Author Farrah Gray Takes Down Method Man Pic and Accuses Rapper Of PR Stunt

(AllHipHop News) Author Farrah Gray has responded to a growing controversy surrounding a picture of Method Man and his wife that caused the rap star to quit social media.

Gray posted an articled titled “We Finally Have a Photo of Method Man’s Beautiful Wife” on his website, which upset the Wu-Tang Clan member.

“I’ll ask again could u Please take it down, if u hv any decency in u. Please!” Method Man tweeted. “I guess follows n likes are more important than tastefulness and decency…Smh.”

Method Man continued to beg Gray to take the post down with the picture of his wife Tameka in a series of tweets.

After a few hours, the post was taken down with a message from the author accusing Method Man of using the incident for publicity.

“Oldest PR stunt in the book? Release a private photo of yourself to the public then throw a tantrum that the public has your (so-called) PRIVATE photo?? LOL,’” Farrah Gray wrote on Instagram. “The thirst of a 90’s washed up rapper is real tho. Good One 😉 p.s. the inspirational cancer-awareness article was take down yesterday so…smh.”

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11 Responses to “Author Farrah Gray Takes Down Method Man Pic and Accuses Rapper Of PR Stunt”

  1. Q.

    Q: Why is Khalid Muhammad’s son a damn gossip blogger? What kind of weirdo legacy followup to the great Khalid is that? Looking like a Black Lex Luthor. SMH

  2. buntingh45444

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  3. I Am Grinder

    Why the name calling Farrah? Hip-Hop doesn’t need that
    and the legends of the culture deserve more respect than that! Did you
    see the movie Keanu btw?

  4. Fosho3528

    These 90s guys are built differently than the boys of today. They will see you and punch you in the face. “Everyone has a plan til they get punched in the mouth” – Mike Tyson

  5. D_Ably

    Its funny how one min Meth was somthing to blog about but then all of a sudden he’s a ’90s washed up rapper’. Another cat whos principles clearly run pretty deep.

  6. ursocalledgod

    this little sugared up fkboy really just took a shot at meth? man I hope meth catch his fruity azz at an event and put them paws on em. if it was me I would send some of my young thundercatz to check his temperature fr fr.

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