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Ted Cruz On Cusp Of Sex Scandal Due To Trump?

(AllHipHop News) It has long been said that when it comes to power, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Nevertheless, no matter what one thinks of the current state of the Republican party or the highly contentious race between GOP Presidential nominee candidates, the depths to which the political warfare threatens to sink between GOP frontrunners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is truly circling a metaphorical gutter which few would wish on their own worst enemy – no matter what the political benefit come November.

The latest brouhaha in a Republican race that has included references to penis size  and acts of violence on the campaign trail now would seem to include The National Enquirer, and the accusation by Ted Cruz that his in party political rival, Donald Trump has supplied the supermarket tabloid with a damaging story that The Enquirer has released alledging that Cruz has engaged in nothing short of five extramarital affairs with five “secret mistresses.”

Cruz has said that 24 hours before this salacious “tabloid smear” broke in The National Enquirer, Trump had tweeted about Cruz’s wife Heidi Cruz, “threatening her” and “attacking her directly,” in what is believed to have been a tit for tat response to a very suggestive nude modeling photo of Trump’s wife Melania that was central in a campaign ad backing Cruz and questioning Melania’s suitability as a future First Lady.

In addressing the origin as well as the veracity of The National Enquirer’s story and claims, Cruz called the report the work of Trump’s “Henchmen,” going to the length of naming longtime Republican strategist and Trump chief political advisor Roger Stone as one of the guilty.  In Cruz’s denunciation of Stone as the only source on the record for the article, which Cruz has unilaterally categorized as “garbage,” and “complete and utter lies,” Cruz had this to say in regards to Stone’s methods and longtime tenure as a GOP political strategist: “(Roger Stone) is a man for whom a term was coined for copulating with a rodent,” said Cruz, adding: “Donald Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him.

While Cruz was anything but shy or evasive in his dressing down of Stone as a man “with fifty years of dirty tricks” as a former aide to the much maligned and criticized former Republican president Richard Nixon, when Cruz was questioned directly about whether he would still stick to his promise to endorse Trump should Trump win the GOP Presidential nomination, the cause and effect ramifications of Cruz’s wrath in response to what he has called the “sleaze” tactics of Trump quickly became murky.  Cruz declined to give a direct answer to the query, as reported by The New York Times, sticking to the decidedly noncommittal response: “I don’t make a habit out of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my family.”

  • Illatouch

    500k to carly’s superpac. follow the money

  • The City

    Mr. Stone is “old school”…Cruz no it’s over.

  • ZUBU

    Cruz is done, he can’t beat Trump. Cruz was born in Canada; His pappy was from Cuba, but he speaks like a redneck hick with a whiney twang of a voice… Don’t trust him…
    I vote the other party, all day every day….

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  • Brian Fantana

    Cruz is a loser and a phony. I bet he did do it. Just another typical lying politician.

  • Papi Peligro

    They already said it was Rubios camp that did it.

  • Brook York

    The National Enquirer….okay.

    • Illatouch

      tiger woods, o.j., gary hart, john edwards, jesse jackson, and a pulitzer nomination…yeah i was surprised that national enquirer too.

      • Brook York

        I have never seen mess like this! Trump is petty and childish. How could it not end up in The National Enquirer?

      • Illatouch

        It was actually marco rubio. Trump is trying to capitalize

      • Brook York

        Damn shame.

      • KEITH

        The Rubio camp released to the media months ago. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

      • Brook York


  • Can we get a hip hop story? It’ll be a cold day in hell before I enter a hip hop website to talk about two southern white boy republican d*cks. All Hip Hop needs to change their name to Barely Hip Hop…. Smh…

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      no media outlet fool , or no politician will eva tell you bout what you shud hear , and that’s whats to be done bout the Millions of white americans with vids posted showing them raping infants , so far they just gave them a genre name “child porn” , and told everyone they will be arrested if we interrupt them

    • Illatouch

      trump is from NY but dead on with the click bait. this is hip hop not msnbc

  • Twist Xcellence


  • Illatouch


    Marco Rubio is spreading this. rumor has it there’s a video of cruz in hotels tues and thurs. they called it “thething”


    If you just did a few minutes of research you would have known that this story was swimming out in the media stream for months. Cruz is a lying creep. He is not suing the Enquirer because he is guilty. As a slimy lawyer he knows that if he sues there will be a period of intense discovery whereby the girls will be forced to testify under oath and penalty of perjury. If they don’t tell the truth they risk going to jail. This is why Cruz is not suing. He does not want the truth coming out.

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