Mariah Carey Labeled “Witch” Over Family Illness

It’s always troubling when siblings don’t get along, but it’s even worse when a strained situation is further exacerbated by divisive name calling, and claims of life threatening illness.  Unfortunately for the recently engaged multi-platinum singer Mariah Carey, it would appear that all of these elements are involved when it comes to her current fractured relationship with her older brother Morgan Carey, 51 over the health and needs of their elder ailing sister, Alison Carey, 54.

Things have been strained for some time between sisters Mariah, 45 and Alison.  In stark contrast to Mariah’s deft maneuvering to the heights of stardom and excellence in the music industry both nationally and internationally, Alison’s path in life has been decidedly more fraught with difficulty.  It has been reported that the elder Ms. Carey’s life has included the hardships of teen pregnancy, drug abuse and prostitution.  It has also been reported that some years ago after the elder Ms. Carey learned that she had contracted HIV, she approached her younger sister Mariah and threatened to write a tell all about the singer’s decorated but complicated life.  It is believed that at this point the two sisters failed to see eye to eye and became completely estranged.

According to Mariah’s brother Morgan via The Sun, Alison is now HIV positive and in need of life saving brain and spinal surgery, but Mariah is still keeping her distance physically and financially by refusing to pay for the costly but purportedly life saving medical treatment.

Morgan, who has not been shy in the past about publicly criticizing his younger famous sibling, has been unsparing in passing judgement on Mariah’s recent aloofness to family tragedy by highlighting her recent engagement to Australian billionaire James Packer, who according to Forbes Magazine is Australia’s fourth richest citizen at a estimated net worth of over 4.5 billion.  In lieu of a private audience with the younger Ms. Carey, Morgan had this to say in his entreaty on Alison’s behalf via The Sun to Mariah: “Your sister is dying and she is struggling and where are you?” said the former model and fitness trainer, adding sharply: “You think you re so fabulous, but you are a witch.”

Hopefully all of the Careys can come together and settle things amicably.



  • Anthony Mason

    Mariah isn’t all there.

    Her sister calling her a witch or anyone is not far off from the truth. Mariah is into the occult just like Ariana Grande and many other divas. Diva gets its roots from the word divination. I have said this before so I’ll say it again

    She isnt where she is based off of mere talent. She rolls with the 1% and acts like she has no skeletons but Nick knows about what she really is….

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  • JamalFromGhostwriter

    Not hip hop bruh bruh

  • Markus

    Unless her sister did something heinous and unforgivable to her,if she has the means to save her family member and doesn’t, she’s a lousy worthless miserable human being.

  • Anthony Mason

    Guess you guys forgot when she tried to clap back at Eminem in that stupid song and he threatened to air all her trash out because she was acting like a b**** and lying about how she really is and how she gets down. Wonder which rooms Eminem was talking about in his diss back to her that he said never made mtv cribs…


  • DH Saunders

    It has been well documented and known by everybody that MC is quite generous with those close to her and to countless charities throughout her long career.