Kehlani Says She’s “Healthy & Home” After Suicide Attempt

(AllHipHop News) R&B vocalist Kehlani announced she was taken to the hospital this week in a now deleted Instagram post. The caption for the photo suggested the You Should Be Here creator attempted to take her own life.

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Twitter users responded to the singer’s message by causing the hashtag #StayStrongKehlani to trend on the social media site. Kehlani then returned to Instagram to give an update on her condition.

“Thank you for the love. Everyone’s fighting things people know nothing about,” wrote Kehlani. “Healthy, home, and with people who love me. Thank you for all support.”

That post has been removed from her IG as well. Kehlani currently does not have any photos on her verified page.



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  • Ryan Cole

    They send you home after a suicide attempt instead of getting you psychiatric help?!

    • Brook York

      Hopefully she will be a outpatient, who knows what she told those people at the hospital.

      I just can’t help but feel like she is going to ride this until the wheels fall off.

  • ZUBU

    Even in the initial article pic, she can’t seem to keep her legs closed….. SMH
    @PND… that was a lame move to put the slut on blast, 12 year old middle school girl move.

  • Brook York

    Something is off with her, something is not clean in the milk with this situation and PND has alot to do with it.

    She really needs to follow up with shrink to work on this rescue fantasy that she has.

    I wish her all the best.

  • Vinsanity

    Dumb bitch, should’ve made a sex tape instead. Doesn’t she know what era we live in. Hope she gets well.

  • Anthony Mason

    Any chick defacing herself with that many tattoos has some hidden issues….

    It is also clear that she does not respect her own mind,soul and body….So why PND wants to be with her is an interesting thing to ponder….I mean bruh, you taking that home to mom or risking getting her pregnant?

    She just tried to kill herself and was too stupid to know you slit your wrist vertically not sideways then says she has aspirations of love but has no love for her creator (Almighty God)….

    She will suck a basketball player off and threaten to kill herself because he cut her money off and now PND will simp…

    These niggas are some simpletons and probably swapping stds…