Kodak Black Accused Of Sexual Battery In Florence, South Carolina

(AllHipHop News) Police in South Carolina have revealed details behind a warrant that has kept the rapper locked down in Broward, County.

The rapper had been facing 55 years in prison for robbery, false imprisonment, fleeing a law enforcement officer, and possession of a firearm.

Last week, the “No Flocking” rapper landed a plea deal that put him on house arrest for a year, and probation for five years.

Kodak, born Dieuson Octave, release was held up due to a few minor warrants in Florida, but his entire future is in jeopardy again, thanks the case in South Carolina.

The 19-year-old rapper has been accused of sexual battery in an incident that occurred in February at a hotel in Florence, South Carolina.

Representatives for the rapper have yet to comment on Kodak Black’s new legal issues.

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11 Responses to “Kodak Black Accused Of Sexual Battery In Florence, South Carolina”


    ….but he says he’ ‘better than 2PAC & BIGGIE’ so I’m sure the Judge will let him off being a dumber than a box of rocks knucklehead idiot doing felonies…..lol

  2. Markus

    With this genius, it all makes perfect sense. Why someone would jeopardize their freedom this way is beyond me. If being part of the problem of why music sucks isn’t enough for you and it’s your plan to screw up society as well,then you’re better off staying where you are.

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