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Does Jaz-O Have Video Of Jay Z Getting Robbed?


Old beefs die hard. It seems like Jaz-O, Jay Z’s mentor and former rap partner, is not here for letting sleeping dogs lie. Jaz-O recently tweeted something fairly obscure, suggesting he had some video of Harlem street cats robbing Jay Z.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 12.07.15 PM

And that’s that.

Anybody know anything about this? I mean, what dudes walk around with a big ass camcorder and videotape this? It seems implausible to me, because it was so drastically different back in those days. The tweet was also, supposedly deleted afterward.

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  1. Briggs Islam

    He’s bitter, but I’m sure everyone knows Jay-Z never had 92 bricks. And I’m sure Jay doesn’t care about that either, because he’s worth $400 million and has it better than most…

    • ZUBU

      Exactly…. Jay never had 92 units, lost it all had good credit, paid it all back by the 5th…. Smooth ass line but fake as fukk…. Yet as you say he is winning now..
      My only problem with him and some others is…. quit acting like you really did that and admit that you are just entertaining the masses, nothing wrong with being an actor…. Denzel ain’t shot nobody up like he did in Training Day, Wesley Snipes ain’t Nino, etc. Jay may have seen some of his boys live that life he didn’t get it like that. Too many of his boys have come out and said Jay was getting it a little but not major… Now 50 Cent was getting it in, even Supreme’s boys say that 50 was gangsta, he was real…

      • EniggaMA

        I dont ever rem him sayin he was some kingpin, other than on music. So what are you talking about.

      • ZUBU

        Have you listened to his music? Even from his first album “Reasonable Doubt” he fronted like he was Scarface… Each album after he acted like he was doing big things… Hence him saying he lost 92 bricks… No brother on the streets has 92 bricks… Freeway Rick, Big Meech they had that… Nobody out here having that many bricks… The Mexicans control this and very few of them have that many… Word… I’m telling you real street shiiit I know factually…

      • Drake's 3rd best Ghostwriter

        I doubt you in the streets like I am cuzo. My uncle had 100 bricks minimum at a time. Dude had his weight up. Them dudes you know small time.

      • ZUBU

        Whatever you say Agent Dan….. You’re the Boss Agent Dan…. I don’t want no problems with you agent….

      • Drake's 3rd best Ghostwriter

        Stop calling me an Agent. You got me f*cked up. That would imply i’m working with or for someone. And to be honest if I got paid for this shit it wouldn’t be fun.

      • ZUBU

        Agent Dan, FYI no cuz shiittt here I don’t bang…. Though my people are more B related, but once again I don’t bang… I get money and women.. Money first then women…..

      • Drake's 3rd best Ghostwriter

        Because you couldn’t get women without money. If you could do that you’d have game.

      • ZUBU

        Agent Dan, trust me I had women long before I had money… I just focus on money first and foremost, because once you get money you can have anything you desire in life, anything!

      • Drake's 3rd best Ghostwriter

        You never lose hoes chasing money. It’s true.

      • Celz

        I knew a dude who had over a hundred bricks.. His story didn’t end well.. He wasn’t power ballin either. A million dollars ain’t shyt if you don’t own a successful small business or have a career..

      • Drake's 3rd best Ghostwriter

        I don’t know anyone who deals coke. I was just talking shit. And yes of course, you have to have good business sense just like anyone else buying and selling product, illegal or legal.

      • EniggaMA

        yea fam i said in music which is entertainment like you said. show me an interview like he fronted like he was a major boss. you not the only one from the streets

      • STEPH

        We’re talking back in “88” Mexicans didn’t control shit back then the Columbians ran shit. There are several video’s of people saying Jay Z was doing his thing, not on some Griselda Blanco shit, but niggas that’s still out there and niggas that were getting it.

      • Saiyan Prince

        I can dig that, but the only people that insist Jay wasn’t in these streets is Dehaven and Jaz and they seem to have personal beef with him. Even Klein didn’t say he wasn’t getting money, he just wasn’t the top guy. I could have missed anybody else tho. I mean, he may not have been the captain of the ship but he was on the boat. I’m from Trenton and know a couple cats that ran with him when he came thru here. It’s just like Jeezy. He may not have been getting the paper that Meech was seeing, but that boy was eating good.

      • ZUBU

        I feel what you’re saying and agree with you. Klein was that dude Emory was that dude. It’s just that Jay fronts like he was that dude, and people on here believe that. No doubt Jay was in the game that is verified, much like you said Jeezy was in the game but he was not Meech… All I’m saying about Jay… MOST OF THESE RAPPERS IS ACTORS…

      • STEPH

        Klein was Jay Z’s plug. Watch the video when he came home, and he’s basically putting it out there. “Jay was doing his thing” str8 from the man’s mouth. It’s on youtube at this moment.

      • ZUBU

        I just peeped a few Klein videos since he came home, and I always have said that Jay was getting it, just not on the level he portrays. Klein pretty much confirmed as much, Klein is a pretty humble dude. Jay was in the lanes but lower to mid level, yet he acts like he was boss level, and nobody from back in the day confirms that, except Ty Ty who was his little man… Even Big Meech and them say Jeezy was getting it, of course not on Meech level but Jeezy was getting it. 50 got it during his run Preme’s people even admit 50 was getting it…

      • STEPH

        Not too many was on Meech, The Supreme Team, Freeway Rick, Maserati Rick etc… Even Dehaven said Jay has some paper. I’d probably say maybe about $1- 1.5 million, but being a boss is a state of mind. He was hood rich.

      • Dope

        There is a big difference between rappers and actors. Actors don’t sell you the image of being a dealer when they present a movie where they have that role. We all know it’s just an actor we find interesting to see and we go to see how he handles this new role.
        Rappers build their whole persona around something, some about killing, some about being a dealer etc.. some of it real to an extent, most of it complete garbage, but that is the persona that they are selling to the audience. If you destroy the persona, you destroy it all, that’s why no rapper, be it after 5 or 25 years in the game, will come out and say ”yo.. all that stuff, I actually made it up” as that would ruing everything they have built.

      • ZUBU

        WTF DID YOU JUST SAY…. I’m saying Rappers are actors, they are pretending they really doing certain things… Do you get it? Your post was rambling and incoherent as fukk….

      • Dope

        I’m explaining the difference between them. Yes, both are actors, but actual actors don’t get money because people really believe they are dealers, killers and all that. They get money because they are good at acting or interesting people with great charisma. Rappers on the other hand sell records because a lot of their fanbase think they actually are doing the things they say they are doing in their songs. That’s why they can’t just say ”hey’ that’s all just fairytales” because the audience would stop buying their crap. They are tied to their made up personality, unlike actors.

      • ZUBU

        Never thought I would agree with you Chucky… lol reason why you never say never….

      • ZUBU

        Ok Little Chucky, reason why I don’t care for your gay ass…Now go run off and get fukked by Bruce Jenner you fukking queer….

      • ZUBU

        Agent Chucky, I don’t bang… I get money and women I told you earlier.. Agent Dan… lol

      • Celz

        So started Rocafella? Wasn’t Jay heavy in the mix.. I know he threw extras on his story. But dudes FIRST video was on a yacht in the Bahamas that wasn’t label money.. I only know OGs from Cali.. So I don’t know what’s what on East Coast niccas lol

      • ZUBU

        That yacht video, that was Dame’s people In the Caribbean. Dame had them connects. Dame took him to Europe for the first time.
        Not taking nothing from Jay but he telling tales in his rhymes… Also earlier you said if you’re big homie is a triple OG, then that makes you an OG? Naw bro I have lived on the East and West coast I’m near the West now. You gotta earn your own stripes. If your boy is double/triple OG status it makes you connected but it does not make you an OG… Where they do that at?

      • Celz

        How could you run the streets with a Triple OG and not earn stripes? I mean run the streets not cookouts and club nights. A gangsta can only bring solid niccas around other gangstas.. Squares and fake niccas get identified and exploited.

      • ZUBU

        Bro you can kick it with the OG’s but the only way you get stripes is to earn them. You can’t get stripes by association…. You say you’re west coast; I’ve been to LA too many times been all on Crenshaw, Central, Manchester, Grape St., Figerua, Central… Slauson swap meet, etc. Deep in the hood, you got to earn stripes, you don’t work you don’t eat…

      • Celz

        I didn’t mean it literally. I’m just saying that I’ve never in my life heard of a dude running the streets with heavy hitters for years and not earning any stripes. That’s almost impossible lol

  2. Shawn kemp

    This guy acting feminine lol…..it’s funny now cats post silly shit for the public to see.. ..who cares dog….this guy is jealous period!

  3. Mec-One

    I can’t believe you guys fell for this ….it’s all fake …..video is of some middle eastern dude pushing a real camel in a car trunk lol

  4. Miss.S

    no matter what happened… HOV already won… nigga is good for LIFE.. kids SET FOR LIFE.. mom set for LIFE.. BLEEK set for life….. this nigga still on LEWIS Ave in the p’s…. MAD ahahahha

    • Q.

      More than just the money, seeing somebody prosper off of your identity must sting forever. It’s funny how Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Rick Ross all came up off of stolen names… They’re are DOPPELGANGERS.

      • Q.

        LOL @ upping your own comment. You wear desperation well…Ya bish!

      • Celz

        Jay might have exaggerated his weight but he never fronted like he was a killer.. And he was really in the mix.. Like if ya big homies is Triple OGs you a OG off top.. IMO enough of his story checks out.. Like Snoop never fronted like Game did.. You come to Cali everyone know Snoop checks out Game doesn’t..

      • Q.

        50 was in the mix too…I’m saying they all came up on the names of other men.

      • Celz

        Yea but Jay, 50, Nas, Snoop, Ice Cube .. They were really about that life.. I always thought it was given that they added in shyt they close friends did along with they own shyt.. While Game is really a blood he just straight up makes shyt up. And he was never out there like he says he was.. Them other niccas was actually out there about as much as they rap about… And Rick Ross his whole story is shamelessly fabricated.. That’s a whole different animal..

      • The Gary Group

        Take Ice Cube name outta there. Nigga never put no work in

      • STEPH

        They even pretty much let you know that in Str8 outta Compton Lol

      • Raheem Classick

        Go to youtube and watch the video of jaz o when he says Jay Z name was from them calling him Jazzy”

      • Q.

        Right. “Jazzy” was a spin-off of “Jaz”…You do realize Sean was Jaz-O’s lil homie, right? Jay idolized Jaz.

    • KonoBoMama

      You right. If his kids dont miss manage the shit or get hooked on drugs Hov just secured his whole lineage for the coming 5 generations if you think about it. That’s some real shit. That nigga juat created that “old money”

  5. Drake's 3rd best Ghostwriter

    He even looks bitter in the picture of him with the army hat. It’s like its permanently etched onto his face.

  6. Jay

    Who the fu(k cares who really sold dope!! They are rappers remember!!!! The best dope boys in history can’t rap and the best rappers never sold dope. So why ppl keep trying to merge those occupations?? So what if he never sold dope, or never sold a lot of dope, or even got rob. He get paid to make good RAP SONGS!!!

  7. edeck7

    Jaz-O I know ya boy Jay-Z did you wrong, but put up or shut up show us the video. Jay-Z was a way better rhymer than you, you should have taken the deal the he offered you, but no you didn’t won’t to work for guy that was once your underling now look at you, you are still mad, man let Jigga go, find you another HOV and I’m being serious

  8. chippc

    We all know good and hell well that Jaz-O or anybody else ain’t waiting till 2016 to release a tape of Jay getting yapped. Niggaz would have sent a copy to the Source, XXL, Rap Pages or anybody else to knock dude off his square back in the day.


    Jaz O is dope too tho. He’s not a bad producer and in my opinion has a better voice than Jay Z on the mic. He could’ve had a great career as an underground/indie true school artist(like MF Doom or Roc Marciano) if he wanted to.

    • Celz

      Any Jay Z Jaz O track is flamin.. I just hate when niccas get bitter when ya homie grows apart. Jay Z decided to go corporate.. Why can’t niccas be like Bleek and Ye and support that without beggin for handouts or sayin he changed up. He put niccas on. I know niccas thousands of miles away in Compton who got Jaz O verses memorized cuz Jay gave him burn. Like my dude you aren’t very marketable.. Why not be like Jada and play your position and eat? Ice Cube isn’t “cool” like Snoop is. Ain’t no kids gonna buy any fuccin Ice Cube recods, and he knows that. So he started doin other shyt. Jaz O needs to find his next career he did legendary shyt in the rap game…. But it’s over B *Rico voice*

    • TheAfroRican

      Word. Dude needs to put his past behind him and keep it moving.

      BTW, that Kingz Kounty joint is still a nice album.


        And Stone to the Bone on that D&D Project comp is flames.

  10. Celz

    What the fucc you think lost bricks means? You think Jay meant he lost em in the couch cushions? How else can you lose bricks without going to jail? I might believe it was less than 92 bricks but it sounds like he’s confirming the amount.. Anyway lame shyt.. You better than this Jaz..

  11. The Wackness Vs Dope

    “the only problem is his rich” – kanye west voice
    Jaz-o net worth $100
    Jay-z net worth $450 Million + Beyonce net worth $450 Million

  12. Banksy

    Right sentiment but wrong era Jaz. These new fan don’t give a single shit about how “real” a rapper is. Not to say Hov ins’t because I am a fan but thats the truth. That Pic of Wayne and Baby came out and these niggas still call him the greatest.

  13. UNO LOSO

    Let’s just say that some dude from Harlem back in tha gap DID IN FACT record Jay & this folk getting #hemmedup…Tha possibility of that person video taping a more than likely non-famous at the time Jay-Z keeping that footage in it’s original form…then getting in touch with JazO in the last few years informing him of the footage he might like to view/be in control of…Then you have to think, the original recording if kept on file for some reason, the original person who recorded it or JazO would have to go through the motions of transfering the data from the old form of recording to todays current versions,which isn’t simple to the point just anybody can easily do this type task without having some type of familiarity with electronics and that type stuff…LASTLY, If JazO has had this footage in the past, why wait till 2016 to threaten to expose it…Why not in the most heated part of their “beef” I mean JazO has had a problem with Jay since 96′ or even in 2001 when he SUPPOSEDLY helped Nas when the diss track “Ether” was created,released as part of the Nas vs. Jay Beef…Why not release the footage of Jay in a un-flattering light…a diss plus actual video footage sound like a 1,2 combo that would of rocked Jay even more so than “Ether” in fact did on it’s own…

  14. 3rdEye_Sharp

    ‘In ’88, you was getting chased to your building!” LMAO!!!!! Classic line! I still use that line, today, whenever people start lying to themselves about how nice they was on the court! I blew a lot of people’s head off, PAUSE!!!! And I shut a lot of really good scorers down on defense, too!



    • ZUBU

      LMAO… you know what I’m saying bro… I respect Jay’s hustle all day but those are tall tales… Yet some of these dudes on here believe that stuff because Jay is certainly papered up now… He said he lost 92 bricks; had A-1 credit; paid it all back by the 5th…. SMH…….

      • EDOGZ818

        I could believe that, that’s $1 Mil, depending on the time, but carrying the bricks???

        Then again, if you have a mil….why hustle?
        I’ve seen a kingpin rise, fall, do 25 & come home to work at WalMart.

      • KonoBoMama

        Doubt he meant personally he had 92 bricks. Maybe the operation he was part off lost that amount. By most accounts Hov wasn’t nickle and diming.
        BK legend Calvin Klein Bagote was his plug and it’s said he gave Hov the greenlight to expand operations in Virginia and a couple of other cities. Emory, Hov and DeHaven were each the head of their crews. That’s how Hov met Ty Ty through Klein, Ty Ty was his contact when he needed to re-up.
        Hov, Bigs and Dame were flashy niggas rolling up to parties etc in exotic cars before they were even famous

      • ZUBU

        Klein had mad paper, Haven said he was getting it but never claimed to be huge, Ty Ty is Jay’s cousin. Ty Ty was even Jay’s little man.. Where you getting your info from?
        Dame had paper before Jay, Dame had the Caribbean contacts for the video on the yacth not Jay… Jay was pushing one of Dame’s old whips he didn’t have nothing exotic..
        Not many crews even today have 92 bricks… Most cats in the streets can barely get one or two bricks let alone 92, and those dudes are balling getting one or two 92? Fantasy island shiittt…

      • KonoBoMama

        You read Klein’s biography book he breaks a lot of it down “Neighborhoods under Siege” . And the Caribbean contacts were Biggs, that I know for sure. Klein claims in the book that Hov and his crew were moving 1 to 2 bricks a week

      • TheOnlyCoop

        You’re right about the first part.
        Dame said when they met Jay he (Jay which is was why he was co-owner) had money and he dressed like a Harlem cat and it surprised him. Clark Kent said he always was on Jay about rapping but was always down south hustling. And the St. Thomas connect was Jay’s and his people’s.
        Quan who rapped with Nas and is from Va Beach said Jay was his cousin’s connect.
        In late 80’s the streets were over running with work. 92 wasn’t far fetched back then.

  15. ApricotNapalm

    still mad….how much of that has h8 been holdin up your life- probably wasted alot of time on the subject- just move on

  16. KonoBoMama

    Niggas been trying to downplay Hov’s street cred for donkey years now. They always have some footage, picture, recording from a drone to release but never do. Hov at his height back in the Blueprint era was HATED in N.Y., he was a very braggadocios nigga and flaunted his shit.
    A lot of motherfuckers were envious and tried to get at him. Why aint nobody ever done shit or release anything? Hov used to ride around in Brooklyn solo in coupes aint no nigga do shit.
    Jaz O needs to finish his breakfast and go sit in his rocking chair

  17. Mr. Starr Vision

    Losing 92 Bricks = Hit for 92 Bricks…FYT he meant by losing them, that he forgot where he put them???? Lol Come on now, video or not he’s own up to it…probably helped him become who he is now…what if he would’ve got jammed up in possession of 92 bricks. Everything happens for a reason. Dummy move on Jaz O part.

  18. STEPH

    This nigga done got drunk and the bitterness seems to have never died and tweeted some bullshit Lol…Like Herman Edwards says think before you press send….LMAO! This shit is just awful. He has to be a very miserable person for him to still, after all this time to be on this type of shit…Just awful… He’s deprived himself of living his life to the fullest, because he’s still holding this inside him.

    • Flea

      From what I understand.. Jay is pretty much living Jaz’s life. Or what potentially could have been his life

      I’d be mad too if I was still broke

      • STEPH

        If you let Jaz O tell it, Jay is living his life…..Jay Z is living Jay Z’s life. It’s been over 20 years and this man hasn’t let this shit go.

      • takin over the carter

        like teddy p sang … “i think u
        got ta let it go”

      • Live Well

        Jaz didn’t sign the contract. He’d be rich today if he did

  19. Flea

    um.. no matter how it happened because I don’t think jay ever mentioned that part he still lost 92 bricks though correct?

    I mean I always thought he meant he got robbed. if it was the cops he might just now be getting out of jail..

  20. STEPH

    It’s been almost 20 years and this man hasn’t let this shit go. He reminds me of Al Bundy talking about the 5 touchdowns he scored in one game at Polk High….Smfh

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