Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs Opens Charter School In Harlem (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Back in March, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs announced his plans to open a charter school in his old neighborhood in Harlem, New York. Five months later, that institution opened its doors.

The Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School welcomed its new pupils on Monday. Combs was present at the location to celebrate the opening.

“I’m excited to be here,” said the Hip Hop mogul. “This is the start of something important.”

Over five years, Capital Preparatory Schools founder Dr. Steve Perry worked closely with Combs to establish the NYC education facility. Danita Jones serves as principal.

CPHCS is starting with 160 sixth/seventh-grade students and will eventually expand to 6-12 grades. The school population will grow by a grade until the first class graduates in 2023.

Watch ABC7 New York’s report below.

15 Responses to “Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs Opens Charter School In Harlem (VIDEO)”

  1. Markus

    Without a doubt this is a good look. Salute to Diddy for giving back to his community. Having said that my hope is he has the right people in place to run it and he himself will stay on top of keeping it on point. John Oliver did a report on charter schools that was pretty clear on how shady things get behind the scenes.

    • Brindle

      Just checked out his vid. He’s very misinformed and spewing thw rhetoric of teachers unions and anti charter school liberals

      • Casor_Greener

        “He’s very misinformed and spewing thw rhetoric of teachers unions and anti charter school liberals”

        Please elaborate rather than just hate

      • Brindle

        Im going through a similar situation now in my city. 2 school districts side by side and one is way better (my school district) but they’ve all ways allowed outside kids to attend from other schools… the bill that allowed this expires this year, the other school district that puts no energy into prepping for college is now trying to stop the bill from repassing. Why, they want the government money they get from each kid and have missed out on. But the kid is missing out cause those schools are not improving their curriculum. Same goes for charter schools. Most, not all, are better than the surrounding school districts.

      • Casor_Greener

        So how is he spewing poor rhetoric? Isn’t he starting the charter shcool

    • bluelight74

      Before blindly supporting this do a bit of research on the people behind it, it may open your eyes. Also do thorough research on what charter schools are, how they drain public funds and direct them to private individuals and how, in general, their academic success rate is actually very poor. The public school system needs to be improved not broken up and privatized.

      • bluelight74

        I was simplifying nothing nor was what I wrote ” a bit dumb”. Read my post again. I suggested he do thorough research on the man backing Diddy’s school. I never said all charter schools, I said in general. My post wasn’t about the parenting skills of the populace but about how the trend to privatize everything will erode the fabric of the body politic. Schools, medical care, energy and public infrastructure are things that should never be attached to profit motives and in the hands of private individuals or corporations.
        Your rhetoric about “selfish teachers unions” sounds like right wing propaganda.

      • MegaHind

        Body politic – that word doesn’t mean what you think it means. The term body politic refers to the concept of the nation state as a corporation (which is what it effectively is when you boil it down to its essential vital signs). So, you suggesting that privatization (neoliberalism) of state institutions and agencies constitutes an erosion of the body politic only exposes the fact that you have no idea what the term means.

        Everything is already privatized. What planet are you living on?

        You’re clearly a fool for playing the right/left game when they’re actually on the same side. The point of my post is that it is the quality of people (regardless of whether the implementation is “public” or “private”) that determines whether the ethics and quality of the school infrastructure is good or not. When you can’t fire ineffective teachers because of teachers unions that is what most reasonable people would refer to as a problem.

        Further, I don’t give a d*mn whether you talked about parenting. When talking about the effectiveness of a school in a child’s life, parenting plays a huge role in that Mr Dimlight74. Therefore, it needs to be acknowledged. You sound like another victim looking for something to blame.

        I’ll be the first to call out criminals in the school systems. However, you need to be more specific and elaborate in your analysis. Sounds like YOU need to do more research, you dumb guy.

      • bluelight74

        I’m definitely not going to engage in a hostile argument with someone I don’t even know over the tubes but I will address a few of your attempted points:

        I know exactly what the term body politic means. The body politic is a term used as a metaphor to compare a group of people acting in a single accord just like the human body is a collection of separate cells that function as a single unit. The privatization of structures that should be held in COMMON TRUST is the very definition of eroding the common body that citizens become a part of when they form a union. Before casting statements about someone’s ignorance you should first do a little reading that moves beyond a quick scan of wikipedia. Try reading a little Locke , Rousseau, De Tocqueville or Paine for a good intro to the political theory.

        “Everything is already privatized. What planet are you living on?”

        If you think everything is privatized you are showing your utter lack of knowledge by this statement even more than your hostility and puerile insults. The National Parks aren’t privatized. The State College System isn’t privatized. The police and fire depts aren’t either. Nor is Social Security or Medicaid/Medicare. The public school system for elementary and secondary education isn’t. Are you being willfully ignorant or do you truly not realize how much of this country exists in the hands of the public?

        When did I ever say that a child’s parent doesn’t play a major role in their development?

        ” Mr Dimlight74″ , ” you dumb guy” Is this how you engage in a discussion? You’re funny. You sound like a 13 year old or an angry lonely nutter. Take a deep breath and go step outside and enjoy some sunlight and fresh air. I know adult interaction and civility is hard but I promise you, you can do it if you try really hard.

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