Stro Pops Off After An Interview With Jack Thriller Goes Left

Stro has been on the grind for quite some time and even though he’s a dope actor, his heart is in Hip-Hop. Case in point: his new video. He’s being interviewed by Jack Thriller on the ficticious show “YO! Struggle Raps” when he snaps. But, he doesn’t spazz on the host – he starts killing it on the mic. The two-part video expands onto a doper level with the second half, which is reminiscent of “Drop” by The Pharcyde. That’s Stro though. He’s a modern-day representations of a Brooklyn that can carry the torch like Joey Bada$$. Check out this creative homage to YO! MTV Raps.

While you are at it, peep “Best By Far,” the latest release from Stro.

  • Celz

    Lil nicca raw.. He’s next up.. I can’t fucc with rappers who can’t rap better than me when I’m not a rapper..

  • kane pacino

    stro been dope for yrz n would embarrass a lot of the rappers out today . . just needs to decide what lane to stay in for now . . rapping or acting . . but i know them acting cheques is nice!

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  • Dope, dude deserves all the success.

  • Markus

    Paying homage to old school hip-hop, originality and flow. Not a styrofoam cup,thot twerking or anything else from the trap rapper handbook in sight. Just skills on display. Wish that kid well.

  • Obi Won

    Shorty killed it. I want to hear him and Joey Badazz go back and forth

  • The City

    Stro been holding it down for minute now…

  • Quintin Williams

    I never liked Astro but Stro killed this.


    Stro’s one of the new dope NYC young kids. Problem with all these new kids tho is that they don’t have support(or don’t want the support?) of classic producers that can give their music that “oopmh” and class. A timeless quality. Cuz these new school beatmakers don’t cut it with the sonics. He had an Easy Mo Bee beat on one of his mixtapes. But he needs a whole album. Throw in some Pete Rock, Large Pro, and Primo too.

    What, you thought Illmatic was a classic just because of Nas?

  • All Headz Realize

    Yo, I still give most high respect to son for that “KONY” joint when he kilt that overrated Kendrick Lamar!

    I keep telling you lames Kendrick Lamar has yet to reach this level of HipHop but you new dudes think you know it all! Lol!

    Very soon dre and Kendrick can’t ignore shorty cuz STRO been calling him out for a while now!


  • Q.

    Son has the skills to do things. A little more substance in topics can take him far.

  • Smashit


  • Jahb1911

    That boy good for real…

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    He looks like Pras from the fugeez


    Drake fans……..This is a lyricist.

  • FukYor Mother

    dude is WACK . yall sheep ride to many nuts . just cause they post it trying to hype him up all yall lames go along with it . not freestylin and still sounding wack? stick to the straight to dvd movies

  • edeck7

    This KID is NICE on the MIC, Ebro needs to be fired for even suggesting this guy is not talented.