White Boy Curses Out Cops And Tells Black Cop “You Not A Real N***a!”


This is what white privilege looks like. A white kid in the Chicago suburb curses the hell out of the police in a drunken rage and lives to tell the tale. He even calls an African American police a n***a – all the while recording the incident. The kid, who is in full knowledge of his rights, seemingly does this brazen act in front of is care takers or some other elders (“Kevin”). What is even more odd is he showed a wounded hand, what would likely be considered probably cause, after the officers were looking for evidence in a crime. We’re thinking if this was a person of color, he would certainly be a casualty and a hashtag. What do you think?

Officer Carver is p##### that she can’t light his ass up – allegedly! Seriously, is this funny or just ignorant.