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White Boy Curses Out Cops And Tells Black Cop “You Not A Real N***a!”

This is what white privilege looks like. A white kid in the Chicago suburb curses the hell out of the police in a drunken rage and lives to tell the tale. He even calls an African American police a n***a – all the while recording the incident. The kid, who is in full knowledge of his rights, seemingly does this brazen act in front of is care takers or some other elders (“Kevin”). What is even more odd is he showed a wounded hand, what would likely be considered probably cause, after the officers were looking for evidence in a crime. We’re thinking if this was a person of color, he would certainly be a casualty and a hashtag. What do you think?

Officer Carver is pissed that she can’t light his ass up – allegedly! Seriously, is this funny or just ignorant.

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    • illynois95

      So much hate in your heart. I hope you find a way to love your fellow man someday, regardless of race.

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  • Roxas Withersby

    Uhh, this video is several years old. In fact I think you guys wrote a story on it when it first came out.

  • Dark Matters

    Old vid. I respect the kid for standing his ground. It’s his home.

    • Ellis Chrischelle

      no it’s not. Less his last name is Zuckerberg he doesn’t own that house.

  • Andy Maas


  • Markus

    Pigs don’t call the game fair. This wasn’t shocking. Not in the least.

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    Well his crackhead father was in the way so the cops couldn’t yoke him.

  • illynois95

    Sounds like the kid is going through a rough time. Of course it’s ignorant of him to call the cops n-words and all that, and especially to criticize the black cop for having a good job, implying that “real n-words” don’t have good jobs. unbelievably ignorant in fact. However, there is no “white privilege” going on here. The writer of the article is implying that if this were a black person, the cops would have killed them? That’s just plain ignorant. You know there were less than 50 unarmed black people killed by cops in 2015, right? That stuff does not happen as often as the media apparently wants people to think it does. A casualty and a hashtag? Are you out of your mind? Do you have any capacity for rational thought beyond what Al Sharpton tells you? There is no reason to think it would have gone down any different if the kid were black and acting the exact same way, other than the false narratives that black people are taught to believe.