Will We Ever See A Crime Mob Reunion?

Back in 2004 Crime Mob and their infectious hit “Knuck If You Buck” permeated Hip Hop radio. The record is still a southern Hip Hop classic, and it still gets much play to this day.

Since the Hip Hop group broke up in the past because of business issues, many have wondered is reconciliation and a reunion even possible.

Diamond recently stopped by to chat with the ‘Don’t Be Scared’ podcast where she revealed whether or not fans would see a Crime Mob reunion anytime soon.

“It’s hard when it comes to know the difference between business and personal. We started to work on a project last year but I didn’t agree with a.) the way things were going with production. You have to know that you have to evolve. Money was issued or something and I found out late that I’d been cut out of the money. To me once you get attached to this lifestyle ain’t no going back, so to take from me it really hurts my feelings. I think they wanted us to perform together at Birthday Bash, I was like ‘hell no!’ To me if we’re supposed to be family and we’re cool then y’all would’ve never cut me out of the money. Most people forget it’s 90% business and 10% entertainment,” said Diamond.

Well I guess fans will have to dust off that ‘Crime Mob’ album because reunions are highly unlikely when there are issues over money.

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  1. Juleo478

    I highly doubt anyone was checking for a crime mob reunion, but that knuck if you buck was wild when it came out and still goes to this day.

  2. ZUBU

    If the money ain’t right then there ain’t nothing to talk about. Plain and simple business is business; if the biz side is not correct then just stick to being friends and not business partners…

  3. Controversy Sells

    Honestly. . . it would be dope to see them come back together. But only to perform songs from that album. Yall could have showed a pic with out scrappy because he was just featured on some tracks. He wasnt actually a part of the group.

    On another note. . . knuck if you buck is still a classic. I play it often when me and my boys are beasting at the park in 2k

  4. Hakeem

    Shout out to REAL HIP HOP…..
    Nas, Beanie Sigel, Kiss, Fab, Jay, The Tribe etc, Mobb Deep, etc……
    This bull south……

    • Magic Okaino

      Bruh tell somebody that care ….who is outkast, goodie mob, scarface,….ugk playa fly gangsta blac,t.i before the gun charge dont forget all the wack ny rappers of your beloved hiphop

      • D.M.

        People be forgetting dead Prez and Jay Elec from the south too like we don’t have lyrics down here

  5. D.M.

    While we ever see Crime Mobb in the pic you posted? Seriously AHH I had to Wiki to make sure Lil Scrappy wasn’t in the group. Lol

    • STEPH

      BBD had more than “poison” homie…Google. Are you black? If you are that’s blasphemy, It might just be safe to assume your not in which I can understand your comment LOL!

      • arichnig

        Yea, BBD got about 6 songs I can name right now lol, not even mentioning their stuff with New Edition

      • STEPH

        “Do me”, “When will I see you smile again”, “Something in your eyes”

      • ApricotNapalm

        you dont sentence good- they had 1 platinum song 1 platinum cd….Poison but u hoe cakes dont research u just start typing off what u thought with limited education. Name the Song u remember besides that. Exactly, yea they went Gold later on but u only wonder about that 1 hit. New Edition is another group

  6. edeck7

    Funny I was thinking about the group “CRIME MOB” after I heard drive by playing “KNUCK IF YO BUCK”. They must not have had the greatest of management because somebody should have set them down and told them they are much powerful as a group. This is what happens when to many hands are in the cookie jar. Hopefully they will get together as a group someday soon and do dope music again

    • Magic Okaino

      Ur right but i was jus talkin to my pops about music n groups specifically like trios n quartets are generation dont really do groups no more everyone wanna go solo…many reasons behind it but crime mob was a prime example of it.

      • edeck7

        Popular music groups needs to find a way to stay together because being solo doesn’t work for everybody

      • JerZeBoy

        lol and he only dated diamond so what the F? lol

      • edeck7

        Lil Scrappy is the one that brought the group to the forefront but yeah they should have just used one of there album covers


    Their music was WACK then & now like warmed up doo doo, ain’t nobody waitin’ for this trash, bring back OUTKAST & some real mofos SAYIN’ Something with Musical & Lyrical excellence!

  8. Anthony Mason

    Oh I need this to happen. Lmao!!! Walk into work blasting some crime mob into my ears as I get ready to arrange daily management meetings. Coffee, and crime mob…

    When I need some uplifting music I always think d**n where is my crime mob stash??? LMAO!!!

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