Did Future Run Off On A Houston Promoter?

As you know the nightlife club scene can have its pros and cons when it comes to turning up. It can be your source for late night fun, or it can often be the backdrop for unruly chaos. Well it looks like Future will have some explaining to do as a promoter is accusing him of skipping out on a show he was previously booked for. The promoter is livid as Future was paid $50K in full the week before. After Future’s concert in Houston, he was supposed to take the party over to Limelight Nightclub. It’s been said that Future never showed up, but the promoter is saying Future did show up but backed out of his performance at the last minute because he felt the venue was too packed and unsafe. Future didn’t return any of the money, and as of right now supposedly he’s working on doing another free show at a later date. Hmmmm it seems like there may be more to this story What are your thoughts?

future night club

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13 Responses to “Did Future Run Off On A Houston Promoter?”


    FUCTURE is a lil cryin’ B*TCH like meek & officer Ricky…… ‘I didn’t feel safe’…. u felt safe takin’ the promoters $50,000.00 biyatch!

    • Gap Tooth Bruce

      You sound broke….and sound like you believe anything somebody post on the net without knowing the facts go to sleep homo


        Bet that GAP TOOTH space works well when you suckin’ off yo bawse Officer Ricky on your knees! Slurp a lil FUCTURE while yo down there, finish up you missed a drop!

  2. Gap Tooth Bruce

    Smart…..50k aint worth some of these death traps promoters be wanting artist to perform in….fuk yall janky ass niggas

  3. Jmo-Texas

    Future is garbage anyway! I wouldnt pay the price for admission, let alone pay this fool 50k to perform! Hey janky promoter, its yo fault you paid Future’s dumb ass in advance anyway!

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