Will We Ever See A Crime Mob Reunion?


Back in 2004 Crime Mob and their infectious hit “Knuck If You Buck” permeated Hip Hop radio. The record is still a southern Hip Hop classic, and it still gets much play to this day.

Since the Hip Hop group broke up in the past because of business issues, many have wondered is reconciliation and a reunion even possible.

Diamond recently stopped by to chat with the ‘Don’t Be Scared’ podcast where she revealed whether or not fans would see a Crime Mob reunion anytime soon.

“It’s hard when it comes to know the difference between business and personal. We started to work on a project last year but I didn’t agree with a.) the way things were going with production. You have to know that you have to evolve. Money was issued or something and I found out late that I’d been cut out of the money. To me once you get attached to this lifestyle ain’t no going back, so to take from me it really hurts my feelings. I think they wanted us to perform together at Birthday Bash, I was like ‘hell no!’ To me if we’re supposed to be family and we’re cool then y’all would’ve never cut me out of the money. Most people forget it’s 90% business and 10% entertainment,” said Diamond.

Well I guess fans will have to dust off that ‘Crime Mob’ album because reunions are highly unlikely when there are issues over money.