Thousands Attend J Prince Jr. Block Party With Drake, Police Called To Scene

(AllHipHop News) For the second year in a row J Prince Jr. held his Block Party in Houston, Texas over the weekend.

This year Drake came through and poured up with the Houston boys paying homage to the guys that helped connect with Lil Wayne and Young Money.

While at the event Drake took pictures with fans and enjoyed the vibes of Houston from a rooftop sipping out of an OVO cup.

According to ABC New Houston,  “close to 5,000 people showed up for the party” in Houston’s 5th ward.

Reports say that at one point during the event, a “huge amount of police were called to the scene for precautionary reasons.”

Last year there was a reported shooting at a similar event, so Houston police were on hand to quell any violence.

Drake can be seen on the roof with the Prince family in the videos sipping Ciroc, performing hits like “Hotline Bling” for the crowd.

Despite the partying and having fun, in the past J Prince Jr. and Drake have had their differences about royalties and contracts.

Back in 2012,  J Prince Jr., son of Rap-A-Lot founder and CEO J Prince, sued Drake’s management team for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, in what totaled 10 claims against Cortez Bryant and his business associates who also had rumored run in with J Prince Jr. as well.

In the lawsuit, J Prince Jr. alleged that Bryant and Drake verbally agreed to pay J Prince Jr. a portion of the profits earned.

Things seem to much better though now as you can see in the video below and by Drakes caption on his Instagram post, “Prince Family Photo ??????”

Check it out below:

Prince Family Photo ??????

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Drakey Drake!

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    STEAL-A-LOT Records in your pocket for life! Ask SCARFACE, GETO BOYS & all the others that got screwed! No royalties, all BS!

  3. The Legendary Troll

    that shit looks annoying. that nigga had everybody an they mama in his face. i dont see how he does it

      • hoeyuno

        He don’t see how you live typing nothing in a McDonald’s using up all the WiFi and buying nothing.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        still provin’ yo worthless , ugly body race ass cant think of nothin’

    • ZUBU

      He’s a celebrity it’s essentially part of his job when in public, it comes with the price of fame. Unless you can be do like Nas, Rakim, Sade, etc. and stay out of the limelight… Though I’m sure he gets tired of it some of the time

  4. ZUBU

    @AHH….. I think the writer maybe getting J. Prince Jr. and Jas Prince confused…. Jas Prince connected Drake to Wayne… You can You-Tube it. J. Prince Jr. is taller and has the fuller beard. Jas Prince is a bit shorter wears glasses, and was dating Christina Millan before Wayne did…

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