no sense of self….which indicates that these bodies and the environment are part of an artificial construct…

      • I know, it makes sense if the bible was real, considering he had just had a fight, etc….but in reality, the bible isn’t real, just a comic book made up to enslave the Blackman.

        Can I prove it?

      • Anthony Mason

        You aren’t going to be able to refute or disprove the entire bible…only parts. It is as much historical documentation as it is bizzare and surreal stories…

        Niggas tell their friends stories about things that happened last week and omit and add things so…

        Things that did exist:

        Giants (nephilim)
        Sea Monsters (dinosaurs)
        Parting of the Red Sea
        Noahs Ark (they found it)

      • Hmmm, ok, they found Noah’s Ark, on top of Mt Arawat, and the only reason you can’t SEE the actual Ark is because :
        ( ** Insert Excuse HERE ** )

        Whereas thousands of years before Noah, there was the story of Khufu’s Ark, or rather, Khufu built an Ark & you can actually see it.

        ( ** No Excuse Needed ** )


        Moses, Jesus, losing the lamb, throwing it on the shoulder, etc..

        ~~~> In black Sheep’s voice :
        “You can get with this :

        Or you can get with that :

        But if you really want to believe the bible is real, you need to check out :
        “The Bible Unlocked” series :
        The Pork Deception

        As well as Deceptions like Easter, Christmas, Tithing, Sunday, Rapture, etc. The brother Yarashalam is bringing the heat from the other side of the issue ( The Trap of Paul’s Epistles, Neither Jew Nor Greek, Gentiles Cut Off, etc. )

        So if you really believe in the bible, despite the proof, or even if you are just unsure or want to cover all the basis, it’s worth watching!

      • Anthony Mason

        The Turkish government has it under tight security and guarded by the military. It’s up there. They let a team of Japanese researchers up there years ago and there is video footage of it. Check it out! It fits the dimensions and is exactly where it is supposed to be. The exterior is fossilized wood but the interior is intact in parts and the organic samples tested positive for it carrying animals, food and hay….

        It is not a popular search on youtube for obvious reasons…Niggas love ghosts and aliens though but can’t believe in a boat that washed up on a mountain….

        What is the pork deception?

      • Bible verses showing why you shouldn’t eat pork.
        Turk government?

        Ground penetrating radar, etc., you name it, but the fact is, you can’t see the ARK to verify it’s existence, Turks won’t dig it up, etc., whereas you can actually see Khufu’s Ark.

      • Anthony Mason

        You can see it. That’s the thing. You watch the videos?

      • The videos I saw show a shape under the dirt, nothing more.

        Genesis 7 : 1-3 =

        1) “Then the LORD said to Noah, “Enter the ark, you and all your household, for you alone I have seen to be righteous before Me in this time. 2) “You shall take with you of every clean animal by sevens, a male and his female; and of the animals that are not clean two, a male and his female; 3) also of the birds of the sky, by sevens, male and female, to keep offspring alive on the face of all the earth.”

        7 each – Male & Female = 14 members of one species that were good, 2 each = 4 members of the bad species & 7 each of the birds = 14 members of each bird species.

        Good = Edible according to dietary laws.

        4 lions, elephants, bears, giraffes, buffalo, cows, horses, etc….and 7 if they are good, & food for them, but…..the Story of Noah’s Ark is on the Pyramid walls too.

        As far as digging deeper, it doesn’t get deeper than the pyramids. Knowledge of astrological precession takes 52K yrs? 26K for each AGE or HOUSE of the zodiac to cross the cross of the zodiac X 12.

        ( 12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples = 12 months of reason, 4 Gospels signify the 4 seasons, etc. )

        26 X 2 at minimum, to detect a pattern, with the bible starting 5K yrs ago….the pyramid’s story is the oldest by 47K.

        Check out Serapis vs Jesus & the flooding of the nile to float into the afterlife to Orion’s belt, home of Osirus, in the Dog Star constellation, then check out the Egyption with the Dog head, Anubis, who guided them into the after life, like a dog guides blind people today.

        God = DOG = Anubis

        “Your will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.”
        Pyramids = Orion’s belt on Earth.
        Check NASA’s logo for it.

      • Anthony Mason

        If I die and find our God is a Dog I’ll dap you up when I see you bruh….

        I know the back stories and the other stuff. You know your stuff for sure. Don’t get me wrong….

        I have a hunch our history has been over complicated and diverted for a reason and that the beautiful looking former angelic choir leader who wanted to be on God’s level has a sliiiggghhtt thing to do with that…..

        I think your boy has some tricks up his sleeve that even the most astute (like yourself) scholarly types can get wrapped up in. Remember what it says about that in revelation?


      • That’s the point…Heaven was in the stars to the Egyptians, Orions belt where Osiris was.
        Phillip of Macedone had a son named Alexander the Great / Invader (Depends on who you ask?)

        He conquered Egypt ( Alexandria ) & established the Ptolemaic Dynasty.
        They (Europeans ) wanted to be viewed as GODs like the other Pharaoh’s & they CREATED Jesus & the Bible as they white washed OUR story & hit us back with it.

        Osiris worship was the 1st religion to offer life after death & Resurrection which was pretty good chet back then….and even now, as slaves sang songs about dying while they worked the fields diligently, hoping for a pie in the sky reward when they die……while massa ate his pie on the spot!

        Serapis vs Jesus?
        Christians existed 300? yrs before Jesus.

        I’ll leave you with more questions than answers & shake your beliefs to the core with EVIDENCE vs your FAITH.

        IE: If the Dead Sea scrolls & the bible were legitimately inspired by GOD ……why wasn’t the Dead Sea scrolls included in the Bible?

        You have 2 answers :
        1) = Don’t Know
        2) = They were hidden

        #2 opens up “Hidden from what?”
        Hint – Google the Arch Of Titus

      • Anthony Mason

        I’ll look it all up and hit you back…

      • The videos give you references to verify / investigate, etc.

        It will take a while, not an overnight thing, but now that your eyes are open to that point of view, you will be looking for info on either side, to prove or disprove.

        On DMT, I fell out because, like I said, if the Bible was real, homey probably was on DMT, he just had a near death experience, disabled him, broke his hip, & fugged up the way he walked, so yeah, that @$$ whipping probably released DMT since homey felt lucky to have survived…..shocked even. i just never thought of it like that!

      • Anthony Mason

        We can agree on that physiological response for sure at least. That theory fits nicely on both sides regardless if that story was recycled….

      • Indeed, fits it perfectly!

      • Anthony Mason

        What is true is that the boat is up there no matter how we decide to debate it. It is near the border with Iran. The same Dr. Who discovered many of the missile threat locations during the Kennedy administration is a world renowned Arial topographer from Ohio state who verified…. it as a boat. It is not part of the mountain….

        The real weird s*** is the rivets holding the beams and other parts together. They are part aluminum, titanium and iron and other material. I promise you the majority of any of the Japanese researchers up there did not believe in Jesus or even God. They confirmed it was a boat that was filled with animal dung, deer antlers and other samples taken. There were man made bored out holes in the wood and visible planks.

        There is space inside of it and it is not a cave or a naturally formed structure. They have verified that. I don’t think the Turkish government did or ever will have an interest in turning their mountain into a museum or attempt to dig it up risking further damage….

        It’s there and it is impossible to relocate although there is a replica built to spec somewhere in Scandinavia you can visit. I forget if it is Denmark, Sweden, Finland or Norway…

      • Khufu’s boat was called the “New Anhk” and the flooding of the Nile was called the same. (Later called the New Ark as in Newark, NJ.)

        The flooded Nile lined up with the Milky Way & Khufu rode it home to Osiris as the story goes. It’s just a story, but it’s OUR story that was corrupted into Noah’s Ark, which is why all you will ever see is pictures of the Noah’s Ark.

        Noah’s Ark was 520 feet 8 inches long by 86 feet 9.3 inches wide by 52 feet 0.8 inches high according to Genesis 6:15 –
        “This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high.”

        1.5 football fields long by 1/3 a football field wide…..30 yrds wide.
        Could the animals really fit, pissing & pooping on the ark, along with 5 months worth of supplies?

        Genesis 7:24 “The waters flooded the earth for a hundred and fifty days.”

        If they built 1 replica, why not two?

        “The real weird s*** is the rivets holding the beams and other parts together. They are part aluminum, titanium and iron and other material.”

        Yeah, definitely weird that primitive? man would be working titanium rivets.
        Are the Israelites Black?
        If they really existed, YES, check out :
        “The Conspiracy & Hidden Identity Of blacks In The Bible” from The Bible Unlocked Series – /watch?v=W0UPTQCgGCE

        Plenty of ammo to support your position, but like I said, that’s dealing with the premise that the bible is legit, and if you really believe that, The Bible Unlocked, is a series you won’t want to miss, but be careful, it may change your life.

      • Post a link

      • Anthony Mason

        Ok. Hope it doesn’t get moderated. I’ll find the one I saw.

      • Leave out the u toob dot (om part & hit it like this :
        ^ The Trap Of Paul’s Epistles – The Bible Unlocked

      • Anthony Mason

        Also note DMT’s role in dream cycles and lucid dreams.If we didn’t dream, life would be difficult to hack. I can’t tell you how many times dreams have helped me to ” recharge”.

        There is a biological purpose that ties in with your spirit. I have lucid dreamed a few times and it was during times of duress or if I felt a need to escape reality but I have been able to close my eyes and go wherever I wanted in those cases and had full control and awareness and it was not drug induced.

        People on heavy drugs rarely will experience that phenomenon unless injesting DMT. Alcoholics in withdrawal or sober people after they have just eaten tend to have spikes in that sort of activity. You ever eat a bunch and take a nap and have strange dreams?

      • Anthony Mason

        Khufus ark is legit yet small. Noahs ark looks like a boat the size of a football field. The size of the animals required a much much larger boat. Needless to say, the last of the dinosaurs were mostly killed during Noah’s period but some survived. We thought celocanths were gone no? And alligators are still eating peoples pets.Tetradactyls and “thunderbirds”have been sited recent as of the last 200 years so….

        They are still digging up giants especially in Indian burial grounds around Ohio and Pennsylvania and much of the Egyptian art was likely to scale….

      • 2 of each animal that was bad, 7 of the good ones, plus provisions for 1yr?
        Noah’s Ark would be bigger than the Titanic.

        Youtube “Pastor” Ray Hagins “Idiotic Concepts In Religion”

      • Anthony Mason

        It is big enough for 2 pair of the animals indigenous to the area. Don’t over complicate this fam. All species have never existed in one place even in mesopotamia…Mount Ararat is not the highest mountain in the world either

        Bruh….What is unlikely is that there weren’t other landmasses helping sustainin land animals also bruh. Noah had some help for sure and lots of animals swim and can save themselves….

      • Anthony Mason

        Also, the seas subsided at some point to sustainable levels. Many theories suggest that the flood was mass flooding caused by a meteor strike(s)…

        In fact, even atheist scientists have been siding with the Bible story in record numbers in the last 10 years because the only way that you could get that much precipitation to come down in that fashion over a large portion of the earth would be water molecules attaching to dust particles in the fashion ice crystals attach to form snow…

        There is evidence of massive meteor strikes all over earth. It could have been multiple strikes at once that created a gas environment that killed off most land mammals that weren’t later killed by the flood and it likely killed off much of the larger sea life. A highly altered atmosphere would also change oxygen levels and have a direct effect on the size of creatures that could survive…

        Dig deeper bruh…

        There was a worldwide flood. That is not debatable. What exactly happened is up for debate still. What we do know is that something wild happened 10,000,15,000, maybe 20,000 years ago. Noah and those in his time lived to be 500 – upwards of 900 years. Their DNA was pretty much unaltered compared to today and there was no such thing as industrial pollution. There was a water canopy over earth and it had tons more oxygen content also….

        If you study water and how it is synthesized…my argument gets even stonger. Good old high quality H20…lol..

      • The point is, even if ALL of the stories are BS, Heru, Osiris, Isis, etc, was the source, the 1st story, OUR story.

        Cultural whitewashing like Menachem Begin standing in front of the Pyramids claiming the Israeli’s built the pyramids or that the Israeli’s in Israel are the Israelites in the Bible…..instead of from Kazakhstan where they took the practices of the Hebrew Israelite tribe of Judah & combined them with Paganism to create Judaism in the 8th century.

      • Pirate7X

        BOOM!! Knowledge bombs dropped, head for the shelters…

      • Flavius Josephus – Google him
        He wrote the bible / Joseph

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Peace God/King! I know who Flavius Josephus was bruh. I wouldn’t necessarily credit him, with writing the bible, only on the strength of Ptolemy’s jealousy at the temples of KMT. Remember…Dude was being petty, because the KMTC Priests, refused to make a statue of him for the Greeks residents of Alexandria to worship. The Greeks were worshiping side by side in front of the statue of Ausar/Osiris. They didn’t know that the Kemetans were sharpening their consciousness…The Greeks ACTUALLY thought that the people of KMT were worshiping and actual deity! Smh. You got me on the Vaneesha, joint, bruh…but I’m squared away on all of the rest of the history. I’ve fact checked the King Chaka Ahmose AND the King, Dr. Mfudishi, as well as the King Brother Polite…In addition to books that I read from Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Chancellor Williams, Anthony Browder, Dr. Joy Degruy, Ivan Van Sertima…The list goes on and on, bruh! In my college classes, I make my professors uncomfortable, because I know the purpose of “institutions.”, and the cognitive dissonance comes out, on cue, when I start proving how a lot of their ideologies were “borrowed”/stolen concepts of our mighty ancestors! I’m on my square b! However, I’m still a sponge, because, as much as I DO KNOW, that’s indicative of how much I don’t! Ijs. Thanks for sharing wisdom, King! Hotep!

      • Peace!

        You are on point, it does get deeper, but you are at the level where you can connect the dots as they appear:

        Check out this vid /watch?v=WSIXYI4vgYU
        Or U Toob Merkabah’s –

        That’s Game the bible & Christianity Finally! Explained!

        Or Pastor Ray Hagins – stolen story

        Plenty of facts to cross check that will seal the deal & give you even more power to shut chet down!

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Trillz! I appreciate you, Black Man! Hotep! May The All and The Ancestors guide and watch over you and yours!

      • ** DAPZ **

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        And more Culture-Vulture ish…Come to find out…Karl Marx of the Marxism political ideology…which so many nations ascribe to…Is a BLACK MAN, from GERMANY!!!! His daughters called him Moor, instead of father, because of his dark skin and black kinky hair…one of the GREATEST and most IMPORTANT minds, when it comes to critical thinking, philosophy, as well as one of the PIONEERS of Sociology, was a Black Man!!! You look at a picture of him…No bs…He looks JUST LIKE Frederick Douglass! They hiding that, too!

      • Karl Marx Pic

      • 3rdEye_Sharp


      • Anthony Mason

        I agree about “moorish”

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Segue…Alexander Pushkin, who was also a Moor, was responsible for bringing lingual syntax into Russia, whom just so happened to adopt Marxism as a political disposition. Ijs…Coincidence??? Probably not! Now, Russia is bankrupt! Coincidence? Prolly not.

      • Check out “The Crash course” By Chris Martenson
        on u toob.
        You will like.

      • 3rdEye_Sharp

        Karl Marx

    • Raglan’s Hero Ranking gives 21…..are any of the stories real?
      probably not, it’s just that Heru, Isis, Osirus, etc, was the FIRST STORY.

      In theory, just as boolchet as the rest of them, but this is where the story originated…OUR story! They just whitewashed it & sold it back to us.

    • Bob Marley

      Says the white guy GTFOH

  • sparkchark

    why am i not surprised…i mean they basically LIED ABOUT WHO THE LONE RANGER WAS….so this seems pretty accurate…

  • EniggaMA

    da hell is illseed?

  • Markus

    An interesting doubt has been raised here but it’s unlikely it goes any further than here. Sad to say in the time we live in that the same character with the same backstop but different skin color besides white and it wouldn’t be received well. And if you have issues with a fictional character from outer space not being white,you have bigger problems than you know.

    • Which “fictional character from outer space” are you talking about?
      Superman or Jesus or both?

  • Executive

    Whites would NEVER steal now would they?

    • Anthony Mason

      No never….

  • RespectA

    Come on with this man. That’s where they got the story of Jesus. Man you better educate yourself on African history.

  • Pirate7X

    Superman is is also directly coming from the Moses / Musa story that originates of course from the African Kemetian Ausar / Osirus, Auset / Isis to Heru / Horus story.

    Musa Moses was taken from his parents and assumed a different identity (Clark Kent)

    Moses hid his special powers (Superman).

    Moses had to leave his adopted family and reside in a barren land (Clark Kent).

    Moses had to lead his people to freedom using his powers (Superman).

    … and much more.

    • Good stuff about Musa / Pharoah Thutmose

      • Pirate7X

        Thanks, respect.

    • wes mc

      Did Moses ever bang Louis Lane?

      • Pirate7X

        No but he could have parted her Red Sea. ; P

  • El_Gringo


    • Anthony Mason

      Batman has no super powers so yes. Ironman is > batman though. Lol!

  • D_Ably

    Black people invented jumpers but white people are walking around wearing them! Black people invented electricity but white people use it! black people invented the very oxygen we breathe but them crackers are breathing that to? My days, whats the world coming to???

    • Savimbi


  • Savimbi

    I’m not exactly sure about superman but I do know the Little Mermaid was taken from the west african deity Mami Wata

    • Anthony Mason

      She is a scary b****. I was watching a documentary about this guy who is now a Christian but was once heavy into voodoo and he summoned his dead father and his dad was in mermaid form and dove into the wood floor and dissapeared….

      I personally believe demonic entities take the form of dead people and strange creatures hence a lot of folklore and such…

      • Savimbi

        Yea in Mami Wata is usually credited as being a spiritual gf/wife…they got these crazy rituals that men sometimes have to do in order to rid themselves from her. Fascinating stuff lol

      • Anthony Mason

        Exactly…because she is a demonic entity similar to some other ones that manifest. To my understanding the Starbucks mermaid has such roots in the demonic entity(s) we are discussing. It is an addictive spirit that probably serves other purposes particularly caffeine addiction and also appeals to status symbol centric thoughts in the case of starbucks…

        S*** is weird and somewhat disturbing when you think about it. Probably a succubus like entity because men are primarily affected by the mermaid stuff in stories ….

        Certain demonic spirits tend to inhabit certain facets of our environment in every culture…

        Coffee is primarily composed of liquid water…

      • Savimbi

        *in western African

      • That chet happened to me…when I smoked some Cali weed!

      • Anthony Mason


      • Anthony Mason

        Lol! I think only those angel dust joints can make you see some s*** like that though. Training day blackmail hits. Lmao!!!

        That nigga was seeing demons in his closet and his dad crawled out from under his bed looking like a mermaid. Once the entities took over his life he was done with it and realized witchcraft was not it…

        So many African and caribbean folks still do it to gain “health and prosparity”…F*** that bruh….

      • I smoked that concentrated weed, DABZ? once, like crystals, I was done gambling after a pinch of that!

      • Anthony Mason

        You did that action bronson. Lol!

      • Ninjaz was like :
        “You don’t want no brown Holy water???” ( Henny )

        I was like :
        “Nah, I’m good, just let me lay here on the floor!”

  • ursocalledgod

    LMAO I know the illumnati believers are eating this shyt up!! smh

    • Anthony Mason

      Nobody with half a brain on here touched on illuminati bulls*** though bruh because it has nothing to do with this topic. This is much deeper than that. There was mention of the comic creator’s possible freemasonic association….

      I hate the fact so many people are poisoned with that incorrect terminology for the powers that be. It is sad…

  • Elayorx El

    Salute to all the brothers bangin, and buildin on the board.

    • Indeed, they set off some chet with that!

  • wes mc

    I’m callin bs on this article, Superman was created by 2 Jews and Jews have never stolen anything….

  • Jay Dubya

    Where did two Jewish boys growing up in Cleveland, Ohio- in the 30’s- find all this deep, esoteric, African/Kemetian teaching to plagiarize???