Azealia Banks Takes More Shots At Rihanna & K. Michelle

Photos via Rihanna and Azealia Banks’ Instagram

If Azealia Banks talked shhh all day on social media while simultaneously putting out great music, people might actually let her slide. Well, she doesn’t, so people kill her on the net daily. Azealia’s latest antics include taking more shots at Rihanna and K. Michelle. Azealia commented on Rihanna’s tour performances saying how awful they have been. In one segment Rihanna attempts a style of dancing called Voguing. Azealia commented that she’d seen twigs Vogue better. She also told a fan that K. Michelle is the reason why all of her touring and gigs have been cancelled. She says,

“F*cking around with that bird b*tch put me in a horrible position with my fans and promoters.”

Azealia’s main beef with Rihanna stems from the fact that she believes Ri has such a huge platform but is lazy and complacent with her craft. While RiRi is a bad gal, Azealia, for once, may be right about these ‘ANTI’ tour performances. They haven’t been anything to rave over. What are your thoughts?

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  • diddlebug


  • Leonard Tarver

    Rihana and K-Michelle should hit each other up and be like “don’t comment. Give her no platform”… lol

  • RayStantz

    Didn’t this clown ass chick say she was done with social media the other day? How you gonna be done with the only thing that makes you relevant?

    • one two

      she deleted her twitter – ‘Time for a bit of mystery…Goodbye.” – and went a gear up on instagram.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    RIP Pimp C.

  • I can’t front. In regards to Rihanna, she’s right. Rihanna is lazy as f*ck. But so are most pop stars so I can’t really hate on her for following suit.

    But Azealia really needs to shut the f*ck up and put out product. Nobody wants to hear your critiques when you haven’t even made it to other people’s level. Put out hits and then you can talk. Until then, shut the f*ck up.

    • squidlyranks

      Relax she be high at times. Never been to a Riri show but I know and see she puff like a muffler.

  • Dope

    Why do you fools even report on her tweets? She even said she ”quits” the social media stuff just days ago, but we all know she can’t quit that one thing that giver her attention. So at least sites like AHH should completely ignore her.


    She’s an attention whore….She’s tried to beef with Iggy, T.I., several others, now Rhianna and K. Michelle. Let the fans acknowledge Rhiannas show is fucked up (they’re still paying for those damn tickets) ,bum bitch need to keep trying to get her own shit popping. Wasting too much time worrying about people who are successful already, and they’re popping and have very little time to worry about her….Typical hater shit smh.

  • Mike

    She’s gotten more credit than deserved.
    Plainly, she’s not that bright.
    Simone should advise her they she actually has a nitch to make more money elsewhere that music. Talk radio or some type of show. Keep it real type stuff. She’ll do well on controversy etc. Fox News? MSNBC?
    Her team sucks

    • Celz

      Her and her team suck

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  • KillSasukeHaters

    Azealia Banks is probably the most authentic, creative, REAL, originality driven artist that we have to date. It’s a shame that whenever she voices her opinions she looks like the bad because she’s “starting drama”. Azealia Banks uses her Twitter no different than any of you regular worker bee bitches only thing is she’s a public figure. So it’s easy to sit back and talk shit about her when you know absolutely nothing. Every artist that she’s BEEF with she was completely RIGHT about them.

    Iggy Azaelia: is a talentless white bitch of a rapper who’s only success comes from White fans who are always quick to jump ship when a white person comes along and performs our craft. White people as a whole aren’t engrained in RAP/HipHop culture like they THINK they are so every time someone white comes along they think it’s the next best thing to their Cucumber Sandwhices. Iggy can not rap for one….any other mainstream rap bitch that is out now raps 10x better than her.

    TI: He’s a country, immature coon that saw the opportunity Iggy would bring him if he promoted a white bitch as an up and coming rapper. He could have easily found a Latina or black rapper chick that could rap 100x better then Iggy. But no, he chose a mediocre woman. He also has not matured in his music and Azealai Banks was right about him promoting and fighting for Iggy but his wife can’t read?? HE GOT HIS PRIORITIES FUCKED UP.

    Rihanna: She was suppose to be on Rihanna’s new album. What happened between that is unknown but speculation was that Rihanna decided not to out her on her Album after Azealia got in trouble at a club and was screaming “I’m on Rihanna’s new album” before it was released or mentioned. I see why Rih would be pissed but it’s shady to not include her because it makes Azealia look crazy saying she’s on her album,…,,when she wasn’t.

    • Two_guns_Billy

      She maybe telling the truth but I don’t believe her reasons for telling that truth is legit..Why don’t she take on stuff that don’t personally has to do with her?When she’s going after Iggy even though I agree, it looks like she’s just being jealous..Iggy didn’t tell white America to support her simply because she’s white..She love our culture and love black men from what I can see.T.I is a businessman that seen the same opportunity that Dre seen with Eminem..White America is the majority and they will always outsell us…Vanilla Ice

      • KillSasukeHaters

        Oh shes not jealous shes pissed and hss every right to be. She pissed off at the fact that her extreme talent in her music is being outshined by a mediocre woman. Iggy is mainstream….Azealia isnt and is not backed up by a rap label or a male like TI, Jayz, Dupri. The difference between Iggy and Em is that Em can rap…he had passion, was authentic in his approach and you could tell. Iggy, Ms “Run away slave master” is not authentic, is not creative, is not passionate. My main problrm with iggy is that when she was introduced, after her fancy single topped the charts media, magazine, white gossip sites already tried to crown her has best female rap artist….REALLY WHITE PEOPLE????? That bltch hadnt been out 4 years, nor had a album out when they tried thst shit. Iggy damn sure can not rap better tgsn Nicki Minaj or. Azealia Banks. My problens is not with Iggy directly but just with how she was being sold and marketed as if shes the best thing next to a slice of Red Velvet Cake from Piece of Cake when she was and still is….NOT!

  • The Legendary Troll

    And still NO HIT RECORD. Even Iggy got at least one right now. Just stop it

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    Back already? lol
    She is crazy, but she’s (as usual) kinda right. I still haven’t heard her music. I know her from her crazy but accurate Tweeting.

  • WeakSauce

    What happen to leaving social media. Hoe you is a lie!

  • vfocused

    Who? Who the f—–k is this? I have never heard of this wanna be and sound likes she never will be coming at Ri and K. Sounds like a salty jealous b——h to me! Gthfoh with that chile, Bye! oh wait no one’s even said “Hello” to you yet. LoL!

  • Golgo 13

    she still upset that Rihanna took her off her album

    • one two

      why did our ‘patron of the arts’ even want to be on this ‘pop tart’s album, trying too hard herself with her plastic tits and bleaches, apparently she got rick ross on that new tape she’s been yapping about for a year now, a big fat stupid kiss of death.

  • Bitter beoytch

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